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A Guide To Mobile Roaming In Germany: Everything You Need To Know

by Kristy

You must understand mobile roaming in Germany if you intend to use your phone when travelling to Germany. You can use your mobile phone when travelling thanks to mobile roaming in Germany, but you must be aware of a few things.

Mobile roaming in Germany

The fees you pay your home network operator when using your mobile phone while travelling are known as roaming charges. Charges can be expensive, particularly for data usage. However, certain network service providers supply their clients with cost-effective roaming packages. For instance, Three Mobile provides cost-effective options for mobile roaming in German.

Best mobile roaming in Germany

Before your trip, ensure that international roaming is enabled on your phone and account if you intend to use your mobile device while in Germany. Depending on when the plan begins, Three Mobile’s customers can choose from a number of plans for mobile roaming in Germany.

1. Pay Monthly Plan

Pay Monthly customers will be charged £2 per day for Germany roaming plans that begin after October 1, 2021.

If you’re on an Advance plan and your plan begins before October 1, 2021, your allocation includes calls and messages to the UK and among Go Roam in Europe destinations. If you have an Essential plan, you should see the price guides for that plan for more details.

2. Pay As You Go

Customers of the Three Your Way plan are eligible for up to 56 days of mobile roaming in Germany. You can purchase 3, 7, or 14-day Go Roam Passes if you’ve used up all of your roaming days or if you’re on a Standard plan.

Customers with leftover limits can use the roaming services provided by Three mobile roaming in Germany to send texts to UK and EU numbers as well as make calls to UK, German, or any other EU number. Calls and texts are free to receive. If you phone or text a UK or EU number after your allotted time, you will be charged 3p per minute, and 2p per text, if you do so. In Germany, using data when roaming costs 1p per MB, with a £45 data roaming cap.

You will be charged £2 for 24 hours if you need to unlock your UK allowance while travelling in a Go Roam in a European country. Remember that calls to overseas special numbers are not included in your monthly voice minute allotment and must be made at a rate of £2.75 per minute. Calls to international premium rate lines and some international personal numbers fall under this category.

Things to keep in mind for International Roaming

To ensure you have sufficient money to cover daily roaming fees, it’s advised that you review your Spend Cap before leaving the UK. All roaming in Go Roam destinations are subject to a 12GB fair usage restriction.

Please be aware that whenever you use up your plan’s allotment in a Go Roam in Europe destination, a roaming fee will be assessed. This includes calling or texting an outgoing number in the UK, sending a text to a UK mobile, calling or texting other Go Roam in Europe destinations, and using data services. The daily fee does not apply to the Republic of Ireland or the Isle of Man. The fair use guidelines of Three are applicable in Go Roam locations.

You will be charged £2.75 per minute if you need to call any international special numbers, such as the international premium rate and some international personal numbers, which are not included in your monthly voice minutes allotment. When you contact these numbers, Three will try their best to SMS you. On their website, you can view the complete list of numbers.

To phone or text a UK number, remember to substitute +44 for the first 0 in the number. Please refer to Three’s Price Guide or learn more about Go Roam on their website for additional details about roaming fees. Customers of the Essential Plan can also examine their roaming fees on their website if they are travelling outside of Go Roam in Europe’s locations.


Mobile roaming in Germany is a fantastic facility to stay connected to home while visiting Germany. Customers visiting Germany can take advantage of low-roaming options from Three Mobile. With the Go Roam package, you can use your cell phone without being concerned about additional fees. Do not forget to verify that your phone is compatible with the German network and that roaming is enabled. In order to use a German SIM card, you should make sure that your phone is unlocked. Finally, to prevent additional fees, always be conscious of data charges and use Wi-Fi whenever available. Read more about the best roaming plans in Germany on Three and the official website of OgLooks.


Can I use roaming in Germany?
Yes, If your home network provider permits it, you can utilise roaming in Germany. Roaming may need to be enabled before you go.
Can I use my mobile phone in Germany?
Yes, If your mobile device is compatible with the German network, you can use it in Germany. Additionally, make sure your phone is configured for roaming.
How does mobile data work in Germany?
Similar to how it does in most other nations, mobile data functions in Germany. The internet, email, and social media can all be accessed with mobile data.

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