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Experience The Alps To The Amalfi Coast With Car Rental In Italy

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Renting out a car in Italy may scare you off for no reason. But it is easier than you think. There are a few trustworthy car rental agencies/companies in Italy that let you book a car in advance. One of the leading companies is Europcar, which has an effortless procedure for booking a car rental in Italy that too in 4 simple steps.

In this guide, we will tell you about the places in Italy where you should rent a car, how to rent it, and what things you should know before renting one.

Where can you rent a car in Italy?

Where can you rent a car in Italy

Where can you rent a car in Italy | Oglooks

You can rent a car in areas that are small, old towns and the countryside, beaches, etc. You don’t need a car to travel to tourist places or major attractions in the cities. In fact, it is better without them since you can avoid hassles such as driving in crowds, parking, and others. Let’s take a look at some of the places where you should rent them out:

  • Sardinia and Sicily: These are big islands that will require you to rent out a car unless you are going to be staying only at one place.
  • Umbria: You cannot visit this region without having a car. In the comfort of your own car, you can enjoy the chocolate festival in Perugia, and visit castles and towns that would otherwise be inaccessible!
  • Tuscany: It is in the countryside and has many small villages. There is no public transport or connectivity there hence having a car is a must. It will also give you flexibility and an opportunity to see the rolling hills of Chianti, vineyards, or coastal towns
  • Puglia: To explore the villages, beaches, and the region’s famous trulli, having a car is a must. You can also visit Basilicata to see Matera which is said to be one of the best regions for a road trip in Italy.

Apart from these regions, you will also need a car if you are travelling to Italian lakes (Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Lake Orta, or others), museums, wineries, mountain villages, archaeological sites, countryside restaurants, and vineyards.

Some of the well-known and cheap car rentals in Italy include:



How to rent a car in Italy?

How to rent a car in Italy

How to rent a car in Italy | Oglooks

You can rent a car in Italy both in online or offline modes, though booking it online in advance is preferable. Most car rental companies have offices throughout Italy, especially in tourist areas, airports, and train stations. Keep the following documents ready for renting a car and driving in Italy:

– You should have a valid ID with a photo of yourself

– You will need to have a driver’s license that is valid

– You will need an International Driving Permit (IDP) if you are from outside their origin

– You may also require a credit card in the driver’s name, so it is better to keep it handy, just in case.

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Things to keep in mind while renting a car in Italy

Each car rental in Italy has a different minimum age allowance for hiring a vehicle (the minimum age being 18 years.)

  • It is not easy to find a car rental in Italy that will allow customers to rent a car at the age of 18. Even if you do find one, please bear in mind that you will most likely pay a “young driver” fee.
  • Be sure to check the company’s policies before booking and look for any additional documents that are required.
  • People who are 70 or older will be allowed to book a car rental in Italy but will be charged an additional insurance fee.
  • Book a car rental in Italy in advance to avoid any hassles during the trip.
  • Make sure you have insurance.
  • Car rental in Italy can be more expensive if booked on a daily basis than renting it out for a week. Also, be on the lookout for any offers or deals going on by exploring all the options and comparing them online. Renting a car at the last minute will shoot up the prices.
  • You may also need to pay additional fees for extra services such as a full tank of petrol or tolls. You can pay for tolls by renting out a tag from the company itself or by paying directly at the toll.
  • Park outside the Old Town to avoid paying a crazy amount for those tickets since they are all parking-free areas.
  • Look out for additional paid features such as GPS navigation – you can always use your own. Save money wherever you can!
  • Book smartly- go for a smaller economy car and book it for 24 hours minimum.


Keep in mind the points we mentioned above and you are good to go. OGlooks recommends you go to the official website of Europcar, which allows you to book a rental car in Spain in just 30 seconds in offline mode and in 4 easy steps in online mode- visit the site only at Europcar to rent out your vehicles in advance and have a hassle-free journey.  For more information related to car rental in italy, please visit Oglooks.


How much would it cost a person to book a car rental in Italy?
The charges for booking a rental car in Italy will depend on not just one but many factors such as the time and duration of booking the rental car, etc. It usually ranges between $20-$100.
What is the best site for car rental in Italy?
Europcar is the best car rental in Italy. It allows you to book not only cars but vans and trucks as well. You should definitely explore the site.
Is it a good idea for a tourist to book a car rental in Italy, either in advance online or offline in offices?
Yes, sure! It is always a good idea for tourists to book everything in advance, and travel the country comfortably and in much more detail.
Is it better to rent a car or take the train in Italy?
In villages, beaches, and the countryside you will need to have your own rented car since there is less or no connectivity whereas, if you are in major cities in Italy, it is not recommended you explore by car- trains are well connected there.

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