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A Seamless Comfortable Experience with These Rugby Shirts For Men

by Kristy

Winter is just around the corner, and many of you might be preparing to buy new winter clothes. You would want to upgrade your wardrobe collection without having to spend much. FatFace not only has a new classic collection of rugby shirts but also has many discounts that you can look forward to. Rugby shirts are making a comeback not only as a sports clothing but also as stylish everyday wear. FatFace’s collection of rugby shirts is an excellent choice for a comfortable winter experience.

Why are Rugby Shirts Trending?

Rugby shirts are not designed to be worn during a rugby game. These shirts were inspired by the sport’s jersey and are made similar to that. They are made of heavier cotton materials and are thus good to be worn during winter. These shirts are super casual to wear with their 100% cotton material keeping you warm and comfortable throughout winter.

But are they trending? Yes, they are trending and you can wear these as a casual wear or even as a work outfit. Every rugby shirt has a unique design that makes men look stylish. Different stripe lines, different pattern designs, long sleeves and short sleeves designs, and blended colours on the shirts all add to a fashionable wear experience.

Top 5 Choices of Rugby Shirts for Men

1. Long Sleeve stripe Rugby Shirt

Long Sleeve stripe Rugby Shirt

Long Sleeve stripe Rugby Shirt | Oglooks

This Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Shirt for men is made from heavier-weight cotton that keeps your skin warmer. It can withstand the daily rigorous wear. This special edition shirt features a contrasting collar and is not only idealistic but also fashionable. The long sleeves of the shirt fully cover your arms and the stretchable sleeve ends fit your wrist well, keeping the cold wind from entering your skin.

This shirt has been stitched tightly and it has an amazing embroidery style. It’s perfect for layering up with leather jackets. If you need a new shirt this season, then you cannot go wrong with this one.

2. Wales Nation Rugby Shirt

Having a decent shirt in your wardrobe collection always keeps you ready for any outdoor event in winter. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, the Wales Nation Rugby Shirt is going to be an unforgettable purchase. The shirt promises to keep you warm, stylish, and comfortable, and the heavy cotton material is highly durable.

You can wear it during a family dinner, for your office, while running errands or even while casually lounging around in your house. Since the shirt is neither too tight nor too loose, you can consider layering the shirt with winter jackets as well. Prevent washing it with warm water to make its red colour look fresh.

3. England Nation Rugby Shirt

England Nation Rugby Shirt

England Nation Rugby Shirt | Oglooks

This is one of the new trending rugby shirts for men. What separates this shirt from the other rugby shirts is the sportive design of the shirt. The infusion of three different colours- black, white, and red- gives it a sweet refreshing look. If you are looking forward to wearing a nice shirt for a dinner date, a family gathering, or a Christmas Eve dinner, why not go with the England Nation Rugby Shirt?

Its high-quality material is not only comfortable on your skin but also makes you look elegant. The shirt will also provide you with a perfect soothing experience. If you are not shopping for this for yourself, then make sure to send it as a gift to your friends or loved ones. The shirt is a genuine expression of love and appreciation.

4. Ireland Rugby Shirt

Looking for a new collection of shirts for daily wear? Adding the Ireland Rugby Shirt is going to save you a ton of money. It’s suitable to wear while you are going to the office, college or school. You can also wear it outside or at family dinners. The perfect blending of its colours gives a fresh look to you. Unless you are wearing it under extremely cold weather, try to wear it without any additional layers.

It’s never difficult to keep your style enduring when you have the right pair of winter shirts to wear. Both for daily wear and for occasion wear, this shirt will simply do the magic.

5. Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Sweatshirt

Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Sweatshirt

Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Sweatshirt | Oglooks

This Long Sleeve Stripe Rugby Sweatshirt is one of the few shirts for men that stay timeless. Whether you are keen on trending shirts or not, you can still enjoy the luxurious look it brings. Made with high-quality material, it will keep you warm on different winter days. In case of extremely cold weather, you can pair an extra T-shirt underneath and a nice leather jacket for outer layering.

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Rugby shirts for men are not only very comfortable everyday wear, but they are also highly affordable. You can pair rugby shirts with a pair of jeans or khaki pants for a casual look, or don a denim jacket with it for an office look. FatFace brings you many seasonal offers on rugby shirts that you don’t want to miss out on. To get a more affordable shopping experience on other products, you can check out the official website of FatFace or visit Oglooks.


Why are rugby shirts called by the name rugby?
The rugby game originally inspired them. Rugby players had jerseys with white button-down shirts, white trousers, and bow ties, which had a huge impact on the design of the casual rugby shirts.
How is a rugby shirt supposed to fit?
A rugby shirt is effortless to wear because it’s neither too tight nor too loose. A rugby shirt is embroidered and because of it, it could easily fit other t-shirts underneath without feeling congested.
Can rugby shirts be worn during summer?
Unless you want to experience excessive sweating, try to avoid wearing it in summer. They are mainly designed to be worn in winter. This is because the heavy cotton material design does not make them suitable to wear in summer.

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