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Boxers For Men: A Guide On Fabrics, Fits And Features

by Kristy

If you find tighter men’s briefs restrictive or ride up constantly causing discomfort, it may be time to try a roomier silhouette instead – the iconic boxer shorts. With an easy loose fit through the hip and thigh, boxers for men make sure you stay comfortable. But a gentle taper keeps them from appearing overly baggy or sloppy. Breathable cotton blends further enhance airflow and light moisture absorption as you go about your day. So why not embrace that carefree cosy aesthetic and enhanced mobility boxers uniquely deliver? This guide to boxer shorts for men covers everything from styling tips to selecting soft, durable fabrics.

1. Things to consider when choosing boxers for men

I. Comfort

  1. Fabric – cotton, microfiber, modal, etc.
  2. Fit – loose, trunk style, shorter lengths
  3. Features – pouch, seamless

II. Support

  1. Pouch options
  2. Retaining band tightness
    C. Overall structure and control

III. Style

  1. Length – trunk, midi, knee length
    B. Patterns and colours
  2. Branding and waistband

IV. Use Case

  1. Everyday wear
  2. Athletic wear
  3. Intimate wear

V. Price and Value

  1. Budget
  2. Sales and deals
  3. Quality over very low cost

VI. Care

  1. Washing machine or hand wash
  2. Drying method – line dry or machine dry
  3. Expected longevity

In determining what to prioritise in finding the ideal boxers, consider factors like personal fit preferences, types of activities done while wearing them, how visible they will be, and balancing cost with expected durability. The key is finding the best match for your needs and preferences. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any specific considerations in more detail.

2. Best boxers for men at FatFace

1. 2 Pack Plain Boxers

2 Pack Plain Boxers

2 Pack Plain Boxers

Searching for basic boxer shorts in classic versatile solids? The 2 Pack Plain Boxers for men feature soft, breathable cotton jersey knits offering next-to-skin comfort. With an easy relaxed fit through the seat and thighs, these boxer shorts provide complete freedom of movement. The encased elastic waistband retains shape wash after wash without pinching or binding. Meanwhile, the contrast piping accent outlines the straight-leg silhouette, keeping the visual lines clean and streamlined.

2. Two Pack Dorset Stripe Boxers

The Two Pack Dorset Stripe Boxers for men add subtle pattern interest to your underwear rotation. Lightweight cotton blend knits keep you cool and dry across changing conditions. With that iconic fuller boxer fit through the hip and legs for zero restriction, the tapered leg prevents excess fabric. Choose classic Navy stripes or eye-catching Multicolour for personality.

3. Two Pack Portland Stripe Boxers

Two Pack Portland Stripe Boxers

Two Pack Portland Stripe Boxers

Show your playful side with the Two-Pack Land Rover Print Boxers for men. The iconic 4×4 makes a graphic appearance against soft jersey cotton blends ideal for daily comfort. Signature boxer dimensions, including a loose seat/thigh, allow stretching and bending sans discomfort. Plus, multiple fun Land Rover logos and schematics connect to the adventurous spirit of the legendary vehicle.

4. Two Pack Land Rover Print Boxers

Slip into the rugged cool of FatFace’s Two-pack Land Rover Print Boxers. Their soft fabric and elastic waist offer a roomy yet secure fit whether you’re lounging or on the go, while the cotton lining keeps you comfortable all day. The unique full-coverage print, inspired by Land Rovers trekking across the world’s wildest places, makes these boxers a stylish addition to your casual wardrobe. Pair them with jeans and a tee for laid back weekends or let them peek out from dress shirts when you want to make an impression. 

5. 2 Pack Beer Print Boxers

2 Pack Beer Print Boxers

2 Pack Beer Print Boxers

If you like statement-making prints, go for the 2-pack Beer Print Boxers for men. Soft cotton-rich jerseys keep you comfy while an allover pattern of beer mugs and hops flowers channels laidback weekend vibes. The easy fuller cut through the hip and leg allows unrestricted movement while the encased waistband retains structure. So lounge or take on activities in iconically cool boxer shorts.

6. 2 Pack Abersoch Stripe Boxers

For an ocean-inspired style, the 2-pack Abersoch Stripe Boxers for men fit the bill. Light and breezy cotton/modal fabrics include quick-drying properties for active lifestyles. Navy stripes contrast the tonal background shades, adding nautical personality. And the gently tapered leg is offset by the roomy seat and thigh, allowing you to stretch and bend sans any pinching.

7. 3-Pack Stockbridge Stripe Boxers

The 3-Pack Stockbridge Stripe Boxers for men provide exceptional comfort and versatility to your underwear selection. Crafted from soft, breathable cotton jerseys, these knit boxer shorts offer an easy relaxed fit through the hips and thighs so you stay comfortable all day. The straight leg with side vents allows freedom of movement while the encased elastic waistband retains structure wash after wash without pinching or binding.

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When you want underwear offering unmatched comfort and freedom of movement, boxers for men are the ideal solution. The signature loose fit through the hips and thighs moves naturally with your body while quality fabrics breathe and absorb moisture keeping you cool and dry all day. Iconic straight-leg silhouettes maintain tailored lines for clean layering sans visible panty lines. Combine that cosy non-binding fit with encased waistbands. They help in retaining shape and plus side vents facilitate motion. Boxer shorts deliver everything modern active men need while making a personalised style statement.FatFace makes it easy to incorporate neutrals, bold colours, patterns and novelty prints. Now you can trade up your briefs for upgraded comfort boxers. For more information on silk boxers for men, visit OGlooks.


Should guys wear boxers instead of briefs?
Boxer shorts provide enhanced comfort, coverage and airflow versus tight, clinging briefs. So if you remain active or dislike restrictive fits, especially in warmer weather, boxers are likely the better choice.
Can boxers be worn under pants?
Thanks to the loose silhouette with tapered legs, boxer shorts layer cleanly under jeans, trousers, shorts and other bottoms without showing obvious lines.
How long can men wear boxers?
Quality cotton-rich boxer fabrics breathe well and absorb light moisture keeping you fresher longer than synthetic blends. Just change boxers daily for the best hygiene and odour prevention.

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