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Fabulous Fingertips: Mastering The Art Of Artificial Nails

by Kristy

Long, strong, and beautiful nails don’t always grow naturally. That’s where artificial nails come in. From press-ons to acrylics, these faux fingernail enhancements transform hands. Short nails are lengthened and weak nails are strengthened. With just a quick glue or salon visit for sculpting. Choosing between gels, fibres, plastics or composites. Applied properly, artificial nails look totally natural. Mimicking a healthy manicure with carefree confidence. No more worries over chipping or breaking. 

Artificial nails allow anyone to make a statement with creative colours, designs, and embellishments. The possibilities are endless for customisation. Whether desiring a classic French tip or wild nail art. Artificial nails have evolved from stiff solid forms. They were blending seamlessly into the real nail bed below. Today’s light and flexible options feel comfortable. As technology improves, so does the naturalness. Free to express personal style at the tips of your fingers.

What are artificial nails?

Artificial nails, also known as fake nails, are nail enhancements that augment or extend the length and appearance of natural fingernails. Here are some key points about artificial nails:

  • Made from a variety of materials including acrylic, gel, silk, fibreglass, plastic, and composite blends. Acrylics and gels are the most common types used.
  • Applied by professional nail technicians in salons through sculpting and bonding to the natural nail, or self-applied as pre-made press-on nails.
  • Provide longer, stronger nails that don’t easily chip or break compared to natural nails. They allow for longer lengths and more dramatic shapes.
  • Come in a wide range of styles – solid colours, French manicure tips, glitter, jewels, complex nail art, and more. Offer tons of design options.
  • Need regular fills and maintenance as the natural nail grows out. Typically lasts 2-4 weeks before a refill is needed.
  • Require some prep work like filing and cuticle cleaning to apply properly. Also needs special removal.
  • Help protect thin, weak natural nails prone to splitting and peeling. However improper application or removal can damage the natural nail.

Artificial nails allow anyone to have beautiful-looking nails that would otherwise be difficult to grow naturally. With proper application and care, they can safely extend natural nails temporarily.

Trendy artificial nails on Flaconi

1. Elegant touch bare nails stiletto 

Elegant touch bare nails stiletto 

Elegant touch bare nails stiletto | oglooks

These ultra-long coffin-shaped nails are perfect for making a bold fashion statement. The transparent pink tint gives a natural yet glamorous look. Sculpted into a dramatic stiletto point, they instantly elongate fingers for that eye-catching fierce style. Made with thick plastic for durability.

2. Catrice nail salon in a box click on nails – no. 010 

This convenient kit has everything needed for a salon-worthy manicure at home. It includes glue tabs for quick application of the sturdy click-on nails. Choose from different chic designs like polished pink coffin nails or fierce black stilettos. Shapes and sizes to fit each nail. File, buff, and shine for flawless results.

3. Elegant touch french nails 126 s – pink 

Elegant touch french nails 126 s - pink 

Elegant touch french nails 126 s – pink | oglooks

A pretty classic French artificial nails never goes out of style. These light pink press-on nails have an elegant white frosted tip. Made of flexible plastic for comfortable long-lasting wear, these are easy to apply in minutes with the included adhesive tabs. The perfect finishing touch for interviews, weddings, parties or everyday glam.

4. Catrice dear universe instant manicure – i am self-loving 

Spread positive vibes with this unique nail set. The pale pink coffin-style nails feature encouraging affirmations like “You Glow Girl” and “I Am Enough.” A cheerful reminder to exude confidence and self-love. An uplifting manicure perfect for a motivational Monday.

5. Revolution flawless false nails decadent

Revolution flawless false nails decadent

Revolution flawless false nails decadent | oglooks

Full glam ahead! These lush red stiletto nails dazzle with rows of glistening gold studs and chains. Made of lightweight fibreglass for natural flexibility. Use the included mega-hold glue for secure application. Perfect for holiday parties, concerts, and events requiring show-stopping style.

6. Revolution flawless false nails constellation

Reach for the stars with this stunning navy blue nail set. It is painted with a sparkling holographic finish reminiscent of a night sky and decorated with silver star studs and moon crescent charms. Made of durable yet comfortable plastic, you can use the glue tabs for an easy DIY galactic manicure.

7. Revolution flawless false nails ultra glam 

Go bold and ultra-glam with these statement-making nails. Sleek black coffin nails are embellished with rows of shimmering white pearls and dangling chain fringe. Guaranteed to attract attention, these are made of lightweight flexible fiberglass for long-lasting wear. Includes mega-hold glue for easy application.

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Artificial nails have revolutionsed the manicure. What once required regular salon visits is now DIY. Press-ons allow instant transformation in minutes. While sculpted acrylics and gels perfect the shape. Nail art is limited only by imagination. French tips, glitter, studs, and charms are adorable with ease. Weak nails are strengthened to optimal length. Broken nails camouflaged without a trace. From bare neutrals to wildly ornate options. Artificial nails on Flaconi offer endless creativity at your fingertips. Upgrade natural nails or completely customise. Quick fixes for events or long-lasting wear. The myriad of styles, shapes, and designs. Ushered in a new era of nail freedom. Manicures are made convenient, durable, and fabulously fashionable. Thanks to the possibilities of artificial nails. 

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What are the do's and don'ts for fake nails?
To apply artificial nails, gently file and buff natural nails, apply nail glue, trim and file to fit the shape, use nail oil, fill gaps between natural and fake nails, and consult a professional if using acrylics or gels. Avoid picking at artificial nails, using excessive force when removing, filing off gels or acrylics, not applying on oily or lotion-based nails, and not getting artificial nails wet or submerged in water too soon after application.
How long do artificial nails stay on?
On average, artificial press-on nails can last 5-7 days while acrylics and gels applied by professionals can last 2-3 weeks on average before needing fills.
What are some fun facts about acrylic nails?

Fun acrylic nail facts:

  • Liquid monomer and polymer powder are combined to form acrylic nails.
  • Nail artist Young Nails invented the first acrylic nail system in the 1970s.
  • Acrylics are applied as a liquid and then hardened under UV or LED lamps.
  • You can mix different colours and textures when sculpting acrylic nails.
  • Acrylic nail enhancements can be done on natural nails or nail tips.

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