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Transform Your Boring Look To Sassy With T shirts For Women

by Kristy

Ladies, are you bored of choosing that one tee for every occasion and need to get something gorgeous and evergreen? Then, there is an option of buying some sassy T shirts for women that are not just versatile but trendy too. With this blog, passionate trend followers will get to know about how these wardrobe essentials are the canvas of style expression. So fear not beauties, if you are in search of event-specific t shirts for women. FatFace is the platform where you can get an all-in-one wardrobe-selecting space, where you can get what you wish for. From trending to stylish, you don’t have to worry about how you will know the best way of styling the tees, as we are about to disclose them.

So women, buckle up to run on the path of becoming chic and sassy with these styling tips.

Styling tips for t shirts for women to accentuate the whole look

  1. Layering Magic

Make your tee a canvas to draw the best art possible. The artistic way can be through the magic of layering. You can layer t shirts for women with a slip dress for the casual-chic look, a turtleneck for a comfortable street style, or a jacket for a quick office-ready look. 

     2. Accessorise to the max

Add a pop of colour to your shirt striking jewellery, a big scarf, or a fan belt. Mix and match textures and colours, such as graphic t shirts for women with a delicate necklace or a basic tee with a striking scarf. 

     3. Shuffle your shoes

Take out all your footwear that you own and check what will go with your whole look. If you want a casual look with denim and your cotton t shirts for women then you can go for sneakers. For the stylish and partywear look, you can carry heels along with skirts or leggings. You can even play with other footwear like boots, edgy wedges, etc. to give a playful look to your outfit. 

    4. Tucka and roll

You can experiment with the look with long t shirts for women by tucking them inside your trousers. For a formal look, pair it with a blazer and formal loafers and complete the look. For a sporty vibe, you can add denim jeans and tuck in your tees inside. 

Get these T shirts For Women for an attractive styling

FatFace allows their customers to check which look will complement their ideas if they are trying to buy some t shirts for women. Here are some of the options:

  1. Remi Embroidered Dotted Floral Top 

Remi Embroidered Dotted Floral Top 

Remi Embroidered Dotted Floral Top | oglooks

Black is chic, classic and contemporary for this hue lovers. Remi Embroidered Floral Top is a perfect dress for any occasion. This beautiful t shirt dress for women dazzles with its floral embroidery, which seems like a hidden garden of flowers, and the soft material hugs you for the most comfortable look. Shirred cuffs and hem offer a whimsical touch, and the adaptable style allows you to effortlessly transition from jeans to trousers and sneakers to heels for the best dressed-up appearance.

    2. Isla Lace Top

With its elaborate cut-out design, balloon sleeves, and cuffed wrists, this Isla Lace t shirt for women seamlessly goes from casual to beautiful. It is made of a comfortable cotton material and the red hue is what makes it attractive and elegant. The flattering design is a versatile pattern to dress up for any event. Do pair it with your black leggings and heels or boots and for winter, add a trench coat for the chic look.

    3. Beth Ikat Geo Tunic

Beth Ikat Geo Tunic

Beth Ikat Geo Tunic | oglooks

Beth Ikat Geo Tunic  T shirts for women are all you need to wear for any season. This dress is super soft and has an amazing ikat design in a flattering style. The peplum top gives grace to the body and is perfect for any event or occasion. Made from cotton, has a button-up look, and balloon sleeves. This t shirt for women will look great when styled with uniqueness like with leather pants and boots.

    4. Kara Multi Floral Top 

The Kara t shirt dress for women is meant to be worn for every occasion, seamlessly moving from casual to dressed up. With a vivid floral pattern that embraces the winter season, it offers a splash of colour to gloomy days. The thoughtful touches on this long-sleeve, such as the flattering V neckline, adorable button embellishments, and elasticated cuffs, make it a wardrobe must-have. It is made of a breathable cotton mix and provides comfort from midday to night. The Kara shirt is a style changer that can be experimented with through various looks.

    5. Valerie Velvet Top

Valerie Velvet Top

Valerie Velvet Top | oglooks

This Valerie velvet top, a fantastic companion for the holiday season, will have you falling in love at first touch, it has a figure cut, a sweetheart neckline, and long sleeves, and will give an exquisite touch to your holiday ensembles. It mixes elegance and sustainability by being made of recycled polyester. This shirt improves the party season, whether you are attending Christmas parties or having cocktails with your friends. Wear them with a leather skirt or pants, and finish the outfit with boots and a pendant necklace and you are all set for the party.


With a little imagination game and styling techniques, you can turn your basic shirts into the heart and soul of a plethora of ensembles. Keep in mind that fashion is all about expressing yourself. With FatFace you get the outfit that you have wished for. When it comes to t shirts for women, you can find the most trendy outfit at FatFace. Many options are available on their official website that you can check out and some of them are listed in the blog. 

For more ideas of styling, do follow OG looks! 


How long should a women's t-shirt be?
Women’s t-shirt length depends upon the weather they are appropriate for. For winter, you can prefer woollen T-shirts with full sleeves, whereas for summer you can go for short-sleeved T-shirts. 
Do women's t shirts fit differently?
Yes, there is a slight difference in the fit of women’s t-shirts as they are tight and fitted compared to men. 
How to wear a women's t shirt?
T-shirts are versatile garments that can be worn on any bottoms. You can choose denim, Trousers, pencil skirts, and even cargos for your T-shirts. 

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