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Hotels in Basingstoke: Best places to stay

by Kristy

Are you planning to visit Basingstoke, the town which lies in southern England and looking for the best places to stay? We have done our research for you and helped you in saving time to search for hotels in Basingstoke with the best deals. Read this blog till the end and we are sure you will love our picks just as much as we do.


Our top 5 favorite hotels in Basingstoke are given below:

  1. Village hotel

Village hotel

Village hotel | Oglooks

Located at Plot W, Basing View, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, this is one of the best recognized and well reputed hotels Basingstoke area has. It is not only a room with beds in it, it is meant for you to relax and recharge yourselves after a long tiring day. They are known for their famous Pub & Grill, featuring a Health & Wellness Club, a pool, Gym, workspaces as well as places to chill.

There are many things that you can do nearby their hotel in Basingstoke, most of which are completely free of cost, such as:

  • Whitechurch Silk Mill

Whitechurch Silk Mill

Whitechurch Silk Mill | Oglooks

It is located in Local Hampshire. You can enjoy snacks, coffee, lunch with a beautiful view of the river and even do some shopping.

  • National trust- The Vyne: 

A country house built in the sixteenth century for for William, Lord Sandys, Lord Chamberlain to Henry VIII but is now looked after by the National Trust. The entry tickets cost £13 for an adult, £6.50 for a child, and £32 for a family.

  • Anvil Arts centre

It is a concert hall and the largest performing arts organization.

  • Festival Place

Also known as the focal point of Basingstoke, this is one of the most lively and happening shopping centres which features small cute shops, many food outlets and large arcades. You can never really get bored of this amazing place!

  • Bombay Sapphire Distillery

As you can tell by the name itself, this is a Gin distillery which was built in a historic red-brick mill. Enjoy your tastings!

  • Eastrop park

 If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to spend your mornings and evenings at, this public park is the place for you. You will also find a boating lake and a paddling pool here.

  • Basing house

It was a Tudor palace and Castle which lies in Old Basing village. Even though most of Basing House was stormed and destroyed in 1645, it is definitely worth visiting.

If you want to make your booking at the Village Hotel in one tap, then we recommend you download their app ‘Village Hotels.’

2. Hampshire Court Hotel & Spa: 

Hampshire Court Hotel & Spa

Hampshire Court Hotel & Spa | Oglooks

This budget friendly hotel provides free wifi, free parking, a bathtub in every room to their guests. Some rooms also have an attached balcony where you can sit and enjoy the view. A maximum of 3 people are allowed to stay in one room.

3. Audleys Wood Hotel: 

Audleys Wood Hotel

Audleys Wood Hotel | Oglooks

Located at Alton Road, Basingstoke, this Four-Star hotel gives access to free wifi, free parking, restaurant, bar, coffee shop and much more. It also provides a free stay for children and is pet friendly, isn’t that amazing?

4. Oakley Hall Hotel: 

Oakley Hall Hotel

Oakley Hall Hotel | Oglooks

This Four-Star hotel located at Rectory Road, Oakley, Basingstoke, provides facilities such as a free wifi in all the rooms, free parking, bathtubs and also provides access to their bar/lounge and restaurant.

5. Premier Inn Basingstoke West: 

Premier Inn Basingstoke West

Premier Inn Basingstoke West | Oglooks

Perfectly located in Basingstoke Leisure Park, Worting Rd, Basingstoke, this hotel provides a comfortable stay with facilities such as a free wifi, cozy beds, ice rink and swimming pool just a stroll away. They also have their own restaurant.

Can you find hotels for cheap in Basingstoke?

Yes, you can definitely find some cheap hotels in Basingstoke. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Travelodge NewBury Tot Hill: 

Very very reasonably priced, this hotel also has many other branches. This one is in great proximity and accessibility to other local and popular sights. You will get free parking, a free wifi and a TV.

2.Days Inn by Wyndham: 

This is another affordable option. This hotel has other branches too. It features family rooms, provides free parking, a free wifi and a TV screen. It is also pet friendly which means you all can stay here without anyone missing out.

3. Easyhotel Reading: 

Another budget friendly hotel which is at a convenient location. It provides free wifi, central heating, AC and is pet friendly!

Things to do in Basingstoke

Other major attractions that you can go to in Basingstoke are:

  1. Black Dam ponds and Crabtree Plantation:

You can go for a long walk with your family or partner which goes down to the Black Dam pond and a play area for kids. You will also find lots of butterflies in the park.

2. Milestones Museum: 

Milestones Museum of Living History is a place where you can see so much! Vintage cars, cobbled streets, characters in costumes, and so much more. Inspiration has been taken from the streets of Victorian and 1930s Hampshire.

3. Willis Museum & Sainsbury Gallery: 

This local museum features a 1898 wedding cake along with other rich archaeological exhibits. There are a few cafes where you can just chill.

4. Odiham castle: 

This historical landmark was one of the castles which was built by King John during his period of ruling in 1207. Though a little ruined, it is a must visit.

5. Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig world: 

This is the world’s first family themed park based on the animated series ‘Peppa pigs’ which is located in the New Forest National Park, Hampshire. It has more than 70 rides and attractions for kids specially in the age group of one to six.


There are many options of hotels in Basingstoke. You can choose one according to your needs, preferences and budget. OGLooks recommends that for booking one of the best hotels in Basingstoke, you should pay a visit to the official site of oglooks and Village Hotels by clicking on the given on that.


What are the best cheap hotels in Basingstoke?
Travelodge hotels, Days Inn hotels are very reasonably priced and provide the best deals of hotels in Basingstoke.
Which hotels in Basingstoke are good for families?
Some hotels in Basingstoke which will give you a family feel are: The Red Lion hotel, White Hart Overton, The Elephant at the Market and many more. These are children-friendly hotels and also provide good family meals.
How do I find a hotel in central Basingstoke?
You will easily find good hotels in Central Basingstoke since it is a well known area for business and thus features good facilities for commuting, accommodation, food..basically everything. Some really good places to stay include Crowne Plaza, Premier Inn Basingstoke Town Centre Hotel, Holiday Inn, etc. 

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