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Chic Shoes For Kids: Where Comfort And Safety Come Hand In Hand

by Kristy

Chic shoes for kids are the prominent trending shoes in the markets. They are highly comfortable shoes that also enhance the fashion at the feet of your kids. They are popular shoes for keeping the feet of your little one safe and secure. The kid’s footwear for kids is the most important part of their outfit. They also determine the overall growth and comfort of your child. Since kids are unstoppable when it comes to running around the house. To keep your kids from getting sudden injuries at the playground, while playing in the backyard, or at school, the perfect comforting shoes are a must. Mostly the cushioning soles of these chic shoes for kids keep the feet of your kids from hard contact, and prevent the feet from getting blisters even while wearing the shoes for longer hours.

Explore the top seven chic shoes for kids for enhancing a daily wear

We bring the top ten chic shoes for kids to make your kids stay safe and secure, and yet there is no compromise to style and fashion.

1. Kids’ 9060

Kids’ 9060

Kids’ 9060 | oglooks

The shoe is a classic fashion built with synthetic upper material. The unique refined style and the innovative-led design has made the shoes one of its iconic kind of shoes for kids on New Balance. This classic model is reinterpreted with the 99X model with a more enhanced sensibility experience for kids to experience on daily wear.  Whether you are looking for casual wear for your kids in school or for special occasions, the kid’s 9060 advanced inbuilt is likely to make your kids have a more refined experience. The Kid’s 9060 is a way to keep your kids ahead of feet safety and yet ahead of fashion a trend.

2. Kid’s 550

The Kid’s 550 is inbuilt with adjustable suede upper with super delight looking with a mix of green and white colors giving an irresistible appeal to the eyes. The first of shoe design was designed in 1989 which had a huge success in the market, especially on the basketball court. But the Kid’s 550 took a new turn in 2020, coming back to the market after years of filed away, since then the shoes have been a domineering fashion shoe in the market. The Kid’s 550 is surely a must addition to your kid’s wardrobe collection. It is perfectly safe and secure for kids to run around on it. While the versatile design of the shoes is a good choice to wear with every type of outfit, such as shorts, casual suits, pants, or trousers.

3. Kids’ 3000 v6 Rubber Molded Synthetics

Kids’ 3000 v6 Rubber Molded Synthetics

Kids’ 3000 v6 Rubber Molded Synthetics | oglooks

This is a mid-cut silhouette built with a lightweight midsole for comfortable wear at all times. Let your kids experience seamless comfort with extra support to develop new skills on the court without having to hinder the playing hours by pain or discomfort. Moreover, the perforated synthetic supper sits to make the shoes easy to clean and long-lasting. The rubber cleat outsole promises excellent traction to the feet for hours. The shoes come in an excellent choice of white and black color to choose.  The  Kids’ 3000 v6 Rubber Molded Synthetics is an unforgettable purchase.

4. Kids’ 574 Core

The shoe is well-built with a reliable rubber outsole for generating perfect traction and for durability. The suede and mesh upper give out an eye-catching appeal to the feet and unleashes an iconic look to the overall appearance. Moreover, the midsole is built with EVA foam cushioning to give extra comfort. This enhances the feet to have an endless comforting experience even for long hours of playing. The Kids’ 574 Core is a promising well refined built shoe for all kids to stay ahead of new footwear fashion trends. The shoe is perfectly suitable to wear with suits, shorts, pants, and trousers. Pick the right size for a lasting impact. This is one of the best chic shoes for kids on New Balance for both casual wear and formal wear.

5. Kids’ Coco CG1

Kids’ Coco CG1

Kids’ Coco CG1 | oglooks

The Kid’s Coco CG1 is an advanced design with graphics, logos, and lace jewels inspired by Coco Gauff. It’s considered the signature shoe to make the wearer easily look refreshed, iconic, and enhanced. It’s one of the glamorous collections of Chic shoes for kids on New Balance. The entire design is inspired by the basketball silhouette. It’s built with multi-piece upper constructions, and the bold color blocking of the shoe makes the overall outfit look distinctive. The shoe is an enduring beauty in design to make all the kids enjoy the extra comfort at times and yet stay ahead of every fashion style. For stylish kids’ shoes, Kid’s Coco CG1 is a must-choice.

6. Kid’s 574

The Kid’s 574 is definitely a must but chic shoes for kids on New Balance. The quality material of the shoe promises not only durability but also features water resistance. The shoe is reliable to put on for facing the challenges that come with a lot of different activities. The premium material used is easy to keep clean, and long-lasting. Feel the need to fly in the air with Kid’s 574  whenever the shoes get the best hold of your feet. Feel the uncompromising comfort of the shoe on your feet while at the same time letting your kids stay ahead of every versatile fashion trend.

7. Kids’ 327

Kids’ 327

Kids’ 327 | oglooks

The Kids’ 327 is a classic collection of chic shoes for kids on New Balance. Keep your kids feeling a new breath of air with this amazing quality shoe. This is both suitable for recreational wear and for formal wear with any outfit. The shoe design has been a defining development and the benchmark for running footwear. There has been an unending revolution of trends in the Kid’s 327 design and style when it comes to classic yet fashionable shoes to meet the expected standard of footwear. The ever-evolving Kid’s 327 is sure to meet your and your kid’s expectation.


For an endless experience of shopping on a wide variety of collections with shoes, clothing, footwear, accessories, and more, New Balance brings a fantastic collection. With new amazing deals and offers, make your shopping experience more budget-friendly and economical. Whether you are looking for high-quality shoes for kids or for adults, New Balance has got you covered. With every new season, there are more exciting deals on elegant kid’s shoes and more. For more information, visit the official website of OgLooks.


Why are shoes for kids expensive?
They are expensive for many reasons, the high-quality material for durability, an extra layer of cushioning, synthetic upper mesh, design and more add make these shoes more expensive. However, they are worth every penny.
Why buy chic shoes for kids?
Chic shoes for kids are a great choice of shoes to buy for kids since they are made with high-quality material, provide perfect traction, extra comfort, and are stylish as well. They are specially designed to cater to your child’s need for comfort and feet protection.
Where can I find good shoes for kids?
For getting an excellent collection of shoes for kids, visit New Balance. It’s an online retailer with an endless collection of products on fashion, styles, and accessories and a platform where you can find good quality shoes for kids. Both the latest collection and the old collection of shoes for kids.

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