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Upgrade Your Wheels With These 5 High-Performing Motorcycle Tires

by Kristy

Having a quality set of tires is crucial for motorcycle performance and safety. AUTODOC makes it easy to find and purchase motorcycle tires tailored to your specific bike and riding needs.

AUTODOC stocks tires from top brands like Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Metzeler, and more. Input your motorcycle model, dimensions, and riding style to find tires designed for an exceptional fit and ride. Whether you need sporty, high-performance tires, sturdy off-road knobbies, or durable touring tires, AUTODOC has you covered.  

With free shipping on orders over €60, you can affordably upgrade your motorcycle with premium tires when yours are due for replacement. AUTODOC takes the guesswork out of picking the ideal tires so you can tackle any road or trail with increased traction and handling. Let’s dive in and explore some reasons why you should shop for motorcycle tires on AUTODOC and some top options that are popular among riders.

6 Benefits of shopping for motorcycle tires on AUTODOC

When it’s time to replace your motorcycle’s tires, AUTODOC makes the process straightforward and affordable. Here are some key reasons to shop AUTODOC for your next set of tires:

  1. Huge selection of brands and models – Find tires specifically engineered for your bike from top manufacturers like Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, and more. 
  2. Input your specs for fitment – Enter details like tire width, diameter, and riding style to discover tires guaranteed to fit your motorcycle perfectly.
  3. Compare features and reviews – View product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to learn about traction, durability, performance, and value.
  4. Ordering and delivery is easy – Place your order online and benefit from free shipping on purchases over €60, along with fast delivery times.
  5. Affordable prices – AUTODOC offers very competitively priced motorcycle tires to help save you money.
  6. Trusted shop with expertise – AUTODOC has years of experience fitting thousands of motorcycles with quality tires.

For a streamlined, hassle-free way to equip your motorcycle with fresh new tires optimised for safety and performance, shop AUTODOC’s huge tire selection today.

5 Best motorcycle tires on AUTODOC that are worth the investment

1. Dunlop Qcore 120/70 R17 58W Summer tires for motorcycles

Dunlop Qcore 120/70 R17 58W Summer tires for motorcycles

Dunlop Qcore 120/70 R17 58W Summer tires for motorcycles | Oglooks

The Dunlop Qcore 120/70 R17 58W is an excellent high-performance summer tire for motorcycles. It features Dunlop’s MultiTread technology with dual rubber compounds for optimised grip in corners, stable high-speed handling, and enhanced wet braking. The tires have a distinct sporty ribbed tread pattern to channel away water. Made in Germany, the Dunlop Qcore tires provide sport bike riders with responsive handling and traction.

2. Pirelli Angelstf 120/70 R17 58W Summer tires for motorcycles

For superior traction and performance, check out the Pirelli Angelstf 120/70 R17 58W summer motorcycle tires. Pirelli uses its proprietary hi-performance tech technology for quick acceleration, precision cornering, and braking in both wet and dry conditions. The asymmetric tread pattern actively grips during cornering. These premium tires are made in Italy and are ideal for sports bikes.

3. Michelin Pilot Street Radial 120/70 R17 58H Summer tires for motorcycles

Michelin Pilot Street Radial 12070 R17 58H Summer tires for motorcycles

Michelin Pilot Street Radial 12070 R17 58H Summer tires for motorcycles | Oglooks

The Michelin Pilot Street Radial 120/70 R17 58H is a top high-performance radial tire for powerful sport bikes. It’s designed for winding mountain roads and everyday street riding. The adaptive Michelin XST Evo compound offers insane levels of grip and handling while also boosting tread life. Variable grooves efficiently evacuate water. Expect incredible grip and stability at high speeds from these French-made Michelin motorcycle tires.

4. Bridgestone BT023F 120/70 R17 58W Summer tires for motorcycles

For a thrilling ride, equip your motorcycle with Bridgestone BT023F 120/70 R17 58W tires this summer. Bridgestone uses an advanced hypersport compound to achieve phenomenal traction, cornering agility, and straight-line stability even in wet conditions. The rigid tread blocks of these motorcycle tires provide precision handling when carving up twisty roads. Japanese engineering makes these Bridgestone tires ultra-high performance.

5. Metzeler Sportecm7r 120/70 R17 58W Summer motorcycle tires

Metzeler Sportecm7r 12070 R17 58W Summer motorcycle tires

Metzeler Sportecm7r 12070 R17 58W Summer motorcycle tires | Oglooks

Expect maximum grip and control all summer long with the Metzeler sportecm7r 120/70 R17 58W tires. Metzeler uses Triple Compound Technology with a multi-zone tread compound to optimise performance during acceleration, braking, cornering, and more. The dynamic tread design actively grips the road. German-engineered for power sports, these Metzeler tires will thrill sport bike enthusiasts.


On AUTODOC, you can find brands like Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Metzeler, who are known for offering cutting-edge summer motorcycle tires to provide maximum traction and responsive handling when you hit the streets. Utilising advanced compounds and tread patterns, these tires are designed for sports bikes and performance enthusiasts seeking thrilling rides. 

Check out the selection of 120/70 R17 tires in sizes made for a wide range of riding styles and motorcycles. Look for durable tires that can withstand high temperatures without wear. Read reviews and comparisons to find the perfect match for your bike and riding preferences this summer.

With the right set of performance motorcycle tires, you’ll stay confidently planted and in control when accelerating, braking, and cornering in the warm weather ahead. So get ready to grip the road and make this summer’s rides your best yet. For more such updates on motorcycle tire changers, visit OGlooks.


Which tire is best for a motorbike?
Some top motorcycle tire brands are Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Metzeler. The best tires depend on your bike and riding style.
What is the best tire for a bike?
The best motorcycle tires provide optimal grip, stability, handling, traction, and durability for your particular bike and how you ride. Popular options include sport, touring, cruiser, and off-road tires. 
Is a Ceat tire good for a bike?
Ceat makes very good quality affordable motorcycle tires for commuting and daily use. They offer a range of tire types and sizes for different Indian bikes.


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