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Flights From Philadelphia To Orlando – Get The Best And Cheap Flights 

by Kristy

Flights are always the beginning of all the journeys that we take in life. There is more and a mere experience of passing through security checkpoints at the airport. Every opportunity on the flights to every country or city is seizing the moment. They fill our life with more than we can count our blessings. But flying across the sky and above the clouds can be expensive though. Therefore, Lastminute.com bring you the best flights from Philadelphia to Orlando and the cheap flights from Philadelphia to Orlando. 

Orlando is one of the vibrant central cities in Florida and has more to offer to its visitors. There are countless flights to Orlando throughout the year and countless people visiting the city. There are surely tons of reasons why the central city in Florida is a must-visit. Especially when you are beginning your departure from  Philadelphia. Two cities combined have more to add to your itinerary account of travel experiences. 

What are the best flights from Philadelphia to Orlando? 

There are a few prominent and frequent flyers that will take you to Orlando. These flights from Philadelphia to Orlando are affordable while booking through lastminute.com. 

1. American Airlines:

American Airlines

American Airlines

The airline has direct flights from Philadelphia to Orlando with cheap flight tickets of £ 332.99 per head. It’s a great airline to catch due to its large network connections worldwide with 350 destinations. Most of these travel destinations with American Airlines are non-stop. The airline has high-quality entertainment services, and high safety rating, and more. Always feel ready to feel secure while you are travelling with American Airlines. 

If you want to have heavy discounts and reward points and free exchange flights then sign up for their loyalty program. If your travel budget allows you then get a business class ticket and feel the excitement onboard.  

2. Spirit Airlines:

The airline has one of the most frequent flights from Philadelphia to Orlando. With a price ticket of  £ 332.99 per head and the pieces could always go higher depending on the availability of the seats and date of departure. Get your ticket booking early and enjoy the heavy discounts on the tickets. Spirit Airlines is undoubtedly a huge preference by many travellers due to their affordability pricing on tickets. Even with extra service charges the airline is just that affordable and convenient to travel with.

3. Delta Air Lines:

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

If you are thinking about booking flights from Philadelphia to Orlando then Delta Air Lines is one of the best options to go. It’s a reputable airline that operates constant flights between Philadelphia and Orlando. There are a variety of flight options and services to cater to different destinations. The airline has a high rating when it comes to onboard service and hospitality. Also interestingly they were the first airline to ban smoking on planes.

Best things to do in Philadelphia before heading off to Orlando 

There are just adventures to gain while you are booking flights from Philadephia to Orlando since both the cities combined will leave you will a complete package deal. Imagine two travel destinations that have endless fun to offer you. Philadelphia is a city of liberty, the beginning of happiness, and a long history of justice. If you are a traveller and stopping by the city before heading off to Orlando, then the extremely vibrant city has countless fun things to embrace. 

Easy and Cheap Transportation 

If you are worried about your travel budget then remember Philadelphia is a cinch city to travel and commute with a short car ride or on the metro. If you are travelling back and forth to different cities and towns, then there is public transportation east to catch, such as Amtrak, NJ Transit, Megabus, Greyhound, and SEPTA are the best public transportations to catch to all destinations near cities and towns or far

Free Sites to Visit 

The vibrant city has countless free visiting sites for its visitors. Enjoy these beautiful places without having to pay anything, Liberty Hall Center, Independence National Historical Park, Spruce Street Harbour Park, and Franklin Square. if you are into art take time to visit Rocky Statu, Love Sculpture, and more in the city. These places have their own history and collections of amazement to offer you. Learn from the local people and from the ambience that these places bestow upon you.

Visit the Iconic Liberty Bell

Iconic Liberty Bell

Iconic Liberty Bell

If you love history or if you may have heard about the signing of the Deceleration of Independence then visiting the iconic Liberty Bell with 24/7 visitors throughout the day is a must-visit place. Getting the iconic look of a 369-degree bell centred in those with glass walls is just a worthwhile short visit. Plus it’s free!

Enjoy the endless city cuisines 

No matter where we go food is something that we all love to try in any culture. Unique cuisines around the world are just endless seas, and the city of Philadelphia is one of those cities where you can eat like a food critic. If you are excited about James Beard foundation-honoured restaurants then Yep! The city has many restaurants with diners delights. While some top-notch restaurants are hard to get a reservation so if you are ardent to explore all these restaurants then booking in advance is recommended. Moreover, there are countless food vendors around the cities that offer a variety of food options. Whether you are vegan to non-vegan the city has all got you covered. With amazing top cocktails to drink. 

Easy to walk around the City 

Whether your intention is to get around the city to explore by public transport or just walk around in the comfort of your shoes, the city is definitely easy to walk around. Get first-hand experience in the city and the pleasant weather will just elevate that experience. There is no need to have a ride of your own, this is mainly because the city is thoroughly walkable. With the ease of your foot covering almost all the major parts of the city, see the city’s mundane life. In addition, if you have decided to walk around on foot then get the heck out of the center city for sure which is twenty-six blocks from river to river. There are just an end number of things to do and explore. If you may prefer, then venture into charming towns which are easily accessible via buses or public transit. 


Whether you are travelling for business purposes or on a long vacation, lastminute.com is the best website for flights from Philadelphia to Orlando. Simply because they bring all the cheap flight tickets available and connect you to the top airlines heading to Orlando. Booking tickets are more convenient and accruing with lastminute.com. They will assist you till your destination is completed. For more information visit OGlooks. 


How much is a flight from PHL to Orlando Intl Airport?
The average cost of aeroplane tickets to Orlando from Philadelphia is £ 332.99 per head. Book your tickets from lastminute.com to get the best discounts. 
Which airlines fly direct from PHL to Orlando Intl. Airport (MCO)?
There are a few airlines that have frequent flights that directly fly from Philadelphia to Orlando, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, and a few other airlines. 
How much time will it take to reach Orlando from Philadelphia on an aeroplane?
Generally, 2 hours and 41 minutes is the average duration of a flight hour from Philadelphia to Orlando. 

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