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Uncovering the Hidden Gems and Top Lisbon Attractions for Every Wanderer!

by Kristy

Lisbon is a city that wears many hats. One moment you’re riding the iconic yellow tram, whizzing past pastel-painted houses, the next you’re lost in the labyrinthine alleys of Alfama, where the scent of spices hangs heavy in the air. Craving panoramic views? Climb the São Jorge Castle and gaze at the Tagus River snaking its way through the city. For a taste of the contemporary, dive into the trendy bars and galleries of Chiado, or lose yourself in the vibrant street art of LX Factory. From sun-drenched beaches to hidden courtyards, Lisbon attractions offer an endless kaleidoscope of experiences, ensuring every explorer finds their perfect slice of paradise.

Top Lisbon Attractions Packages to Book From

1. The Lison Oceanarium

The Lison Oceanarium

The Lison Oceanarium | Oglooks

Dive into Europe’s largest indoor ocean wonderland with this Lisbon Oceanarium ticket deal! Explore incredible underwater worlds housing over 450 marine species, from majestic sharks to playful penguins. Discover the wonders of the seas, delve into educational activities, and learn about protecting our precious oceans. This ticket unlocks an unforgettable aquatic adventure at the Lisbon Oceanarium!

2. Lisbon Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in Lisbon’s vibrant heart with this free walking tour of Baixa and Chiado! Skip the guidebooks and follow passionate locals into hidden alleys, past charming squares, and through captivating stories. Get insider tips, historical insights, and cultural gems – all sprinkled with the unique flair of your guide. This isn’t just a tour, it’s a love letter to Lisbon, walking you right into its rhythm and soul. Just bring your curiosity and let Lisbon unfold!

3. Lisbon Sunset Cruise

Lisbon Sunset Cruise

Lisbon Sunset Cruise | Oglooks

Sail into Lisboa’s sunset aboard a traditional boat! Sip on Setúbal wines, sway to Fado music, and witness iconic sights like Belém Tower and Commerce Square as the city bathes in golden hues. This 2-hour cruise offers a unique perspective on Lisboa, all while enjoying local flavours and live music. Embark on a magical evening you won’t forget! Being one of the most relaxing Lisbon attractions, you can easily book a cruise ride from

4. Sintra and Cascais Day Tour

Explore fairytale Sintra and the charming coastal town of Cascais on this captivating day trip! See the vibrant Pena Palace, discover Sintra’s secrets with your knowledgeable guide, and witness the epic cliffs at Hell’s Mouth and Cabo da Roca, Europe’s westernmost point. Relax on a stroll through Cascais’ pedestrian streets, soaking in the sun and seaside vibes. This tour includes transportation, a guide, and optional Pena Palace entry, so all you need to do is bring your sense of adventure. Join us for a day of history, beauty, and coastal serenity!

5. Lisbon National Pantheon

Lisbon National Pantheon

Lisbon National Pantheon | Oglooks

Skip the lines and dive into Lisbon’s history with this e-ticket and audio tour combo! Explore the iconic National Pantheon at your own pace, soaking in stunning architecture and captivating stories delivered straight to your phone. No guide is needed, just download the app and let Lisbon’s secrets unfold one fascinating tale at a time. This self-guided adventure is the perfect way to experience the city’s magic, leaving you with a deeper understanding and a heart full of wonder. Don’t miss out – book your spot and waltz into one of the best Lisbon attractions right away.

Traditional Portuguese Cuisines to Try in Lisbon

When it comes to traditional Portuguese cuisine in Lisbon, your taste buds are in for a treat! Here are some must-try dishes that capture the essence of Portuguese flavours

1. Pastéis de Nata 

The undisputed king, these custard tarts are a national treasure. Find the best at Pastéis de Belém, where the recipe remains a secret!

2. Bacalhau 

Codfish reigns supreme, prepared in endless ways – try the garlicky Bacalhau à Brás or the oven-baked Bacalhau à Lagareiro.

3. Francesinha 

This Porto import is a juicy sandwich layered with meat, cheese, and a spicy tomato sauce – guaranteed to warm your soul.

4. Grewed Prawns 

These garlicky shrimp food items are a Lisbon staple, perfect for sharing with a glass of vinho verde.

5. Serradura 

If you are visiting Lisbon, you should surely try these layers of crushed biscuits and sweet cream – a light and fluffy dessert.

6. Queijada 

Queijada is another famous dessert of Lisbon which includes soft cheese tarts with a cinnamon touch, offering a creamy contrast to savoury dishes.

Smart Tips for Making Lisbon Travel More Fun and Effortless

1. Lisbon Card 

Consider this all-in-one travel pass for free public transportation (including the iconic yellow trams!), skip-the-line entry to major Lisbon tourist attractions, and discounts on food and shops. Saves time and money!

2. Walking 

Lisbon is best explored on foot, allowing you to stumble upon hidden gems and soak in the atmosphere. Wear comfortable shoes!

3. Public Transport 

Trams, buses, and the metro are efficient and affordable. Download the Carris app for live timetables and ticket purchases.

4. Consider the Weather 

Lisbon enjoys sunny weather most of the year, but summers can be hot. Pack sunscreen and water during warmer months.

5. Euros 

Portugal uses the Euro currency. So, carrying some cash for smaller purchases and markets would be quite helpful to shop around local stores.

6. Tipping 

Tipping is not mandatory in many parts of Europe including Lisbon, but rounding up or a small tip is appreciated for good service.


Whether you’re drawn to Lisbon’s historic echoes, its sun-kissed shores, or its vibrant heartbeat, this captivating city promises an unforgettable adventure. From breathtaking viewpoints to hidden alleyway treasures, Lisbon attractions have something for every wanderer. So, when the call of Portugal ignites your wanderlust, rest assured is your key to unlocking Lisbon’s magic. So, don’t just dream about climbing the São Jorge Castle – Book your guided tour with and marvel at breathtaking cityscapes, historical insights, and local tips from knowledgeable guides.

For more information, visit OG looks.


What are some iconic Lisbon Portugal attractions?
The Belém Tower is one of the most iconic and best Lisbon attractions to have on your travel list. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Tagus River known for its Manueline architecture and historical significance.
Can you take day trips from Lisbon to other places?
Yes, travelers can take day trips from Lisbon to Sintra, and Cascais, which both are charming small towns near Lisbon.
Do Lisbon attractions offer guided tours for tourists?
Yes, many Lisbon attractions like the Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon City tour, and São Jorge Castle offer various guided tours, so tourists can get a more personalised experience.
Are there any Lisbon attractions for families to explore?
Yes, the city has various attractions for everyone! Families can take packages to explore the Lisbon Oceanarium, and Lisbon Zoo, and enjoy the city’s fine dining experiences.

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