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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Types Of Breasts To Choose The Right Bra

by Kristy

Finding the right bra can be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider before you can purchase one. Not only do you want to be comfortable, but you also want to look and feel good. However, the market is saturated with a wide range of bras, making it difficult to explore and pick one that best suits you. And with multiple brands, it can be a constant tug and war.

This is why, to make it easier for you to pick a bra that fits you perfectly, brands like Hunkemoller have deciphered which bra styles go with which types of breasts. Every woman has a unique breast shape. In fact, a person rarely has identical breasts, which makes lingerie shopping hard. By understanding your breast shape and breast size, you can also identify the bra styles that will suit you the best. That way, you can find a bra that fits comfortably and enhances your natural shape. In this blog, we will explore the different types of breasts and which Hunkemoller bra would go with each of them.

Different types of breasts and the bra types that go with them

Hunkemoller is a leading lingerie brand that offers a wide collection of lingerie in different styles, designs and fits for various types of breasts. To make it easier for you to understand different breast sizes and see what bra shapes go with them, we have listed 6 rough breast types below, along with what styles would look good on them.

  • Athletic Shape

    Athletic Shape

    Athletic Shape | Oglooks

Athletic breasts are typically smaller in size, and their shape tends to be more muscular with lesser tissues. One of the common issues they face is the cup gaping due to a lack of volume up top. To give an illusion of curves and add more volume to the breast, a classic t-shirt bra or a padded and strapless pushup bra can work well. It will give the breasts a much-needed lift and accentuate the curves. A bra like the Jane Padded Strapless Underwired on Hunkemoller can be a good fit for ladies with athletic breast shapes.

  • Bell Shape 

If you have a slimmer top and a fuller bottom, then you have the bell shape breasts. These types of breasts are seen in women with larger cup sizes and might appear as drooping. Bras that offer support and lift to the breasts work best for bell-shaped breasts. An uplift strapless bra like the Emily Padded Strapless Underwired Bra on Hunkemoller will give you maximum support and lift, making your breasts look firmer and perkier.

  • East West 

    East West

    East West | Oglooks

If you have breasts that are pointed outwards and have a gap between them, then you have the East West breast type. Bra shapes that provide full coverage and bring your breasts up and together will look good on this breast type as it will make them look compact and well-supported. Check out the Sophie Non-Padded Underwired Bra on Hunkemoller that will give you put together look.

  • Round Shape

If your breasts are equally full on the top and the bottom, then you have the round shape breasts. This is because of having an equal amount of tissues on the top and the bottom. This type of breast doesn’t require much in the sense of coverage and support, as they are already firm and accentuated. This takes the padded bra out of the question. For a flattering fit, a wireless bra will be just the right choice for you. Check out the Diva Non-Padded Underwired Bra on Hunkemoller for a perfect fit.

  • Side Set 

    Side Set 

    Side Set | Oglooks

Just like the East West shape, breasts with Side Set have wide space between them and point sideways. If you have the Side Set breast shape, then a bra that brings your breasts closer together and creates cleavage will work best for you. Check out the Plunge Padded Underwired Bra on Hunkemoller. With its flatter V-cut and adjustable straps, these will fit you just right.

      * Teardrop Shape

Teardrop Shape

Teardrop Shape | Oglooks

If your breasts have more volume on the bottom and are narrower on the top, then you have the teardrop breast shape. These types of breasts support a gentler curve and might seem similar to the bell shape in the sense that it has less tissue on the top and more at the bottom. For such breast shapes, demi cups or balconettes will distribute the weight of the breasts evenly as well as remove access gaps from in-between. Check out the Marilee Padded Underwired Longline Bra on Hunkemoller to support a breast shape like this one.


Now you know what different types of breasts exist and what type of bra you can pair with each one of them. Shopping for lingerie can be hard, but with this checklist, you can know your breast type better and shop for lingerie that helps create a flattering silhouette while also providing you with all the comfort and support in the world. With Hunkemoller’s wide collection of sexy lingerie for women, you can surely find something for your breast type. For more such updates, visit OgLooks.


How to select the perfect bra for your boobs?
In order to select the perfect bra for your breasts, you will have to consider various factors such as your breast size, shape, and personal preferences. To choose the right bra, measure your breasts to determine your correct size. Also, consider the different bra styles, such as padded, push-up, or wireless, that suit your breasts’ shape and provides the right amount of support.
What are the 7 types of breasts?
There is no standard classification for breast types as the shape and size can vary from person to person. There can be many types of breasts, but here are some common ones:


Which breast shape is ideal?
There is no ideal breast shape as it varies from person to person. What’s more important is that you are aware of your own breast size and shape, along with your personal preferences, so you can pick the right flattering lingerie for yourself.

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