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Car Hire in Barcelona: A Stress-Free Adventure into the City

by Kristy

Your smooth experience of Car hire in Barcelona is possible with Europcar. Europcar along with many other car renters is known to have the best-renting car services and facilities in the city. If you are residing in any of these major cities in Barcelona renting a Car of your choice is possible throughout the year. Their car-hiring services can also be found in different countries such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom while also in the most popular cities which are tourist destinations. 

The best thing about the Europcar renting option is renting a car for the short term and for the long term. They are especially good for solo travelers who are staying in the city for a longer period. There are times when even a few couple of days aren’t enough to finish exploring the city. Hence feel easy and booking for the long term until your travel destinies are completed. 

Car Hire in Barcelona Has a Wide Selection of Cars 

This is one of the major reasons why hiring a car while you are thinking about touring across the city’s charm with Europcar is the best choice. 

1. Car Hire in Barcelona Get a city car 

Car Hire in Barcelona Get a city car 

Car Hire in Barcelona Get a city car | Oglooks

if you are conscious of compact, eco-friendly, and fuel-efficient cars. This will surely give you a fantastic experience of booking a car with no regret and having a smooth experience with your loved ones. These cars are easily maneuverable and convenient to get around the city. In addition, a great way to save money, since these city cars come with affordable pieces with the car in top condition.

2. Car Hire in Barcelona Get an electric car

Hiring an electric car is another great choice. This is a great initiative on the part of Europcar to contribute to the carbon footprint without restrictions. Drive throughout the city with a low emission zone, and avoid any restrictive public policies around the city. If you are renting for business purposes electric cars will lower the impact of the CSR endorsement policy. Moreover, the rental company makes sure that all-electric cars are fully charged before they are rented out. Therefore you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries in the middle of your driving. It is a smart way to save money and time with electric cars. In addition, you may not worry about tools just in case of a car break since all the tools are packed, with cables, and charging solutions and you can have access to the call center for any further queries.

3.  Car Hire in Barcelona Get the Prestige Cars 

Car Hire in Barcelona Get the Prestige Cars 

Car Hire in Barcelona Get the Prestige Cars | Oglooks

For those of us who are very particular about the journey experience more than getting to the destination, then hiring one of the prestige cars on Europcar is a must. There is no time to waste than having an extraordinary traveling adventure that treats you with comfort and luxury. Make your travel experience unforgettable. If you have been dreaming about renting luxury cars such as SUVs, BMW, and Mercedes on a long travel journey or just simply exploring the city then Europcar made this possible by bringing all the prestige cars in the city just for you. It’s a brilliant way to make your travel sophisticated and luxurious. 

Since there are endless choices on the car selections, get the ones that are new models of your dream from the wide range of high-end vehicles, and ride in with the world’s prestigious brands. Make this season of travel experience passionate and thrilling. Driving in one of these luxurious cars is an opportunity that we all deserve on a vacation. However, renting these cars may come with a high price but nevertheless, they are worthwhile because the experience is unforgettable and comes with a certain price. 

4. Car Hire in Barcelona, Get a Van and Truck 

Car Hire in Barcelona, Get a Van and Truck 

Car Hire in Barcelona, Get a Van and Truck | Oglooks

Hiring vans and trucks is best when you are in a group traveling or in a large group of people on trips. These vans and trucks are amazingly accommodating. With a wide range of vans and trucks to hire your options are ceaseless. Renting out these wife selections gives you options to hire affordable cars. They are available for rent for a night, month, or flexible range of self-drive solutions and get the cars on rent for long-term and short-term. In addition, they come with additional drivers, and a protection package to suit you with the best rental experience. Moreover, they come in handy when transporting huge items from one location to another location which is not feasible with average cars. This is where we rent out these vans and trucks to make transporting huge items comfortably. Have no worries about getting a huge purchase home from a store or disposing of waste. They are affordable and cheap car hire in Barcelona.   

 Why Car Hire in Barcelona with Europcar? 

 Why Car Hire in Barcelona with Europcar? 

Why Car Hire in Barcelona with Europcar? | Oglooks

Let’s look at a few compelling reasons why renting cars while you are in the city of Barcelona is the best option. 

They are highly cheap and affordable and Europcar is the best car hire in Barcelona. This is trustable car rental company that will leave you satisfied. There are certain times when we regret renting services with certain companies due to lack of service, product quality issues, or unsupportive customer support. But Europcar is far above such low customer service. 

Get exciting discounts and rewards with a privileged loyalty program. Join for free and with the loyalty program get 10% off on a car rent and rent van rental and get three plus days with no exclusion. Other additional services include a fast vehicle pick-up process and surprising offers on weekend rentals with value-off coupons. What more do we need with such a package deal?

There are many rental locations in the major cities in those cities that are tourist destinations where you can get easy renting in less time or even during the last hour of booking. If you are worried about transport stations, there are rental locations close to EI Prat Airport, Sants Train station, and other stations in the downtown areas. Waste no time to drop off and pick up your rental cars while you are in the city. 


There is always a huge demand for renting cars for all sorts of purposes. Europcar understands this necessity and therefore they have made this car hire in Barcelona feasible under all circumstances. Where you need to hire for touring, for trips, for moving things to a new place or hiring prestige cars for lifetime adventures with Europcar this is possible. Get anywhere in the major cities and explore all the city sites with your friends and with your team, however, you want.  For more information, visit OGlooks. 


What is the most popular car hiring in Barcelona?
Europcar is one of the popular car hires in Barcelona and they are affordable. They have multiple booking options with additional services and a wide range of car selections.
How much does it cost to hire a car in Barcelona?
Car renting in Barcelona can cost around  ₹ 474/day to ₹ 2000 a day depending upon the company’s renting prices and policies. Renting prices will also vary depending on the type of cars you are renting.
Is it difficult to drive around in Spain as a traveler?
Not really. Driving in Spain is not just thrilling but easy. Get used to driving on the right side of the road easily if you are from the county where you drive from the left side. All the roads have signposts and the roads are good which will give you fewer hurdles while driving in Spain. But it’s important to keep the speed limit and not to go off the beaten track. Being mindful of the signposts will help you to avoid unintentional encroachment.

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