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Warmth And Style Combined: The Ultimate Women’s Scarf Selection

by Kristy

When it comes to styling or accessorising fits and providing a bit of extra warmth to finish off a classic look, scarves for women come in handy. They are the expression of comfort and style, so whether you’re looking to stay cosy on a chilly day or add that perfect finishing touch to your fits, adding scarves would do that for you. And, with a wide range of articles available at FatFace, you can pick your favourite article and order it right away. 

Choosing the right scarf according to the outfit

  1. Colour coordination

When wearing a solid-coloured outfit, consider adding a scarf with a pop of colour that complements your attire. For patterned clothing, choose a scarf with one of the secondary colours in the pattern.

    2. Texture and fabric

Opt for scarves with textures or fabrics that contrast nicely with your clothing. For example, pair a chunky knit scarf with a sleek blouse, or a silk scarf with a cosy sweater.

    3. Seasonal selection

Adjust your scarf choice based on the season. Light and breathable scarves are ideal for spring and summer, while thicker, warmer scarves are a great match for fall and winter.

    4. Pattern play

If your outfit is relatively simple, don’t hesitate to introduce a patterned scarf to add visual interest. Stripes, polka dots, and florals can enhance a plain look.

    5. Size matters

Consider the size of your scarf with your outfit. Larger scarves can be draped over your shoulders like a shawl, while smaller scarves work well with casual wear.

    6. Personal style

Ultimately, let your personal style guide your scarf selection. Whether you prefer classic, bohemian, or eclectic looks, choose scarves that resonate with your fashion sensibilities.

What materials are scarves for women made of?

The choice of material depends on the season, occasion, and personal preferences, allowing for a diverse range of scarf styles and options to choose from.

  1. Cotton

Cotton scarves are the most preferred ones because they are very lightweight and breathable. They come in various prints and colours that offer a more casual appearance. These scarves can be easily machine-washed offering a very soft feel against the skin.

     2. Silk

Silk scarves exude luxury and elegance, often chosen for formal occasions. They have a smooth, luxurious touch and you can style them to make a bold statement. The fabric offers a natural sheen and drape, and you can choose from a variety of patterns available. 

     3. Wool

Wool scarves are prized for their warmth and cosiness, making them a staple for cold weather. They come in various thicknesses, from fine merino to chunky knits. These scarves are excellent for fall and winter, providing insulation while remaining breathable.

     4. Cashmere

Cashmere scarves are exceptionally soft and luxurious, offering superior warmth and comfort. They are often considered a high-end accessory. Known for their fine fibres, cashmere scarves are lightweight yet incredibly insulating, making them a coveted choice for winter.

     5. Polyester

Polyester scarves are much more durable and affordable. They are mainly used as printed scarves offering a wider range of patterns and designs to choose from. These scarves don’t need much maintenance as they retain their colour and shape very quickly after a wash.

     6. Linen

Linen scarves are more breathable and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for summer days. They have a slightly textured appearance and a casual vibe. These fibres have a moisture-wicking property that keeps you cool and cosy in warm weather.

Which brand is best to buy scarves for women?

FatFace stands out as an excellent choice for women’s scarves due to its commitment to quality, style, and sustainability. Their scarves for women not only offer a wide range of fashionable designs, from cosy winter knits to lightweight summer prints, but they also prioritise using eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices.

With a reputation for durability and a focus on crafting scarves that not only keep you warm but also elevate your style, FatFace has become a trusted brand for those who value both fashion and responsible consumer choices.

  1. Evergreen floral multi snood

Evergreen floral multi snood

Evergreen floral multi snood | oglooks


Ditch the chill in style with this cosy Evergreen floral multi-snood, designed to effortlessly infuse your attire with bursts of colour and patterns, ensuring both a chic appearance and warmth. The product is made of a perfect blend of Viscose and elastane for providing comfort and flexibility. You can conveniently maintain it by using a standard washing machine. And, it is available at FatFace for a price of £12.50.

   2. Pippa check scarf

The Pippa scarf effortlessly marries aesthetics with utility. Its captivating sun-bleached check design and playful tassel accents make it the perfect addition to elevate your outfit with a hint of warmth and a vibrant burst of colour. Whether you’re dressing up or down, this scarf adds a touch of charm and practicality to any look. Being one of the best designer scarves for women, it only costs £35.

   3. Striped boucle scarf

Striped boucle scarf

Striped boucle scarf | oglooks

Wrap yourself in comfort with our irresistibly soft textured striped scarf, designed to keep you warm while adding a dose of style to those colder days. Its plush and cuddly texture, complemented by fringed detailing and a standout stripe design, ensures that you stay cosy and fashion-forward throughout the season. This scarf is your ultimate accessory for effortlessly elevating your winter look with both warmth and flair. And, it only costs £35.

    4. Gingham check scarf

Gingham check scarf

Gingham check scarf | oglooks

Elevate your winter wardrobe with our chic check scarf, designed to provide the ideal balance of warmth and style. Crafted from 100% polyester, this scarf offers not only a cosy shield against the cold but also the convenience of easy maintenance – it’s machine washable. Wrap yourself in its comforting embrace and make a fashion statement that keeps you snug during chilly days. And, being one of the best black scarves for women, it costs £35.

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If you are looking for the best winter scarves for women available in different materials and made with care, FatFace is one such brand that offers everything you have been looking for. With so many colour and design options to choose from, there is something for every individual to take their pick and shop the stunning neck scarves for women right away. For more information, visit OG looks.


Are there distinct types of scarves for women available?
There are various types of scarves for women, including infinity scarves, pashminas, shawls, neckerchiefs, and blanket scarves, each offering unique styles and functions to complement different outfits and occasions.
How do I tie or wear a scarf stylishly?
To wear a scarf stylishly, try a classic drape, French knot, or loop and tuck for versatile and chic looks.
Can I wear scarves in different seasons?
Yes, scarves can be worn in different seasons by choosing appropriate materials and styles, such as lightweight silk for summer and warm wool for winter.

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