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Cozy Winters: A Look at the Top 5 Electric Blankets for Comfort

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Top 5 Electric Blanket by The Range 

Have you ever felt cold without a blanket and hot inside the blanket? And then feel like there should be a control unit to increase or decrease the amount of heat as and when required. Then, the electric blanket is the product that you are looking for.  

An electric blanket is a blanket that comprises merged electrical heating wires. Its types include under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. An electric under-blanket is positioned above the mattress and below the bottom bed sheet. The electric over-blanket is placed above the top bed. It contains a control unit that is used to adjust the amount of heat as per the requirement.  The electric blanket comes in various sizes. You can opt for one according to your bed size.  

The Range has brought you an electric blanket with various features and prices. Let’s have a look at some of the best collections of blankets from The Range

Best Electric Blanket by The Range 

An electric blanket is an attainable personal heating system. It aims to offer individual thermal solace at a reasonable cost. 

1. Homefront Electric Heated Throw Over Blanket

Electric Heated

Electric Heated | oglooks

Relinquished in pure luxury with this premium electric heated throw over-blanket with a super soft and stylish texture. A King size electric blanket– it is just the thing for those cold evenings when you want to just snuggle up on the sofa or settle down in bed for the night. One of the most advanced heated blankets on the market with nine heat settings and nine timer settings for you to choose from along with an ultra-fast 15-minute heat-up time and a user-friendly, digital, detachable control. It can be washed on a machine and contains over-heat safety features. It is 160 cm in length and 120 cm in width and is instructed to wash at 40°C.  

2. GlamHaus Heated Throw Electric Fleece Over Blanket 

Use it on your bed as a blanket or snuggle up on the sofa and wrap yourself with the luxury wool on one side or choose the velvety soft material on the other. The Glam Haus blanket allows you to dwell under total supervision as it presents you with six different heat settings to choose from and 9-hour timer settings. The controller is easily detachable, and hence the luxury throw can be machine washed. With its advanced built-in overheat safety protection system, which will be enabled from the very first time you switch the product on, this is a must-buy product today. It is 160 cm in length and 130 cm in width and is a double electric blanket with two control units at the corners. 

3. Beurer UE0335 Ecologic Single-Heated Underblanket

Beurer UE0335

Beurer UE0335 | oglooks

The Beurer UE0335 Ecologic Single Under Heated Blanket is a single electric blanket, a perfect purchase for a single bed. Whenever you need a bit of warmth on those colder evenings and nights, just wrap yourself with the Beurer UE0335. It has features of 3 illuminated temperature settings and a separable control unit to make it function even easier in keeping you warm. The mattress cover is machine washable up to 30°C to help keep it clean at all times. It is 152 cm long and 72cm wide and is made up of polyester. 

4. Sweet Dreams Heated Throw Electric Luxury Fleece 

Relax up on cold winter evenings with this super soft reversible grey heated throw with a choice of 9 heat settings and nine timer settings. With its soft-touch fleecy finish and additional large size, this premium heated throw is large enough for two people to enjoy. Excellent for use on your bed or sofa, this versatile double-sided electric throw can be used all year round. It is machine washable and has the feature of an advanced overheat protection system.  It has an automatic safety switch which will turn off during any sort of emergency. And it costs just 2p an Hour. It is 200 cm in length and 130 cm in width.  

5. Electric Blanket Fitted Mattress under Underblanket

Electric Blanket Fitted

Electric Blanket Fitted | oglooks

Extravagantly soft, lavishly comfortable, diamond-quilted high-quality cotton fabric that adds a touch of class and luxury to your bed, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, a real exquisite, elegant finish, all of which contribute to a peaceful, cosy night’s sleep all year round, this is one the best products to go for. With bright and dimmable simple-to-use LCD control that offers nine heat settings, ten timer settings and an ultra-fast heat-up time, you can use your Glam Haus Premium Electric Blanket in all seasons and upgrade the heat and timer settings to suit your individual needs. The controller can be easily detached from the electric blanket, making it a machine washable product. It is made up of cotton. 


An electric blanket is today’s technological advancements’ best gift that not only maintains the heat temperature but also gives a classy look to your home.  It is of different sizes, and you can choose any size depending on your bed’s size.  The above-mentioned electric blanket is presented by The Range. So which one are you opting for? If you want to know more, visit Oglooks. 


What do you need to know about an electric blanket?
An electric blanket is a customised heat-control blanket that can be used all year round. It uses less energy than any room heater as it is needed to heat only for 10 to 20 minutes before turning it off. You will be warm the entire night due to its warming properties.
Who should not use an electric blanket?
According to some research, an electric blanket is safe, but it is advised that children, pregnant people, and those with diabetes or circulation problems should avoid using this.
Can an electric blanket be left on all night?
It is one of the most asked and important questions. An electric blanket need not be left on all night as it warms the blanket itself in 10 to 20 minutes. If left on, it might warm or make the temperature higher. Blankets with the automatic overheat switch-off feature can turn off the blanket if kept on for a long time. 

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