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Your Secret For The Mysterious Evening- Viktor & Rolf Night Vision Perfume

by Kristy

To feel the same experience as the advertisement shows in the men’s perfume ad, then try out Viktor & Rolf spice bomb night vision perfume. It is an oriental perfume made from a blend of spice, woods, and other natural aromatic notes. It is more of a masculine fragrance to give a wave of freshness, sensuality, and intensity. To get the finest fusion of night bomb perfume, one should go for this Viktor & Rolf spicebomb from Flaconi. It is the platform that provides you with the high-rated and most demanding perfumes that are long-lasting and give you positive vibes. Every man craves night vision for the parties and dates they are excited about, and this perfume completes them. 

Let’s Know Some Secret That Night Vision Perfume Holds-

To know the factors that are involved in making this sensual and of-intensity perfume, you can step ahead with the features of the perfume-

What is night vision perfume, and how does it work?

night vision perfume

night vision perfume | oglooks

Going straight with the answer and to push you forward from the dilemma about the night vision perfume, it is a fearless and mystical aroma that personifies the essence of night-time intensity. It comes in different variants and goes well for men to wear for any night event or date. It creates a sense of fierceness with a freshness that is suitable for the night. To get your ideal spicebomb perfume, you can go for the Viktor & Rolf perfume to create the night’s perfect aura and vibe. Made with a blend of alcohol, fragrance of spices, water, benzyl salicylate, linalool, limonene, etc. to make it desired for the men.


If you want the long-lasting effect of the perfume, spray the perfume from a distance of 2 cm from your skin. Try to apply it on the warm areas of the body like wrists, behind earlobes, underarms, neck, and other regions.

Is Night Vision perfume a real product, or is it a fictional concept? 

Night Vision Perfumes

Night Vision Perfumes | oglooks

Yes, Night Vision perfume is a real product, not a fictional concept. It has been made to make the men stand out in public after applying the night vision perfume, especially this Viktor & Rolf spicebomb perfume. You get the vibe and personality of fearlessness, seductive, and full of freshness at the end of the end. It is an explosive fragrance with green freshness, made of black spices to make it long-lasting.

Are there any popular brands that offer night-vision perfumes? 

There are several brands that offer night vision perfumes. The best platform and popular brand from which you can buy this spicebomb perfume is Viktor & Rolf spicebomb perfume from Flaconi. It has an aromatic fragrance with notes of grapefruit, rhubarb, grandmother accord, sage essence, geranium, hops, patchouli etc. They are high-quality spice bomb perfume, which is popular among the many fashion icons and celebrities that you can wear for any night event. They come in two different sizes 50 ml and 90 ml, which is the perfect bottle pack to keep with you.

Benefits Of Using Night Vision Perfumes

There are several benefits of wearing these perfumes whenever you are going out for a party or any event-

  • You will be more confident and attractive. If you have seen the dramatic and fictional advertisement, it is more dramatic and fictional when a man attracts women towards himself by only wearing perfume. 
  • If you wear this perfume you will stand out in public giving an intriguing and impressive image among your guests and friends. 
  • When you wear this perfume for a date night, you can create a romantic and alluring atmosphere around you and your partner. 
  • Not just for the date or parties but this perfume can give you a mysterious touch if you add this to your daily use perfume.

Tips To Choose The Right Night Vision Perfume

Night Vision Perfumes

Night Vision Perfumes | oglooks

There are many personal choices that need to be made when you are buying one for yourself. Let;’s read the tips before you go for night vision perfume shopping-

  • You should always prefer reading the notes of the perfume. There are different types of notes for the perfume that depend upon the occasion you want to wear them.
  • Always test the perfume on your skin and check if it suits your personality as after getting dissolved in skin, it smells different on everyone. Check if it smells good or not. 
  • Always check the occasion when you want to wear the perfume. If you are going out on a date then wear Heart Note perfume, which is more attractive and seducing. 


So if you are looking for a night-appropriate perfume for yourself, you can go with this Viktor & Rolf night vision spicebomb perfume. They are made of high-quality ingredients to make them long-lasting for the whole night. Falconi gives you options and a selection of the perfumes according to the event and gender. The best part about night vision perfume is you can give it to your partner, brother, and friend to make them feel confident, dauntless, and intense. You can also check out the Oglooks for more information about the fragrances.


Is Spicebomb long-lasting?
It is considered by the users that these spicebomb perfumes are long-lasting and can stay up to 9 hours straight. It also depends on the skin’s reaction to the perfume.
Is Spicebomb Night Vision male or female?
Spicebomb night vision perfumes are male perfumes that are specially made for the masculine gender. 
How long does Spicebomb night vision last?
The spicebomb night vision perfume lasts for at least 7-8 hours and also can depend on the skin type of the person.

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