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Discovering The Charms Of Antalya: Your Guide To Hotels In Antalya

by Kristy

Since antiquated times, sightseers have been intrigued by Antalya, an intriguing gem on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It’s a put-you fair need to visit since it’s a one-of-a-kind combination of antiquated history, sunny shorelines and dynamic culture. Furthermore, it’s crucial to select the ideal lodging when organising your Antalya excursion. In this guide, we’ll unravel the enchanting world of hotels in Antalya, from beachfront resorts to historic boutique gems. Your adventure starts with where you put your head down, and Antalya has a wide range of options to make your stay unique. So let’s visit this beautiful city’s many accommodations and delve into its many attractions.

Factors to consider when choosing hotels in Antalya

When choosing hotels in Antalya, consider a few variables to guarantee your needs meet your desires and preferences. These are the most important things to think about:  

  • Location: Antalya is a versatile city with unique experiences of the historic old town (Kaleiçi), waterfront and modern areas, so it is important to choose a location that suits your travel goals. 
  • Budget: Create a budget to compare Antalya’s various hotels, from affordable hostels to five-star resorts, and make an informed choice.
  • Hotel sort: Select a hotel that matches your interface and get-away fashion, whether they are beach resorts, boutique hotels, or all-inclusive hotels. 
  • Amenities: To ensure a comfortable remain, take into consideration your favoured civilities while selecting a hotel, such as a pool, spa, wellness middle, eateries, and entertainment.
  • Reviews and ratings: Research hotels on review platforms and travel websites to gather insights from previous guests, considering both positive and negative reviews for an informed decision.
  • Accessibility: The hotel’s proximity to key Antalya attractions, such as public transportation, beaches, historical sites, and the city centre, significantly influences your overall experience.
  • Room type: Choose a room type that suits your needs. This may include single rooms, double rooms, suites, or family rooms. Ensure that the hotel can accommodate your group comfortably.
  • Special requirements: It is crucial to let the hotel know about any specific needs, such as accessibility needs or a preference for non-smoking rooms, to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable stay.
  • Cuisine: Research the hotel’s restaurants and meal plans to ensure an authentic dining experience in Antalya, known for its delicious Turkish cuisine.
  • Cancellation policies: Familiarise yourself with the hotel’s cancellation policies and booking terms. Knowing the terms and conditions will be useful in case your plans change.
  • Safety and security: Choose hotels with adequate safety measures and consider the neighborhood’s overall safety.
  • Local culture: Choose a hotel that showcases Antalya’s heritage and traditions to fully immerse yourself in the city’s unique character.

By considering these factors, you can choose the ideal hotel in Antalya that aligns with your preferences and ensures a memorable and comfortable stay in this captivating city.

Best hotels in Antalya for your staycation

1. Wise Hotel Spa 

Wise Hotel Spa 

Wise Hotel Spa | oglooks

Wise Hotel Spa in Antalya offers a serene escape for adults seeking relaxation. This boutique gem blends modern comfort with a soothing spa experience, offering elegantly appointed rooms, spa treatments, and delectable cuisine. Located near the Mediterranean coastline, it’s an unforgettable adult-only retreat where luxury and serenity converge.

2. Grand Park Lara 

Grand Park Lara is an all-inclusive resort in Antalya, offering a prime beachfront location and a range of amenities. It features water slides, pools, a spa, a wellness centre, and a spa for relaxation. The resort offers international cuisine, and entertainment options, and is conveniently located near Lara Beach, making it a comprehensive holiday experience.

3. Prime Hotel 

Prime Hotel 

Prime Hotel | oglooks

Prime Hotel in Antalya offers contemporary comfort and Turkish hospitality, providing stylish accommodations and a central location for exploring the city’s vibrant culture. The hotel offers a gateway to Antalya’s rich heritage and modern charm, offering easy access to the historic Old Town and nearby restaurants.

4. Falcon Hotel

Falcon Hotel in Antalya provides a welcoming retreat with comfortable rooms and amenities. The Antalya Aquarium and MiniCity are also close by, and guests may relax by the pool or savour Turkish cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant. The hotel is a home away from home because it provides a comfortable stay in a convenient setting.

5. Lara Dinc Hotel 

Lara Dinc Hotel

Lara Dinc Hotel | oglooks


Lara Dinc Hotel in Antalya offers a cosy, relaxing stay with comfortable accommodations. Located near Lara Beach, guests can enjoy the sea and sun, explore local markets, and enjoy Turkish flavours. The hotel embodies the essence of a tranquil coastal retreat, providing a perfect getaway for travellers.

6. Club Hotel Sera 

In Antalya, Club Hotel Sera provides an all-inclusive experience with a range of amenities like swimming pools, water slides, sports fields, and entertainment. Offering an array of international cuisine, spacious rooms, and a lively ambience, it appeals to families, couples, and lone travellers. There are countless options available at this all-inclusive getaway.


Antalya’s hotels offer a diverse range of experiences, from beachfront resorts to boutique accommodations and centrally located gems. Your lodging decision will have a significant impact on your trip because of the Mediterranean waves and the city’s history. Hotels in Antalya are ready to welcome you in their warm embrace and make your stay as extraordinary as the place you’re going to. Your trip to Antalya will be exceptional because of the city’s charm, which begins the minute you obtain the key to your hotel room. You can also visit the official site of OG looks for more information on hotels in Antalya.


What is the average cost of a hotel room in Antalya?
The typical cost of a hotel room in Antalya may vary significantly depending on the type of hotel, where it is located, and the time of year you want to travel. In general, a wide variety of housing options are offered, from modest lodging that may start at roughly €30 to €50 per night to magnificent resorts that may cost €100 to €300 or more per night.
Are there budget-friendly hotels in Antalya?
Yes, there are budget-friendly hotels in Antalya that cater to travellers seeking more economical options. These hotels offer comfortable and clean accommodations at lower price points.
What are the top luxury hotels in Antalya?
Antalya is home to several top luxury hotels, including the Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort, Mardan Palace, and Rixos Premium Belek, offering opulent experiences with private beaches, gourmet dining, and spa facilities, making them ideal for travellers seeking the utmost in luxury.

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