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Makeup Brushes: Affordable Brushes That Are Just as Good as the Expensive Ones

by Kristy

Irrespective of whether you are new to a makeup routine or a frequent makeup user, having nice makeup brushes makes all the difference. You cannot just pick any random makeup brush and do away with a perfect makeup look. It’s essential to have a nice combination of makeup brushes to achieve the perfection you need. 

Many a time girls who are new to makeup routines do not see any importance in having a good quality makeup brush. So they just adjust to what they find in the market. In addition, some girls are also clueless about the different types of makeup brushes and how they are used. In this blog, we will go through the best makeup brushes and how they make a difference. 

Quality makeup brushes for perfecting your look

High-quality brushes are the rightful choice for many reasons. Facial skin is sensitive and that is why they also need better-enhancing tools that will not only do the job of makeup routine but treat your skin better. A good brush is often soft and gentle on your skin, which further prevents skin irritation. Low-quality brush will often be rough and scratchy which is not good for any skin type. 

The second thing is that a good makeup brush will save you money in the long run. This is because they last longer. The low-quality brushes easily break off over time and cannot handle regular wear and tear. 

Last but not least, a good quality brush will make all the difference in helping you achieve perfect makeup look. So, make sure you invest in quality makeup brushes.

High quality makeup brushes you must consider buying for flawless look

Now you know that it’s essential to have a good makeup brush, the next thing to do is make a purchase. Here are some of the best makeup brushes that will refine your makeup routine and treat your skin better. 

1. 104 Foundation Buffer 

104 Foundation Buffer 

104 Foundation Buffer | Oglooks

The foundation buffer completes the flawless makeup result that you are looking for. This is for those women and girls who are looking for soft application results. This ensures that you get a nice foundation application around your face without causing any irritation to your skin. It also evenly distributes the foundation around your cheeks. Furthermore, it is suitable to use with different types of foundations like liquid, cream, or powder. Use a small amount of foundation to your brush and apply in circular motions to get the desired result.

2. 106 Powder Brush 

Define the way you apply the powder to your face with the Zoeva Power brush. This makes the application of any type of powder effortless. Getting the desired coverage your face needs with the powder. You can also apply the pressed and loose powder to get a natural look without looking tacky. This highly crafted brush refines the way you treat your face with the makeup powder. 

For an effective result, blend the powder product over the areas of your face and gently stroke with a brush. For foundation powder dab the product with the brush by gently tapping and gently wiping to get your face evenly covered. The 106 Powder brush is perfect to use on a daily basis and is also great for a professional makeup artist.

3. 103 Detail Foundation Brush 

103 Detail Foundation Brush 

103 Detail Foundation Brush | Oglooks

For those who are looking for perfection with the makeup routine the 103 Detail Foundation Brush is a remarkable foundation brush. This makeup tool gives a streak-free result. The brush is well-angled and tightly bound, and the flat brush tip makes all the difference when applying different types of foundation. It also adapts to the contours of your face and creates an evenly formation around your face. Made from pure synthetic hair material that will retain its essence for years while not compromising the desired result. 

For a better result apply the concealer or foundation on the brush and gently stroke the brush on the face. Tap the brush evenly to get the desired formation. The brush is suitable for personal use and for a professional makeup artist.

4. 317 Eyeliner Brush

If you have ever wondered how some people get the perfect eyeliner then here is the trick, use the good-quality eyeliner brush. The 317 Eyeliner Brush is to give the desired natural eyeliner look that you need. This is a must-buy eyeliner brush if you are looking for perfect precision along the lash line and for drawing stable wing liners with ease. Made from highly synthetic hair the eyeliner brush will last years retaining the same quality results. 

Get a better result by applying the products along the lash line to get natural eyeliner, and gently draw the short and precise strokes to get a striking look. Follow the same precision with the different types of eyeliners; gel, powder, and liquid.


There is a more variety of makeup brushes on flaconi. If you need high quality makeup brushes, flaconi brings the top collection of makeup tools. 

If you are a professional makeup artist then you have come to the right place where it’s time to replace your old makeup tools with new quality makeup tools; at affordable prices. 

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How do I know what is the right makeup brush for me?

While buying a makeup brush look for these features:

Good quality brush
Look for the density of the hair brush and thinness
Look for the synthetic hair brush

Does it matter what makeup brush I use?
Yes, it definitely matters what makeup brush you are using. After all, you are looking for a desired result and a tool to apply makeup to your face.
How often should I replace makeup brushes?
Unless the makeup brushes break off or are worn out, it is not necessary to replace them frequently. The good quality brushes last for years and also retain the makeup result. However, bad ones will have to be replaced frequently. 

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