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How to Make your Nose Look Smaller

by Kristy

More people are looking for a solution to make their nose look smaller due to the growth of social media. The Internet comes to your aid right away, providing a variety of treatments, videos, and instructions that claim to reduce the size of your nose naturally using exercise, toothpaste, ice, and other DIY techniques. However, to clearly state which approaches are worth trying and which are unlikely to yield the desired results, we choose to discuss all of these approaches.

People want to alter their noses in several ways. Some people find the overall size excessive, while others are bothered by the tip’s form and width. The techniques covered in the article can help with some of these problems. Still, rhinoplasty is the only proven procedure for permanently correcting all of these anomalies to make your nose look smaller.

How to get a smaller nose Naturally?

Ahead are some home remedies that guarantee to make your nose look smaller.

1. Exercises

Exercises to make your nose look smaller

Exercises to make your nose look smaller | Oglooks

There is still much controversy about the claim that performing facial exercises can modify the size of your nose. Some people firmly believe that performing specific exercises repeatedly or maintaining specific facial expressions might provide long-lasting results. They won’t, in actuality. The explanation is straightforward: a tiny layer of skin covers the cartilage that makes up your nose. Despite how often you repeat an action, cartilage cannot be molded by exercise as muscles can. Even DIY facial molds that you can use to alter your nose are available. We would advise against using them because they have no scientific basis for their efficacy and, in some instances, may even be dangerous.

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2. Ice

Ice to make your nose look smaller

Ice to make your nose look smaller | Oglooks

The idea that you can reduce your nose size with ice has some validity. Applying ice to your nose might help quickly make your nose look smaller and return to its natural size and shape in the case of traumatic swelling and enlargement of the nose. Ice can only be applied as a temporary fix after a trauma that has caused swelling of the tissues in and around your nose, as it will not alter the usual size of the cartilage and bones.

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste to make your nose look smaller

Toothpaste to make your nose look smaller | Oglooks

Another treatment is toothpaste, which can also be combined with anti-inflammatory substances like apple cider vinegar, garlic, and ginger. Similar to the ice treatment above, these may have a slight effect on swelling reduction and help you regain your normal nose size after an injury or significant blow, but they won’t change the nose’s bone or cartilage structure to make your nose look smaller.

How to make your nose smaller overnight?

If you need quick modification, contouring with makeup is an easy way to make your nose look smaller or narrower. You can watch several videos online showing how to contour your nose in detail. The main steps involve

  • Application of foundation or concealer on your nose sides using a shade that best matches your skin tone,
  • Blending the concealer using a sponge to get its smooth finish everywhere. You can also apply matte setting powder over it.
  • Drawing two lines down the nose sides using 2 shades darker bronzer than your skin tone. Ore closer the lines, the narrower look you will get.
  • Smoothening the lines using the blender until it naturally makes your nose look smaller and get a slim nose from the shadows and highlights.

1. Non-Surgical Methods

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are frequently used in nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures. You can do this short procedure in around 15-20 minutes, which allows you to finish it during your lunch break. Results from this brief approach typically last three to six months. The filler that is injected can balance out more minor imperfections like lumps and asymmetries. The most often utilized brand is Juvederm. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty, also known as a “liquid nose job,” is a quicker and less expensive cosmetic technique than rhinoplasty surgery, but the results are only temporary and the difference is considerably less noticeable.

2. Surgical Nose Reduction

Surgical Nose Reduction

Surgical Nose Reduction | Oglooks

In recent years, rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, has grown in popularity. Depending on the degree of correction needed and your particular preferences, this surgery may be performed in the clinic under local anesthesia, or it may require a general anesthetic. The average time for the treatment is about 45 minutes, however more complicated rhinoplasty procedures could take up to two hours. A sagging nose, a boxer’s bridge (a more rounded appearance), an uneven or rough nasal tip, and a smaller overall nose size are some problems that rhinoplasty can correct. Any ugly hump that may be present may also be diminished by the operation. Open and closed rhinoplasty are the two primary variations.

3. Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty | Oglooks

In closed rhinoplasty, the patient is awake during the procedure. As there are no incisions required on the outside of the nose and there is less postoperative discomfort, it is regarded as being less intrusive. The procedure, which is carried out through the nostrils, can be used to reduce the size of the nasal bones and cartilage as well as to address many different types of tip irregularities. This approach is the favored one and has already treated hundreds of happy patients.

Open Rhinoplasty

Usually used when a surgeon has to access areas of the nose’s structure that cannot be accessed through the nostrils, this approach is adopted. It involves incisions outside the nose that enable the surgeon to lift the skin and reveal the nasal skeleton. In the case of more complicated secondary and reconstructive procedures, open rhinoplasty is used. Also, there will be some little skin scarring after the procedure, but these will eventually go away. The recovery period will be longer in this case, than in the case of closed rhinoplasty.


The article covers the approaches that can be helpful to make your nose look smaller. You can employ clever makeup tricks to help cover up the size of your nose. Non-surgical rhinoplasty provides a short-term option to make your nose look smaller. Consider having surgery to get the nose thinning you want if you want results that will last. For more information on how to make your nose look smaller, visit the official website of Oglooks.


How can I make my nose look smaller naturally?
You can opt for contouring with makeup by applying two shades darker on the nose sides and blending it or a smooth look if you want instant results. Otherwise, you can go for surgical nose reduction.
How can I hide my big nose?
Start by washing your face. Put some toner on. Use your preferred foundation to cover your face. Apply foundation on the sides of your nose (to conceal a wide nose) or the tip of your nose using a shade darker than your regular makeup (to cover a long nose).
Can nose size be decreased?
By breaking and relocating the bone, your surgeon can narrow the nose by reducing its width. To alter the shape of a “flat” bridge or tip, surgeons can utilize bone, cartilage, or an implant. 

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