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Hotels In Prague To Enjoy The Rich Culture And Delicious Cuisine

by Kristy

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, and delicious cuisine. The cobbled streets of Prague make you feel transported back in time. This city is a perfect place for spending your vacations. It is important to find convenient accommodations to have a wonderful time in this city. Hotels in Prague offer excellent amenities to cater to the needs of every traveller. You may find it difficult to choose the right hotels in Prague among the best hotels in Prague. The online platform of TUI helps you compare prices and discounts on hotels in Prague. Prague is an awesome place to have a wonderful time.  

In this article, we will discuss some of the best hotels in Prague. 

Top Hotels in Prague 

Whether you are interested in history, architecture, food, or just soaking up the atmosphere of Prague, hotels in Prague offer you the perfect accommodations to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Here is a list of the best hotels in Prague are: 

1. Hotel Trevi

Hotel Trevi

Hotel Trevi | oglooks

Located in the heart of Prague, this sophisticated and luxurious hotel is one of the best hotels in Prague. The elegant design of the rooms will let you have a peaceful stay. The rooms are spacious and well-furnished, with superior bedding, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, etc. The attached bathrooms have a shiny and modish design. The staff are highly professional and efficient and always strive hard to help you with your queries. You can use public transportation to visit nearby city attractions like Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, etc., from this hotel.

2. Iris Hotel Eden

Attached to a 20,000-seat football stadium, this hotel is a must-visit for football fans. Fans can watch the Czech National team or Slavia Prague in action every season. The hotel has airy rooms and comes will all the necessary amenities. This hotel, located in the peaceful neighbourhood of Vrsovice, offers everything you need for a pleasant stay. The staff are friendly and work hard to answer your queries. You can get recommendations of local restaurants from this hotel, where you can get delicious local cuisine to fulfil your appetite.

3. Ariston


Ariston | oglooks

This fabulous hotel is near popular tourist attractions like the wild Vitava River, Palace Acropolis, Shopping Centre Palac Flora, etc. The quiet neighbourhood of Zizkov lets you have a peaceful stay at this hotel. The spacious rooms come with modern amenities. The hot complimentary breakfast is delicious and keeps your stomach full. You can have a drink you prefer at the on-site bar. With its stylish décor, exceptional service, and convenient location, this hotel is the perfect choice for those who want to experience all that this beautiful city has to offer in comfort and style.

4. Amethyst 

The charming Vinohrady district has this awesome hotel which is an ideal blend of luxury and convenience. Amethyst has spacious rooms with alluring decorations. Other than that, the rooms have the necessary amenities to satisfy your needs. The bathrooms are well-maintained and clean and come with the latest fixtures. The sauna facility lets you relax and enjoy. The hotel provides complimentary breakfast every morning throughout your stay. You will get nice and friendly staff who will answer your queries. The City Centre is near this hotel where you can go on foot. It is easier for you to discover the hidden gems of this city from this hotel.

5. Merkur


Merkur | oglooks

This is one of the leading hotels in Prague. With comfortable and clean rooms, this hotel provides you with a convenient stay. All necessary amenities are available in each room. You can stroll down to some of the city’s top attractions, like the Astronomical Clock, shopping mall, Bridge of Carlos, and a lot more, from this hotel. The staff provide exceptional services throughout your stay and helps you to solve your doubts. They also assist you with helpful tips on where to go and what to see in Prague. The on-site restaurant serves tasty local cuisine to tantalise your tastebuds. Overall, this sumptuous hotel is great value for money.  

Other hotels in Prague provide exceptional services and easy access to the city’s famous tourist attractions. Hotels in Prague Old Town offer you a comfortable and convenient stay during your trip.  

Things to Keep in Mind: 

Prague has an awesome ambience which will blow your mind. It is necessary to adopt certain precautions to make your trip enjoyable and stress-free. Here is a list of basic things to remember during your trip to Prague. 

  1. Plan Ahead– The vibrant city of Prague can become busy during peak tourist season. Therefore, you should plan a few months before and book your accommodation, activities and transportation accordingly.  
  2. Learn Some Basic Czech Phrases– Though many people in Prague speak English, it can help if you learn some basic Czech phrases. It will be easier to converse with local people. 
  3. Watch for Pickpockets– Pickpockets are common in tourist places. So, you must be vigilant, especially in crowded areas. Also, you must keep your belongings safe and close to yourself. 
  4. Explore Prague on Foot– Walking on foot in Prague will let you enjoy its ambience and discover hidden gems. While strolling down the streets, wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the blissful views.  
  5. Take Public Transportation– You can always take public transportation to travel to different parts of the city. The metro, trams, and buses are always available at cheap rates. You can also buy a day pass or multi-day pass to save money. 
  6. Respect Local Customs– It is mandatory to respect local customs and culture wherever you go. Before visiting the city, you should know some rituals and customs of the inhabitants. In this way, you can respect the culture and avoid any problems.


It feels great to spend your vacation with your loved one in Prague. The mesmerising scenic views with delicious local cuisine can make your day. Hotels in Prague offer you memorable and enjoyable accommodations. You can get help from online booking platforms like TUI to select your accommodation comfortably. So, book your hotels in Prague and enjoy a memorable outing. 

To get more information, go to Oglooks and Tui. 


What are the best hotels near Prague Castle?
There are many hotels in Prague to accommodate. Some hotels near Prague Castle are ‘Hotel Pod Vezi’, ‘MOOo by the Castle’, ‘Hotel Nerudova 211’, etc. 
What are the best luxury hotels in Prague?
Hidden contentPrague has many luxury hotels which provide excellent amenities to satisfy your preferences. Some of them are ‘Stages Hotel Prague’, ‘The Julius Prague’, ‘Amethyst’, etc. 
Which part of Prague is best to stay in?
Prague’s vibrant city offers many things to do and see. Areas like Vinohrady, Zizkov, Holesovice, and many more have awesome hotels and popular tourist attractions. 

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