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What Are The Latest Crochet Dress Trends And Their Styling Tips?

by Kristy

Crochet is the art of weaving clothes and some artistic designs, and also they can be created into beautiful crochet dresses. To add a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, go for the crochet dresses. Now when we see our favorite celebs wearing these crochet dresses, we urge to get the same for our beach day out. So to satisfy the demand for beautiful dresses, the Vici Collection has brought several exclusive and selective majestic dresses that you can choose accordingly. 

Here we bring some adorable and lo-fi crochet dresses as per your love and desire-

Best crochet dresses you can add to your collection

1. Copacabana Beach Crochet Knit Midi Dress-Hot Pink

Copacabana Beach Crochet Knit Midi Dress-Hot Pink

Copacabana Beach Crochet Knit Midi Dress-Hot Pink | oglooks

Get all mood set for the party with your girl gang or for the date night with this Copacabana Beach crochet-knit midi dress in hot pink color. The beautiful midi-length dress has a scoop neckline and even a bodycon pattern to flatter the body. You can accessorize a neck chain and even white boots will look absolutely gorgeous. You can experiment with these crochet dresses according to your desire. 

2. Vivien Crochet Fringe Hem Sheer Midi Dress-Black

Suppose you are planning to visit Greece for your upcoming vacation, and you need an outfit complementing the destination and its beautiful beaches. To flaunt your swimwear and also to walk around freely in the city, you can go for these sheer crochet dresses. To enhance your beauty, the Vici collection has brought this dress with this versatile black color. The sheer design with a tassel in the bottom is just chic and looks flaunting on the body. Add a jute bag to keep your sunscreen and your favorite pair of glare to complete the look.

3. Always The One Crochet Lace Tiered Mini Dress

If you are also sitting in your workplace and dreaming of the beachy place, did you even give a thought to the dress? Now at this point, you want something which is lightweight and comfortable under the scorching sun. Then this lace-tiered crochet dress is the best for your everyday attire. The baby pink color, finely woven crochet design, and also the three-tiered layers, are just adorable. The V-neckline gives a longer effect to the body adding symmetry to the dress.  Go with your regular white shoes or choose high heels, both will flatter your look on a summery day. 

4. Crochet Knit Cover Up Mini Dress

Pool parties are the finest place where you can enjoy the water, booze, and impeccable;e music to groove on. To choose something which is appropriate to wear according to the theme are crochet dresses. You can go with this halter neck, sheer midi crochet dress is what you can go for. The vibrant pink color and finely designed crochet art will reflect the beauty and will let you enjoy your party to the fullest. Wear your favorite bikini underneath and you are all set for the pool party. 

5. Mermaid Look Crochet Dress

To walk around the beaches and enjoy the dawn, this crochet dress in a mermaid look is the best attire one can prefer. This dress from the Vici collection is the ideal dress to take pictures of the sunrise. The vibrant blue and green color will complement the color of the dawn and you will come up absolutely magical and dreamy. Do add this dress to your wardrobe before visiting any beachy or sandy location.

6. Olive Green Bell Sleeved Crochet Dress

Olive Green Bell Sleeved Crochet Dress

Olive Green Bell Sleeved Crochet Dress | oglooks

The underrated crochet dresses are usually meant for beachy locations or pool parties, but now with this olive green crochet dress, you can flaunt any party. The perfect A-line, mid-length, and beautifully crafted bell sleeves are just good to go for every occasion. Add a jute bag, and high nude heels to walk passionately, and don’t forget your goggles to protect from sun rays.

Cotton Blend Crochet Knit Midi Dress


The square-shaped neckline and the subtle beige color of this crochet dress are perfect when you are planning to go out for a date night. You can wear this dress and go out for a date and at the beachy night party. Add slippers or sliders beneath and you are all set to move out. Beautifully crafted with the crochet design, this dress has full sleeves which makes it more comfortable for those who don’t want to show off their hands.


Now when you have multiple options of crochet dresses on Vici Collection to add to your wardrobe, you can even read out the ideas to style them variously. These dresses are exclusively available on the Vici collection which is the impeccable platform to shop for your dresses, shirts, leggings, shoes, and other wearable accessories. Also for further information regarding how these dresses are draped or worn differently with accessories visit OGlooks. Next time get your favorite crochet dresses that you dreamed of and flaunt during your vacation to your favorite destination.  


Are crochet dresses comfortable?
Being lightweight fabric, crochet dresses are the most comfortable and breathable dresses for the summer. 
What do you need to crochet a dress?
You need skills to weave with patterns and using the needles in the right way is important for a Crochet dress. You also have to practice with basic learning. 
Why wear crochet clothes?
To make your swimwear look more elegant, you can cover it with a contrast-colored crochet dress.

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