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Car Hire in Italy: Go Everywhere And Anywhere With Ease Mind

by Kristy

Europcar PT is one of the most prominent car rental companies operating worldwide. They have been serving Italy car hiring to the customer for wide purposes by making it a most convenient form of car hire platform to go. They have a wide range of vehicles that are available for rent. This includes economical cars, compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and vans. Europcar has many branches in many locations around the world, where you can easily access cheap car hire in Italy. For instance, If you are in Portugal Europcar Pt is a local branch in the country where you can easily find the renting services in all the major cities.

Most of these locations are located near airports, city centers, and train stations to make the travelers convenient in hiring one of these cars and easily pick up and drop off the rental cars. Europcar is also one of the few companies committed to a sustainable development program.

Why choose Europcar for Car hire in Italy

1. Car Hire in Italy has a wide range of cars

Since Europcar understands that sometimes customers are very particular about the types of cars they are renting. This could be because of luxurious comfort, or group traveling, for instance, if you need a car to rent for a group of people then a van is particularly the best option which can fit more people in. Therefore Europcar has all the types of cars available just for you. Moreover, we all want the luxurious car rental comfort that comes with certain types of cars. Hence you have multiple choices in selecting which cars will best fit your travel journey.

2. Car Hire in Italy is Flexible

When it comes to flexible services Europcar is keen on making their renting car services flexible. The multiple rental options include the duration of renting, irrespective of hours, weeks, days, or months. So whether you’re looking for a short term or long term this flexibility will come to great advantage as a renter.

3. Car Hire in Italy has Multiple Booking Options

Yes, this is what makes Europcar extremely overwhelming when it comes to flexible booking options. Where you feel like getting a rented car through the website or the mobile app, Europcar has made this opportunity available for all travelers to hire their desired car. Moreover, the website is user-friendly and the mobile app is also user-friendly to navigate the booking process smoothly. Managing your booking and getting all the full information on your booking is trackable. Hence reserving a car in advance is easier than ever with Europcar.

4. Car Hire in Italy has the Advantage of the Loyalty program

If you are frequently hiring cars on Europcar, then Europcar offers a loyalty program named  “Europcar Privilege” which is a must for frequent users to get the maximum benefits out of it. This loyalty comes with a variety of benefits and rewards, for those who are frequently hiring cars, it will save you money. Enjoying the rewards along with your traveling experience is nothing comparable. Moreover, with the loyalty program, you can enjoy priority service, and free upgrades, and earn huge reward points which are redeemable for future rentals.

5. Car Hire in Italy has Europcar Additional Services

There are endless additional services with Europcar to elevate your rental experience. Enjoy smart GPS navigation systems for getting to your accurate stop location, additional driver options, and child safety seats this is particularly heartwarming for parents who are with their children, and in case of urgency roadside assistance is available, get pick up rental car service at your pick location if you are running late, and other additional services.

6. Car Hire in Italy has Smooth Customer support

We are all meticulous about customer support when it comes to buying and selling. This is mainly when online car booking and purchasing are done, as things are beyond your reach. Therefore, having a smooth, supportive customer support channel is a must. Europcar has an excellent customer support channel that will take you through your renting car processing till your duration of car rent is completed. They are ready to assist you with all your queries and issues with your booking.

Things to keep in Mind booking before Hiring a car

Car Hire in Italy

Car Hire in Italy | oglooks

Just like any other serving company, there are certain requirements that Europcar makes a must for the renter before handling you with a car on rent.

  1. Meeting the age requirement: This is crucial, without meeting the minimum age requirement which is 21 you can’t be allowed to rent a car with Europcar. Moreover, the age requirement varies from country to country and the kind of vehicle hiring. Plus the company also has a Young Driver Surcharge which is applicable in some instances.
  2. Driving License: Without a valid driving license it’s impossible to hire a car with Europcar. If you are not from Portugal or Italy, your valid driver’s license has to be issued by your home country, and an international Driving Permit is applicable with a minimum period of one year.
  3. Identification: You will need an identification document to be able to hire a car with Eurocar. It could be a passport copy if you are a traveler or a tourist or a National identity card of your country.
  4. Credit card: A credit card with an expiry date is required after the due check-in date. A security deposit may also be charged before the reservation is processed. In addition, remember to get your insurance, as Eurocar PT has different types of insurance options, which has basic coverage and some other additional coverage.
  5. Advance booking: For smooth renting without having to fight the rush hours booking in advance is recommended. This reservation can be done through the website or even by connecting to customer service. This will also ease your worry that you have a car ready for renting and easily compare all the charges applicable.


Europcar is the best car hire in Italy and a must-choice if you are looking to renting cars either for traveling or business travel, etc. There are times when we travel and have to go through public transportation, which is hectic and inconvenient. There is a time restriction, impossible to manage time as public transport timings are beyond our control. Moreover, there is no possible way we can make multiple stops while traveling as we wish we could. But booking cars of your choice and traveling will be a great touring and traveling experience. This includes driving across some countries alone or with your loved ones is a must adventure of a lifetime. If you are looking for a cheap hire car in Italy, Europcar has it for you. For more information on renting cars visit OGlooks.


What are the most popular car hires in Italy?
There are various car rental companies in Italy, you can choose from. Some popular car renters in Italy are Europcar, Dollar, Avis, and Hertz.
Where should I hire a car in Italy?
There are about 192 stations and most are near the airports, train stations, and city centers therefore wherever you are in the city get your cars hired at your nearest stations. 
Which car hire company in Italy has the most locations?
Europcar in Itlay has the most locations across different countries and major cities in Itlay. There are 192 stations located throughout Italy which means worry not they have you covered with the best cars to rent. Expedite your travel experience with Europcar.

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