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9 Best Nail Polish Brands Everyone Should Use

by Kristy
Nail Polish Brands

Every woman has this one common question, “What are the Best nail polish brands?” “Best” means different things to different people because we all have different perspectives regarding consistency, colors, and components. There can be a wide range of the best nail polish brands even when formulas vary widely among them.

Because these brands keep producing such stylish hues, durable lacquers, and formulations, certain nail polish companies go above and beyond to make it hard to choose our favorite nail paints. These best nail polish brands won’t let you down whether your top priorities are a completely unbreakable chip-free finish, shade-shifting optical illusions, application simplicity, or anything that will dry before you can spell “formaldehyde-free.” Let us discuss the best nail polish brands.

9 Best Nail Polish Brands Everyone Should use

1.     Orly

Orly Nail Polish

Orly Nail Polish | Oglooks

Orly was established in the 1970s by Jeff Pink. Pink is the most popular now-standard French manicure. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the best gel nail polish brands, frequently introducing fresh shades of its classic lacquer, such as the most popular shimmering peach shade, Trendy, and Breathable 1-Step Manicure paint.

2.     Smith and Cult

Smith and Cult Nail Polish

Smith and Cult | Oglooks

The striking nail lacquer hues from Smith and Cult are simply fashionable and made with 8-free, vegan, chip-resistant formulations. It is one of the best nail polish brands. Each bottle has a decorative, sculptural gold top that looks nice enough to display on your vanity.

3.     Paintbox

Paint Box Nail Polish

Paint Box | Oglooks

Editors and beauty influencers use the NYC-based Paintbox salon, which is the best nail polish brand because of its carefully curated selection of distinctive nail art. With the brand’s well-liked single and power pair hues, customers can easily switch up the look of their manicure or pedicure at home. After two coats, this glittery color is completely opaque and will shimmer from all sides.

4.     Essie

Essis Nailpolish

Essis | Oglooks

It is a salon mainstay and a requirement for professional manicurists, beauty editors, and customers. It is arguably the most distinctive, classic,  well-known polish brand ever. Since it was first introduced in 1981, countless colors have been released, and new lines—and formula varieties—keep appearing on store shelves.

5.     Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen's Nail Polish

Sally Hansen’s | Oglooks

Sally Hansen’s formulas are quite loaded with nourishing argan oil, so they keep your nail beds hydrated while you wear them, unlike most polishes that leave your nails feeling like dried-out rubbish. You may pick a color you adore because there are 38 hues, the dry time is quick, and the application is opaque.

6.     Zoya

Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish | Oglooks

Finding a good nude hue can be difficult, which is why this curated collection from nail polish company Zoya is so amazing. You can layer your favorite colors for a unique look. For fair complexion, try Shimmer; for medium skin, Mia; for darker skin, Madeline; and for deeper skin, Joni. Additionally, these Zoya paints last a week without peeling.

7.     KBShimmer

KBShimmer Nailpolish

KBShimmer Nailpolish | Oglooks

With only a few coats of polish, KBShimmer transforms every manicure into a work of intricate nail art. The company’s holographic, thermal, magnetic, and traditional finish polishes are winning the company well-deserved recognition for its shade-shifting lacquers that appear to be magical, such as the reflecting Tapped Out, shown above. KBShimmer deserves a whole shelf in your collection if your manicure objective is high impact with less work.

8.     J. Hannah

J. Hannah's Nail Polish

J. Hannah’s Nail Polish | Oglooks

Consider J. Hannah’s collection of well-liked lacquers for non-toxic polishes with a little something extra. They are the perfect choice for anyone who likes neutrals and earth tones in the salon yet desires a polish that is distinctive as they are.

9.     ILNP

ILNP Nailpolish

ILNP Nailpolish | Oglooks

Contrary to most glitter polishes, which can appear odd when worn with the wrong attire, setting, or skin tone, ILNP’s holographic shades look fantastic on almost every skin tone, any time of the year. If you’re concerned about the laborious removal procedure, don’t panic; according to reviews, this solution comes off easily with only a little nail paint remover.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the most popular and the best nail Polish brands that you can try and make your impression. Nail paints are an essential fashion tool and allow you to have a more representable and stylish look. You can choose any best nail Polish brands that match your outfit requirements and establish your style statement. You can also follow the Oglooks website for more fashion-related updates.


Which is the best nail Polish brand?
There are many known and trusted nail Polish brands. The best nail polish brands are the ones that depend on individual characteristics such as your preferences, color shades, uniform, texture, and components. You can select a brand from the many mentioned above that suit your preferences.
Which brand of nail Polish lasts the longest?
The best long-lasting nail Polish brands are Zoya, paintbox, Orly, Smith and cult, and Essie.
Which nail paint is best for daily use?
There are several nail paint brands available in the market that offer you the best shades and textures. Some of the best nail paints for daily use are from brands such as New York, Mischo beauty, Morgan Taylor, Sally Hansen, and Zoya.
Which nail Polish is best?
Some of the best and most popular nail Polish brands are Nailtopia, Butter London, Le Mini Macaron, CND, Orly, and Essie.

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