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Tennis Shoes: Your Feet Deserve The Ultimate Comfort

by Kristy

Tennis shoes are often designed with different patterns on the sole, with a rubber bottom, and a top made out of leather or strong cotton material. By and large, the tennis shoes will vary depending on the types of courts you are playing. There are shoes with thicker and softer soles that enhance a lightweight experience and regulates the efficiency of the cushioning for sturdy stability. The tennis shoes are also designed to meet the desired expectation of sports activities.

New Balance is one of the fast-growing online retailers with endless collections of sports shoes. If there is one online store where sports people can shop with ease and comfort is New Balance. Of all the collections of sports shoes New Balance, tennis shoes are one of the great collections of sports accessories. Discover the best collection of men’s and women’s tennis shoes available online with New Balance. 

The advantages of tennis shoes to enhance your sports activities 

Here are some indispensable advantages of purchasing man’s and women’s tennis shoes on New Balance. 

  1. Seamless comfort  

Seamless comfort  

Seamless comfort  | Oglooks

Whether you are punching these shoes for the long term or for short-term sports activities, comfort is something you do not want to compromise. Therefore, New Balance caters to shoes that provide maximum comfort to meet the demand of every customer who enjoys playing tennis.  Check out this amazing  Fresh Foam X Lav v2 for women. If you are looking for durability and comfort with style and fashion this is surely an excellent choice. The shoes have well-built cushioning underfoot, to regulate stability with each stride and stroke. The upper mesh collar ensures a perfectly comfortable fit at all times.

  1. Perfect Traction

Having shoes that offer perfect traction to your feet is crucial. This is important to avoid any unnecessary injuries to your feet and ankles. These shoes on New Balance are designed with specialised patterns and materials so that your feet get the best traction while playing on the tennis courts. Having good traction also allows for quicker movements without the risk of slippery injuries or fractures and your feet stay responsive to the game.

Check out the Unisex COCO CG1 on New Balance. This unisex tennis shoe is designed to meet the desirable expectation of every man and woman who are keen on tennis sports. This is a quality shoe that will make you stand out among the crowd. If you are looking for something unique statement style, and shoes with high performance then the Unisex COCO CG1 is the right choice for you. The upper layer construction of the shoes has similar silhouettes to a basketball shoe and the synthetic forefoot gives a lightweight experience at all times.

  1. Advantage Durability 

Advantage Durability 

Advantage Durability  | Oglooks

The New Balance collection of these shoes is promising when it comes to durability. The shoe’s overall patterns, construction, and foot cushioning are designed to withstand rigorous sports exertion. In addition, to ease your concern the materials used are of high quality, and prevent sudden wear and tear. These shoes are popularly designed to pass the test of time and value your money.  Without having to go for frequent purchases, invest your money into one pair of tennis shoes and enjoy the longevity. 

For getting the best shoes check out the Fresh Foam X Lav v2 on New Balance. This is a top-performing shoe that will take your sports experience to the next level. It’s made out of Fresh Foam midsole and the underfoot cushioning assists your feet to stay stable with each stride and stroke.  The Weave upper and mesh collar will ensure that your feet are fitted well to encounter run and stride in comfort. 

  1. Prevent Injuries

Since tennis is one of those sports activities that require a lot of running and jumping, and long strides on the court, without proper protection your feet are likely to succumb to sudden foot injuries. These shoes are made with such carefulness that your feet reduce the risk of encountering injuries while playing on the court. The shoes are designed with maximum cushioning support, to enhance stability and avoid getting your feet from being sprained.   

Check this amazing Men’s 696v5 on New Balance. It’s a multi-color design shoe with a full-length NDurance outsole, which gives out a strong grip underneath, and the synthetic along with the mesh upper promise high durability. Stay comfortable at all times with Men’s 696v5. These are the best tennis shoes for men out there if you are looking for ultimate comfort.

  1. Enhance the Performance 

Enhance the Performance 

Enhance the Performance  | Oglooks

When you have the right pair of tennis shoes it makes all the difference with your performance experience. It directly and positively affects your overall sports experience on the tennis court. The comfort of the shoe will help your feet to play longer with strides. Moreover, when your feet are well-fitted you can quickly move around and specifically maintain the overall footwork on the court. 

If you are looking for a purposeful investment then check out the Women’s New Balance  796v3. Step into your tennis court with pride and confidence with this shoe. Let your feet stay reactive at all times. Moreover the lightweight of the shoes will make your speed stay accelerated. It’s durable to pass the test of time. 


This collection of tennis shoes is some of the men’s and women’s tennis shoes in the market. They are sure to meet the expectation of every man and woman out there on the tennis court. Feel the confidence in your feet, and elevate your performance at all times whenever you take the stride in speed and agility. Moreover, these shoes are an affordable investment you can make to add to your wardrobe collection. Without having to compromise on budget and comfort make New Balance your final shopping destination. For more information visit OgLooks


Are tennis shoes okay to wear casually?
Generally, they are fine to wear casually, and just fine to wear with any outfit because of the versatility in design and staples. These shoes are perfect to wear with jeans, shorts, and even trousers. Some of these have similar designs just like the casual sneakers. l 
How are tennis shoes different from other shoes?
These shoes are designed for tennis sports specifically. Just like any other sport that requires a unique built design when it comes to footwear because of the demand of the sport they require.  These materials used are to make sure they receive enough traction, comfort, durability, and support to enhance the performance. 
Are tennis shoes expensive?
The price of these shoes will vary spending on the quality, brand, materials, and performance. But if you are thinking about making a long-term investment in these shoes, they will pay your back with high performance. Check out these affordable shoes on New Balance. 

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