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Car Hire in Portugal: The Cars That Take You Around Like a Friend

by Kristy

If you are thinking of memorable trips to Portugal in cars, then Europcar has the best excellent variety of cars in different categories just for you. You don’t need to ponder much about whether to car hire in Portugal or not. Because Portugal has the most amazing picturesque landscape in the world, and historic cities to visit, what about the stunning coastlines, Yes! Portugal has it all. The pleasant weather will ensure your pleasant stay. The county has the most pleasant sunny weather, with tons of exciting new cultural activities in different cities and in major regions of the country.  

Best Thrilling Drives to Do with Car Hire in Portugal 

Best Thrilling Drives to Do with Car Hire in Portugal 

Best Thrilling Drives to Do with Car Hire in Portugal | Oglooks

Although there are many other modes of transportation in Portugal which are always available. But nothing comes close to the kind of adventurous experience we have by driving across the cities and the country’s most dazzling places, in the freedom and high convenience of having your own wheels to carry you. Therefore, renting a car hire in Portugal with Europcar will immensely bless you with unforgettable memories. Delve into the country’s gems, and get mesmerized by the unique charm it brings to you.  

  1. Drive through from Faro to Lagos the driving thought the best cost from Faro to Lagos is more than just a leisurely drive that will leave you amazed. However, investing a few bucks in rental cars to drive through these coastlines is worthwhile.
  2. Driving from Lisbon to Costa Vincentian is a completely epic experience when it comes to a southern Portugal road trip. Easy to cover in a few days. While driving through these roads one is not likely to count days. It’s indeed rewarding to go through rental car booking for this road trip. 
  3. Yes renting a car in Portugal for a road trip to Alentejo Tour is just blissful. This road trip will take you through Portugal’s loveliest scenery, with a few UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit. There are fantastic medieval castles, whitewashed villages, and a lot of cobbled streets to explore. There are a number of cathedrals and AD Roman temple that dates back to the second century. While at the end of the drive, visit be ready to be amazed by the white buildings, and enjoy the outstanding sunset views in Monsaraz
  4. One of the road trips that are worthwhile with car hire in Portugal is to make a lifetime adventure with your own wheels to visit Porto to Braga. This is sure to be an epic northern Portugal adventure of a lifetime and likely the most explored one. While the road trips will take you through the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro, and see the romantic waterways, the dazzling boats, and the stunning coastlines of Braga. 

Why chose rental cars as a mode of transportation 

If some of you might be a little doubtful about renting cars through rental companies there are some compelling reasons to feel at ease and go for car hire in Portugal. 

1. Independence


Independence | Oglooks

This is one of the most exciting and the most unmatched advantages of booking cars on rental in Portugal. Freedom at all costs. Imagine you are a traveler and you have booked a car and there is no arrival time or departure time to keep in mind every time you have to travel. You have the absolute freedom to move your wheel whenever and however, you want. Create your own itinerary and make as many stops while touring around the cities and across the country on road trips. This is a freedom you can only have when renting a car. 

For instance, imagine that you are on a public bus and you happen to come across a beautiful city or a place, there is no way you could ask the driver to stop at the place, have to give you enough time to explore. But with rental cars, you have the freedom with the car to go wherever you want to, and plus there is no time restriction.

2. Convenience  and accessibility 

While renting cars is all about convenience and accessibility. You have a place of yours to lay down in between the tips and access to all the joy of customer additional service that comes with renting cars. Moreover, you have access to explore even the most remote areas, villages, and parks, drive pleasantly across the coastlines around the region, and all those natural wonders that are accessible only by renting a car. This accessibility is also feasible while driving in the cities. Take a tour around the cities with all the freedom of multiple stops and without having to worry about catching a bus or train at a specific time.   

3. Get a wide selection of cars for long road trips.

Get a wide selection of cars for long road trips.

Get a wide selection of cars for long road trips. | Oglooks

Well, it’s impossible to expect public transportation to be according to our comfort. However, simply when you look for car hire in Portugal on Europcar, there is a wide selection of cars with categories and car models to choose. This variety of car selections comes with holistic consideration of sustainable development. There are SUVs that are perfect for days of road trips, and extremely comfortable with driving because of power stirring. If you are just thinking about a day tour in any of Portugal’s major cities then a few cars are highly convenient such as electric cars or city cars are the best choice or book a prestige car for exploring nightlife around the cities you are in.

4. Unexpected adventures 

These unexpected adventures are only possible when you take a rental car in Portugal. If you are driving through major cities in Portugal such as Lisbon and Porto, have some dazzling and enchanting sceneries which will come off the beaten path. This is particularly thrilling when you don’t target a destination to visit. Since you are likely to encounter such places with rented cars you can easily manage your time and efficiently adjust your road trips. Make a quick stop every time you come across ancient castles, vineyards, and quiet villages with beautiful coastlines. This freedom of nature itself taking you to these mysterious places is only possible with rental cars. 

Moreover, there are booking available in long-term and short terms, if you are planning for days to go on road trips across Portugal cities then Europcar has got you covered.   


To sum up, Europcar is the best car rental company in Portugal with the best customer support and helpline channels. If you stay signed on their special loyalty program you can take advantage of endless rewards and offers throughout the year. Get additional discounts every time you book a car. Moreover, if you are worried about stations near airports and train stations as a tourist then hold on to your seat belt because Europcar has rental stations in all the airports in all the major cities. So easy to pick up your car and easy to drop them off.  For more information visit the official website of OGlooks


What is the most popular car hire in Portugal?
Some of the top car rentals in Portugal are
How much will it cost me to rent a car in Portugal?
The price is directly affected by the types of cars you are hiring, but the average cost of a car price day in Portugal would be ₹ 2,185 per day. It’s recommended to keep updated with the car rentals as there might be a sudden rise in price or seasonal discounts and offers.
What do I need to rent a car in Europcar in Portugal?
Valid driver’s license (National or international Driving permit)
Your Identity Card (passport etc)
Credit card

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