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5 Nail Foils That Are Easy To Apply At Home (With Images!)

by Kristy

Nail foils are a hot trend in nail art, allowing you to take your manicure to the next level. FYI – they are more than just nail accessories; they’re a fun way to express your style and have stunning nails. You can add some extra flair to your nails by using one of the many nail foils available at Flaconi. There are options for everyone, whether your style is more understated and elegant or more striking and bold. Join us as we highlight some pretty options from Flaconi’s collection and share tips on how to apply them for a perfect finish!

1. Top 5 nail foils on Flaconi that are perfect for any occasion

1. Miss sophie pink ombre 

Miss sophie pink ombre | Oglooks

Miss sophie pink ombre | Oglooks

The first nail art to begin with is Miss Sophie’s Pink Ombre Nail Foil. This foil brings an elegant yet playful touch to your nails. The gradient design transitions from light to dark pink, adding a beautiful twist to your manicure. With easy application and a long-lasting shine, it’s perfect for adding style and colour to your nails. Rock these nail foils on any occasion, from casual to formal.

2. Miss sophie coral crush 

Elevate your nail game with Miss Sophie’s Coral Crush Nail Foil. The vibrant coral foil nail designs like this one bring a cheerful and tropical vibe to your nails. It’s an excellent choice for casual or special occasions, and the application is a breeze, ensuring a fresh and lively look. The versatile colour makes it easy to pair a number of outfits with it!

3. Miss sophie eggplant purple 

Miss sophie eggplant purple | Oglooks

Miss sophie eggplant purple | Oglooks

Miss Sophie’s Eggplant Purple Nail Foil on Flaconi offers a classic yet bold look with its deep and regal purple shade. It exudes sophistication and style, making it a fantastic choice for those who appreciate a touch of elegance. Application is easy, and the result is confident and stylish nails.

4. Miss sophie black velvet 

If you’re in the mood for a bit of mystery and drama, try Miss Sophie’s Black Velvet Nail Foil. The sleek and velvety black foil is perfect for creating a sophisticated evening look or making a statement. It’s easy to apply and leaves your nails exuding elegance.

5. Miss sophie poisoned apple 

Miss sophie poisoned apple | Oglooks

Miss sophie poisoned apple | Oglooks

Miss Sophie’s Poisoned Apple Nail Foil combines allure and charm with its deep, captivating red shade. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply want to stand out, this nail foil is a captivating choice. Easy to apply, it offers a touch of magic for your nails.

How to apply nail foil for a perfect finish every time?

Step 1. Nail preparation

It’s essential to prepare your nails properly before applying the nail foils. Start by cleaning your natural nails with a nail polish remover wipe. This step helps remove any residue or oils, ensuring a clean surface for your nail foils. Don’t forget to gently push back and remove any excess cuticles to create a smooth canvas. The fantastic thing about Flaconi’s nail wraps is that they work wonders on natural nails, painted nails, and even Shellac or reinforced gel nails.

Step 2. Choose the right size

Picking the perfect size of nail foil is key to a flawless finish. To ensure a snug fit, select the foil that matches each of your nails. If you’re uncertain about sizing, it’s a handy tip to go for the smaller film or trim it to fit precisely. And here’s a bonus tip: those larger foils? They work wonders for your toenails, so don’t hesitate to use them for a pedicure treat.

Step 3. Apply the foil

Now, it’s time to unleash your creative side. Begin by gently removing the transparent protective film from your selected nail foil. Carefully peel off the foil and position it in the centre of your nail. Leave a small gap on both sides near the cuticle. This space ensures that the foil sticks smoothly without touching the cuticle, giving your manicure a polished look.

Step 4. Smooth it out

To ensure your nail foil adheres perfectly, start by pressing it down at the centre of your nail. Then, work your way around the edges with precision. You may notice some excess foil; no worries! Simply fold it down, and your foil will snugly fit your nail’s shape. This step guarantees that your nail foil is securely in place and ready to shine.

Step 5. Final touches

Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Take a quality glass nail file and file away any excess foil gently. Go from top to bottom for that clean and polished look. Seal the deal with a coat of transparent nail polish, ensuring your nail wrap stays stunning. When it’s time to switch up your style, removal is a breeze – just gently wipe your nails with a nail polish remover wipe. Your nails are now flaunting the perfect finish!


Nail foils can be fun, especially when you have a collection like Flaconi’s at your disposal. Flaconi’s selection offers a range of options, from classic elegance to playful vibrancy, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your personal style. From plain to gold foil nails, there’s a lot to try and experiment with. With simple application and long-lasting results, nail foils from Flaconi are a fantastic addition to your nail care routine. If you want to know more about the trends related to nail foil, manicures, and more, visit OgLooks.

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What's the recommended duration for keeping foils on your nails?
Nail foils are typically left on for about 10-15 minutes, allowing enough time for the design to transfer to your nails.
Why won't my nail foils transfer?
If your nail foils aren’t transferring correctly, make sure you’re applying them on clean, dry nails, and press them firmly onto the nail surface. Additionally, check if the foil is in contact with the adhesive side.
Which side of foil to use for nails?
Use the adhesive side of the nail foil, which is usually the dull or matte side, for applying the design to your nails.

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