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Check Out These Makeup Brush Set From Beginners To Masters

by Kristy

Conquering the world of cosmetic brushes may be as challenging as decoding hieroglyphics. Foundation, blush, and eyeshadow each appear to require their mysterious instrument, leaving you thinking “Where do I even begin?” but do not worry, cosmetics experts and newbies alike! This article will throw light on the crucial brushes in your arsenal, allowing you to confidently create immaculate looks. LOOKFANTASTIC has the best makeup brush set for all. In this blog, you will learn different types of brushes for your use and how you can use them as a beginner or master of makeup.

Let’s learn about various types of best makeup brush set

Here’s Different Types of Makeup Brush Set

1. Foundation brushes

There are different types of foundation brushes and they are as follows:

  • Flat foundation brush: this versatile tool applies and mixes liquid or cream foundation evenly, creating a streak-free, airbrushed look.
  • Buffing brush: ideal for powder foundations, its thick bristles buff and blend for a natural glossy finish.

2. Eye brushes

Eye brushes are of different types and you can see them here:

  • Eyeshadow blending brush: this fluffy brush softens harsh lines and mixes eyeshadow seamlessly, resulting in smooth transitions and smokey depths.
  • Angled liner brush: whether you are a master at winged eyeliner or a fan of graphic design, this brush is ideal for making precise lines.
  • Shader brush: using this medium-sized brush, apply and blend eyeshadow across your lids for a stunning colour finish.

3. Face brushes

If you are looking for face brushes, then you can these brushes:

  • Powder brush: apply loose powder or bronze with this fluffy brush for a light, airbrushed finish.
  • Angles blush brush: this angled brush follows the contours of your cheeks, shaping and depositing blush with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Fan brush: for a flawless finish, gently sweep away fallout from eyeshadow or highlighter with this delicate, feathery brush.

Makeup Brush Set for Your Flawless Makeup

With LOOKFANTASTIC, you can check out different and various cosmetic makeup brush sets. Here are a few options:

1. Nanshy The Eye Brush Set-Onyx Black

Nanshy The Eye Brush Set-Onyx Black

Nanshy The Eye Brush Set-Onyx Black | Oglooks

With Nanshy’s Onyx Black Eye Brush set, you can’t completely transform your eye makeup regimen. This stylish collection of creativity tools combines elegance and accuracy. Each Onyx Black handle provides professional application, similar to a painter’s brushstroke, while the cruelty-free bristles sculpt and define with ease. Dive into the realm of creation with these brushes, specially designed for the modern muse. Elevate your eye game with Nanshy’s ideal combination of refinement and practicality, as she guides you on a trip where every stroke becomes a masterpiece. The Onyx Black Eye Brush Set is where beauty meets creativity.

2. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials

With the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials package, you can elevate your beauty regimen to new heights. These finely created brushes, like the multifunctional Buffing Brush and the wonderful Miracle Complexion Sponge, will help you archive immaculate applications. Whether you are sculpting, blending, or highlighting, this kit is your path to beauty perfection. Improve your makeup game with brushes that seem like a stroke of genius, making each application a piece of beauty.

3. Real Techniques Insta Artist Brush Set

Real Techniques Insta Artist Brush Set

Real Techniques Insta Artist Brush Set | Oglooks

Forget paintbrushes and welcome creativity! The Real Techniques Insta Artist Brush Set is more than simply cosmetic brushes it’s an invitation to channel your inner Picasso. Each brush is a stroke of genius that glides across your face, blending and sculpting like a dream. The kit alters your routine with all types of brushes like contour, highlights, and foundation. So you don’t have to worry about the different makeup products and how to apply them to your face. So forsake the usual and embrace the extraordinary, and let the Real Techniques Insta artist brush Set transport you to a world of beauty, one faultless stroke at a time.

4. Real Techniques Brow Styling Set

With these Real Techniques Brow styling sets, you can achieve perfectly shaped brows. This kit is a beauty armoury that includes precise tools like the angled tweezer for shaping, the detailing tweezer for fine lining, and a mini brow brush for easy blending. These tools are expertly crafted and ergonomically designed to ensure flawless arches. Make your brow routine an art form by producing crisp definition and natural fullness. Dive into the realm of brow style with the set that combines creativity and refinement, bringing each stroke one step closer to brow perfection.

5. So Eco Eye Kit

So Eco Eye Kit

So Eco Eye Kit | Oglooks

The So Eco Eye Kit allows you to unleash your inner artist! This eco-friendly set includes five expertly designed brushes that combine sustainable bamboo handles with cruelty-free bristles, improving your eye game with accuracy and conscience. From sensual smokes to vibrant colours, this package is your ticket to cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty. Accept the craftsmanship of So Eco, where elegance meets sustainability.


With this understanding and knowledge, you now know how you can use the makeup brush set, the types of brushes for the different products on your face, and also brushes from LOOKFANTASTIC. It is the platform from where you can find out all types of makeup products and the tools you can use to embrace the transformational power of these cosmetic products and watch your artistry flourish with every stroke. So go ahead and create your masterpiece and remember that in this blog, you can get the information about the brushes you can buy from the options. For more makeup brush set information, you can check out Oglooks!


How many brushes should you have for makeup?
A basic makeup brush set usually comprises the following brushes, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, and blush brush. Depending on personal tastes, additional brushes for specialized tasks like blending, contouring, or detailing might be added.
What kind of makeup brushes do I need?

The basic makeup brushes that you need are as follows:

-Foundation brush

-Eyeshadow brush

-Blush brush

-Concealer brush

-Blending brush

-Pencil brush

How long do good makeup brushes last?
With appropriate care and regular cleaning, good makeup brushes may endure for years. However, their lifespan may differ based on the frequency of usage and the quality of the brushes.

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