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Budget Travel: Cheap Car Rental in Anchorage Alaska

by Kristy

Anchorage, which began as a small community intended to house the Alaska Railroad administrative offices, has grown to be a popular vacation spot for outdoor aficionados. Anchorage will keep you occupied for weeks because it is only a few steps from magnificent national parks, incredible wildlife, and all the thrills and excitement you could want. Anchorage, known as the Gateway to Adventure, is ideally situated beneath gleaming glaciers and soaring mountains. There are many enjoyable activities in Anchorage, such as bear experiences, outdoor hikes, heritage sites, and salt cave spas. To explore all the activities, you can book a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska, and make your trip even better. Continue below to know more about the best things to do in Anchorage. 

Top things to do in Anchorage

1. Take a walk on a glacier

One of the finest outdoor playgrounds in nature is Anchorage, which is especially popular with hikers. At the Matanuska Glacier, walk on the ice, and explore unearthly vistas. Then climb rocky peaks for expansive views of Cook Inlet or follow winding river paths deep into lush valleys. Try a little hiking to get to those unreachable high-alpine peaks for the ultimate rush. You can book a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska to reach the mountains.

2. Kenai Fjords National Park

During your visit to Anchorage, you must take a day excursion to the Kenai Fjords National Park. You might be surprised by these icy verdant forests and clear waters teeming with animals. The glaciers, which reach down into spectacular mountain valleys like frozen digits, are the main attraction. You can go kayaking, on a boat trip of the fjords, or walk through icefields by renting a car from booking.

3. Winner Creek Trail

Families seeking excitement will love the simple 3-mile Winner Creek Trail. You can meander through the most adventurous rainforest in America while biking or hiking up gentle inclines. On an exciting day in the outdoors, cross wooden bridges over tumbling cascades and stroll along mine roads. For more challenging exploration, there is a longer 9-mile path through the high country that offers breathtaking mountain views. Rent a car to visit this place.

4. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail | oglooks

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail circles the outskirts of Anchorage city, bordered by wild fir forests and frequented by extravagant moose and stalking wolves.

The 11-mile track is a short drive from the center. It winds along salt-sprayed stretches of the Pacific coast, around the Ted Stevens International runways, and back to where Kincaid dunes connect the more sturdy reaches on the edge of Point Campbell.

According to the season, the track is excellent for cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, and snowshoeing even though it is off-limits to cars and trucks. You can book a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska to reach the Coastal Trail.

5. Chugach State Park

Not many cities in the world can claim a back garden as lovely as Anchorage’s, and the Chugach State Park, which encompasses the sprawl to the south, east, and north, is the gem in the crown of wilds. You can book a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska to reach the state park easily. 

It has high mountains, deserted valleys, frozen lakes, and alpine forests, which are great for bicycling and hiking. Numerous paths have been marked leading from the metropolis here into the hinterlands. Popular routes include the Lakeside Trail, which follows Eklutna Lake’s shoreline and crosses icefields to reach Girdwood in the east.

6. Skiing

The Hilltop Ski Area is a great spot to put on your skis or wax up your snowboard while you’re visiting, and it’s only a quick 15-minute drive from the center of Anchorage downtown. So, rent a car to go to the Hilltop Ski Area.

The town has one piste, a modest chairlift, and a few drags, making it ideal for beginning skiers.

7. Alaska Railroad

Alaska Railroad

Alaska Railroad | oglooks

The Alaska Railroad is a historic railroad that runs for more than 650 miles through forests, lakes, peaks, glaciers, and ice caverns, linking many of Alaska’s largest towns.

It’s regarded as a must-do activity for tourists, particularly those seeking quick entry to well-known locations like Denali National Park. They could take a few hours or the entire day. 

It is your chance to fulfill your fantasies of taking a beautiful train journey while savoring a picnic-style lunch distributed in a private carriage.

8. Rust’s Flying Service

Rust’s Flying Service specializes in flightseeing excursions and offers a distinctive way to discover the Last Frontier. Old-fashioned, vivid red seaplane trips are available, and they will take you on an assortment of excursions in Anchorage and elsewhere. For instance, if you’re interested in animals, you can take a plane to Katmai National Park and watch the brown bears gather around the waterfalls.

The Bottom Line

While most visitors use Anchorage as a starting point for exploring the state’s untamed regions, there are many things to do there. Magnificent institutions can be found next to enthralling cultural hubs. Over a third of Alaska’s population resides there, making it a significant transportation hub and a thriving cultural and commercial hub. Anchorage is the ideal starting point for experiencing the local nature and wildlife because it has so many conveniences and tourist sites. So, you can book your cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska, and explore the town in a hassle-free manner. For more information on the cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska and the best rental cars in Anchorage Alaska, you can follow Booking and the official website of OgLooks


How much does it cost to rent a car at Anchorage Airport?
The cost of cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska can differ based on several variables, such as the season, demand, type of vehicle, and rental location. In Anchorage, daily rental car rates typically range from $100 to $150, but they can differ according to the mentioned factors. 
How much is a car rental per day in Alaska?
The price of a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska per day depends on various factors and it may alter according to the circumstances. Depending on the time of the year, rental location, car agency you are traveling with, and other factors, the average cost of car rental per day in Alaska may cost around $150.
Is it expensive to rent a car in Alaska?
As there is an increased demand for rental cars in Alaska, you may find the prices of the cars a bit expensive. Therefore, it is always a good idea to book a cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska in advance so that you can manage your budget.

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