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Your Winter Is Incomplete Without These Mens Socks

by Kristy

Being an essential part of our daily life, socks are the most underrated accessories in men’s wardrobe. The most basic but utmost important thing to wear with your shoes are mens socks. You cannot forget these pairs of clothing for any type of shoes, whether it is for a winter, sports activity or for office wear. To get the best quality of socks for men, FatFace provides high-quality socks for those in need. You can add different types of socks like stripe socks, printed socks, ankle socks, etc. Check this blog out for all the relevant and important information on mens socks you might be looking for. 

1. Types Of Mens Socks You Can Prefer Buying-

With every shoe, you need a pair of socks. So, here are some recommendations of mens socks that might help you figure out what you want to wear on your feet. 

1. Fluffy Stripe Mens Socks

Fluffy Stripe Mens Socks | Oglooks

Fluffy Stripe Mens Socks | Oglooks

Stripe socks are the most demanding socks for men and even women. Winter is just a month away and you should stock up your winter collection. Do not not forget to buy mens socks from FatFace for a comfortable, warm, and cosy feel. Like these polyester socks that are fluffy, supersoft, and provide a luxurious feel during winter. 

2. Land Rover Socks in a Box (Pack Of 2)

Comes in two colour variants, these mens socks are an exclusive collection of FatFace from Land Rover Range. They come in a pack of 2 that are supersoft, cotton blend socks, and have attractive packaged boxes for gifting purpose. These are made by keeping in mind the interest of car enthusiasts or who love to have many socks in their collection. 

3. Fluffy Snowmen Mens Socks

Fluffy Snowmen Mens Socks | Oglooks

Fluffy Snowmen Mens Socks | Oglooks

These Fluffy Snowmen Socks will keep you warm on the coldest night of winter. You will feel snug while wearing them and have a cosy experience. These socks are made of 95% polyester and are extrasoft for cold weather and the lowest temperatures. FatFace is famous for its wide range of socks collection for those who love to collect socks and need a fresh piece for the winter. 

4. Neppy Bed Mens Socks 

If you got bored from those regular long socks, then these ankle rise mens socks from FatFace can be an ideal choice. With a beautiful navy blue colour, it is made of 51% acrylic, 25% polyamide, 16% wool, 8% cotton and with the lining of 100% polyester. For a comforting night, sitting under your cosy quilt and a cup of hot chocolate, wear these socks to add extra warmth to your feet. 

5. Twist Yarn Bed Mens Socks

Twist Yarn Bed Mens Socks | Oglooks

Twist Yarn Bed Mens Socks | Oglooks

With these Twist Yarn Bed Mens Socks, you will feel nostalgic about how your grandmother used to knit woollen socks for you. These ankle length yarn socks will remind you of your beautiful memories with winters. It comes in two vintage colours- mustard and brown, and you can add your favourite colour to your shopping cart. 

2. Importance Of Mens Socks-

Many men resist wearing socks with shoes on a daily basis or forget to wear socks when they are in a hurry to visit somewhere. There are certain types of shoes, like loafers, for which people think they do not need socks. Now to clear this delusion from your mind, we have some valid reasons why you should wear socks-

1. For Comfort and Protection

Comfort is really necessary when we want to walk around the park or go for a daily jog. Mens socks here are a crucial accessory that is needed to be worn with your shoes. It protects our feet from getting any type of foot injury, prevents friction, and also avoids shoe bites. 

2. Prevents From Blister

The common problem that everyone suffers with their new pair of shoes is foot blisters. This is the reason why it is important to wear socks with your shoes, as they will reduce the direct friction between skin and shoes and your feet will feel comfortable during any activity. 

3. To Give Warm and Sweat-Free Feel

Our feet feel sweaty when we don’t wear socks with our shoes and this should not happen if you want to have good feet. But somewhat we neglect this situation and this can be dangerous for us as wetness due to sweat can cause fungal infection and other sensations too. So to prevent these issues, mens socks are a necessary accessory to pair with your shoes. They also keep you warm in the winter season to give your feet a cosy and dry feel. 

4. Improves Foot Health and Prevents Injury

Wearing mens socks can maintain the health of the feet by keeping safe from sweat, reducing risk of fungal infection, and also other foot problems. Sometimes shoes can be discomforting that can cause injury to our feet. Thus, it becomes very important to wear socks along with all shoes. 

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Not just for the winters, you should be wearing socks every time you wear your shoes. There are multiple varieties of mens socks that are available for your everyday wear, special events, particular shoes, and also for winters.  FatFace comes up with the style-appropriate socks for you. They have a wide collection with beautiful prints, soft, and fluffy quality, and under an affordable range. You can easily find the desired pair for yourself. Also to know more about the socks and what importance they have, you can go with Oglooks and find ideas for yourself.

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What style of socks should men wear?
Men can wear socks that are more of a crew and trouser style which might look good on all types of shoes.
Why do we need socks for men?
As socks prevent friction and act as a moisture barrier for the feet, they are an important part of men’s wardrobe. They protect the feet from blisters and any fungal infection and maintain the health of the feet.
When should men wear socks?
Going for a party, corporate event, or for a physical activity, it is important to wear socks every time. It is extremely unhygienic, unhealthy, and pretty unstylish to not wear socks along with shoes.

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