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Childcare Services And Everything You Should Know About It

by Kristy

Child care services are familiar to all of us. But are we really sure of its significance? Child care refers to the instruction and care they get in a formal nursery or at home, when a child is not in direct contact with or under the supervision of parents 

Continue reading the guide below to learn about the different types of childcare services provided by Betreut, what parents should look for in a childcare provider including the types of qualifications required for this role. 

Different types of childcare services

The kinds of childcare support services that are offered are incredibly diverse. It’s critical to comprehend each kind in order to choose which  type of childcare services fit our needs the best. 

The two main types of childcare assistance include:

  1. Individual child care; where one adult takes care of 1-2 children.
  2. Group-based child care; where 1 or 2 adults take care of a group of children. It is usually done in a formal daycare centre.

Childcare services can also be categorised as the following:

1. Childminders or child caregivers 

The caregiver takes care of the child in either his/her own house or the child’s house for a few hours or the entire day. They have special titles given to them:


They are professionals and have some training and experience in providing childcare services. They take care of the child in the child’s own home and usually work for a fixed number of hours every day.

Shared nanny-

Nanny who is shared between 2 families who have a similar schedule are shared nannies. They provide child care in either one of the homes.

Au Pair-

An au pair is a young caregiver who is from a different country who lives with the family and gives continuous care to the child or children in exchange for room, board, and a stipend. 


Babysitters are caregivers who are employed on a need basis. It could either be in the babysitter’s home or the child’s home.

2. Relative daycare

In a relative daycare, a trusted relative takes care of the child. It could either be in the relative’s or the child’s home. One of the perks of this is that the child is already familiar and comfortable with the caregiver.

3. Family or In-home daycare

In an unofficial setting, the caregiver looks after the child in his or her own house. There might also be more kids present there, of similar ages.

4. Mother’s helper

A caregiver who looks after the child even when the parent is at home is a mother’s helper. They are usually young and looking for experience in child care.

5. Child care swap

Two or more parents who watch not only their own but each other’s children as well in their own homes.

6. Daycare centres or Crèches 

A daycare centre is a formal setup that is dedicated to providing childcare services and facilities such as meals, books, a place for naps, various kids activities to keep them busy learning throughout the day, etc. Parents drop them off at the daycare during day time. This is especially helpful for those parents who are working. The personnel are expertly educated to entertain and keep the children safe. 

What qualities should a childcare provider have?

Choosing a child care service provider is an important decision to make to ensure the safety, health and development of your child. You should take the following aspects into account:

Qualifications and training

The childcare services provider should be well-certified, qualified, and trained in the field of childhood education and child development. Not only that, the provider should be well acquainted with first aid and CPR. Ensure that the provider’s educational philosophy and curriculum align with the educational goals of your child.


Before hiring any childcare provider, you need to verify that the provider is licensed and sticks to the regional regulations. Licensing gives us surety that safety and quality standards are met. Accreditation by a recognised organisation is a plus point.

Safety and cleanliness:

As a parent, it is your duty to analyse the environment and look for cleanliness, childproofing, secure entrances and exits, and proper sanitation practices.

Staff-to-child ratio:

Each child should receive individual attention and care.


Providers should discuss your child’s progress, any strange behaviour, or other concerns with you by maintaining a report or having regular meetings.

Flexibility and hours:

It is important that your work schedule aligns with that of the childcare provider. You should also find out if they offer flexible scheduling options.

Location and accessibility:

The location of the childcare should be local, convenient, and easily accessible so that it becomes easier to pick up and drop off for parents. 

A loving and nurturing environment:

One of the most important factors that you need to check in a caregiver is whether the provider takes care of the child’s unique personality traits and needs or not; whether the provider makes the surroundings positive or negative for your child. You must pay close attention to every small aspect and how the caregiver interacts with the child and vice versa since you are permitting your child to spend a great amount of time with a stranger. The emotional health of a child does get impacted.

Your child’s comfort and happiness:

This goes without saying! Your child’s comfort and happiness are always a priority. Pay close attention to how your child responds to the environment changes and how he acts in that environment and with the caregiver.

Gut feeling:

Trust your gut feelings and never question them. Explore or look for other possibilities if something doesn’t feel right to you. Also, do listen to your child. 


Now that you know what are the various types of childcare services and how you can find the perfect one for your child, the next step is to book one. OG looks recommends you visit Betreut to get the best childcare services. Betreut is a site that allows you to find flexible, competent everyday helpers- be it for cleaning, babysitting, or taking your dog out for a walk. It has been there for 10+ years. You only need to make one account for everything! 

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How can I find the right childcare services provider?
You can find the right childcare service provider for your child after making careful considerations, such as:- visiting facilities to explore your options, discussing your child’s specific needs with the provider, etc. Your top priorities while making a decision should be your child’s safety, skills development, and happiness. Read the above guide to know how you can find the right childcare provider for your child in detail.
What are the qualifications for a childcare services provider?
Qualifications such as Educational background, certification, training, background checks, licensing, experience, health, references, communication skills, and others should be met by the childcare provider to ensure a safe environment for your child.
How will I get to know if a childcare services provider is licensed or not?
It is a requirement for state-licensed child care providers to have licensing inspections each year which are held as public records. You should go and visit your state’s Department of Licensing if there is a need to verify the accreditation and licensing status of a centre near you or to know about any past complaints or violations.

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