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Alles über Termine, Zeitpläne und Trends der Paris Fashion Week 2024!

by Kristy

Fashion enthusiasts watch out! The most iconic event of the year, Paris Fashion Week 2024, is just a few weeks away! Yes. You read it right! The most awaited Fashion Week is back with new styles, innovations and creativity! Capture and be a part of every nuance and glamorous moment on the runway this year. Find out everything about the schedule, dates, trends and much more in this guide. Read on to find out more!

Paris Fashion Week 2024 schedule, Date And Highlight

Men’s Collections Fall/Winter 2024-202516. January 2024, Tuesday to January 21, 2024, SundayFall/Winter 2024-2025 collectionsWomen’s collections Fall/Winter 2024-202526. February 2024, Monday to March 5, 2024, TuesdayFall/Winter Collections 2024-2025 for WomenMen’s Collections Spring/Summer 2025June 18, 2024, Tuesday to June 23, 2024, SundayMen’s Fashion in the Spring/Summer Collections 2025Women’s Collections Spring/Summer 202523. September 2024, Monday to October 1, 2024, TuesdayWomen’s Collection Spring/Summer 2025Spring/Summer 2024January 22, 2024, Monday to January 25, 2024, ThursdayHaute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 CollectionsFall/Winter 2024-202524. June 2024, Monday to June 27, 2024, ThursdayHaute Couture Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Collections

Key highlights of Paris Fashion Week 2024

Key highlights of Paris Fashion Week 2024

Key highlights of Paris Fashion Week 2024 | oglooks

Opening ceremonies

Paris Fashion Week 2024 begins with a grand opening with several speeches, performances and a breathtaking presentation of fashion.

Fashion shows

There will be a variety of runway shows across multiple venues showcasing the latest trends and collections.

Designer showcases

Look out for presentations from renewed fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more, as well as presentations of new emerging talent.

Exhibitions and pop-up shops

In addition to catwalk shows, guests can experience pop-up shops, exhibitions, and a diverse fashion experience like never before.

After parties

Get ready for the glamorous after-parties where you can meet the fashion industry’s elite.

Paris Fashion Week 2024 spring trends


On the ramp at Pairs Fashion Week, guests saw a pastel shade of yellow. Christopher Esber, Loewe, and Zimmermann presented a new version of the famous yellow dress from “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”.

Low-rise belt

Designers like Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Miaou presented low-rise trousers, subtly interpreting the Y2K look. Statement belts were placed around the hips, offering a fresh alternative to the practical accessory.


This year has seen a surge in the popularity of oversized silhouettes and business-core fashion. But in spring, these two trends come together in the form of extra-large blazers and represent a convincing option that can also serve as outerwear in the transitional period. The runways of Issey Miyake, Marni, and Carven suggest that this piece is the ultimate tool for achieving a corporate aesthetic without appearing overly formal.


Carrie Bradshaw just called asking for a style revival. Paris experienced a rosette renaissance, with floral-embellished dresses taking the spotlight at Chloé and Balmain. Necklaces, tops, and skirts embraced Christian Cowan and Vaquera florals, while Cecilie Bahnsen and Loewe took things a step further with 3D floral details. It’s a fashion festival where everyone, regardless of their aesthetic, can find their signature look. Revolutionary, undoubtedly.

Trenchcoats 2.0

Trench coats, a perennial spring favorite (thanks to the April showers), are getting a makeover next season. With unexpected cuts, interesting fabric choices and bold prints, designers put their own spin on this must-have piece. Case in point: Acne’s runway featured an asymmetrical dress-like version with ruffled sleeves, Undercover showcased a sheer knee-length jacket with patchwork details, Y/Project opted for a hooded style, and Dries Van Noten debuted a rainproof coat a glamorous touch – pearl embellishments.

One shoulder tops

Fashion connoisseurs such as Dior, Courrèges, and Isabel Marant are taking advantage of the chic appeal of the cold shoulder trend for the coming spring season. From one-sleeved button-downs to asymmetrical going-out styles, these designers offer a range of one-shoulder tops. Ideal for those days in between when it’s not completely cold, but not completely hot either. With these styles, you can feel the gentle caress of the breeze on your skin.

Biker fashion

Biker Fashion is preparing for another stylish year. Get ready for a wave of moto jackets to dominate the scene, taking inspiration from the runway vibes of Louis Vuitton and Junya Watanabe. Be prepared for unexpected additions to your wardrobe, like dresses with a leather jacket aesthetic from Chloé and intriguing leather pants from Stella McCartney. Just a warning: you may want to save these pieces for a fashionable stroll instead of riding your motorcycle.

How can you participate in Paris Fashion Week 2024 Fall-Winter?

Are you planning to participate in Paris Fashion Week 2024 as a designer, influencer or media representative? You have to plan. Since most runway shows are invitation only, you need to secure your invitation well in advance. Punctuality is crucial for most fashion shows. Therefore, it is important to arrive early to get a prime seat or standing spot – unless you have secured a specific seat assignment.

You can also open your showroom if you are an industry professional and want to showcase your collection at the event. It will help you engage with the press, buyers, and potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with any required dress codes or photo-sharing guidelines before attending! All it takes is a little preparation to embark on an unforgettable Fashion Week journey!

Tickets for Paris Fashion Week 2024

Tickets for Paris Fashion Week 2024

Paris Fashion Week 2024 Tickets | oglooks

Looking for Paris Fashion Week 2024 tickets? There are several fashion events taking place during Paris Fashion Week where you can purchase tickets or RSVP. Keep an eye on the registration or application deadlines if you don’t want to miss out on tickets to the most anticipated fashion event!

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Get ready for an extraordinary spectacle at Paris Fashion Week 2024, where the stage is set to define the fashion trends for the coming year. The detailed schedule and dates will guide you through this fashion odyssey, whether you are a local enthusiast, a designer, a business participant or simply following the events virtually. Expect a wave of inspiration from the artistic brilliance that makes Paris the unrivaled fashion capital of the world.

Stay connected for real-time updates and standout moments throughout the week. We’re here to bring you the latest insights from the runways, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and comprehensive trend reports straight from the heart of Paris Fashion Week 2024. For more information, see Oglooks.


What date will Paris Fashion Week 2024 take place?
The jam-packed program of Paris Fashion Week FW 2024 extends from January 16th to 21st and guarantees six days filled with unsurpassed elegance and style.

In which months does Paris Fashion Week take place?
while men’s and haute couture shows take place in January and June/July.

How many times a year does Paris Fashion Week take place?
Paris Fashion Week takes place twice a year.

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