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Back With A Bang: London Fashion Week 2024 Returns For Its 40th Anniversary!

by Kristy

Calling all fashionistas, get ready as London Fashion Week is back! From February 16th to 20th, the city will celebrate its 40th anniversary with dazzling shows by famous designers like Burberry, JW Anderson, and Simone Rocha. Plus, there’s new talent to discover, like Edward Crutchley with his stunning clothes and Dunhill, presenting their modern menswear for the first time in years. Let’s get ready for these four days of fashion, creativity, and a whole lot of wow for this London Fashion Week 2024.

London Fashion Week 2024 Schedule

● Friday 15 September

10 am – Stefan Cooke

2 pm – Di Petsa

3 pm – Huishan Zhang

5 pm – Fashion East

7 pm – Ahluwalia

8.30 pm– Mowalola (Off Schedule)

9 pm – Chopova Lowena

● Saturday 16 September

11 am – Jw Anderson

12 pm – Roksanda

1 pm – Feben

2 pm – Molly Goddard

3 pm – 16arlington

4 pm – Sinead O’dwyer

5 pm – David Koma

6 pm – Labrum

6 pm – Ashley Williams (Off Schedule)

7 pm – Richard Quinn

8 pm – Mains

8 pm – Matty Bovan

9:30 pm – Unhidden Spectacular (Presentation)

● Sunday 17 September

10 am – Masha Popova

12 pm – Susan Fang

1 pm – Tove

2 pm – Holzweiler

4 pm – Simone Rocha

5 pm – Yuhan Wang

6 pm – Erdem

7 pm – Knwls

● Monday 18 September

11 am – Emilia Wickstead

12 pm – Supriya Lele

1 pm – Chet Lo

2 pm – Ashish

4 pm – Burberry

6 pm – Aaron Esh

7pm – Dilara Findikoglu

● Tuesday 19 September

10.30 am – Connor Ives

When And Where Is London Fashion Week 2024 Happening?

London’s beating heart will hum with vibrant energy as London Fashion Week celebrates its 40th anniversary with a dazzling hybrid showcase from February 16th to 20th, 2024. Ditch the fur and prepare to be wowed by iconic names like Burberry, rising stars like BFC NEWGEN talents, and everything that makes London a global style icon.

The BFC NEWGEN Show Space at The Old Selfridges Hotel will be buzzing with a fresh wave of talent, showcasing the future of fashion right before your eyes. This is more than just runway shows – it’s a digital-physical explosion of creativity, taking over venues across the city.

What To Expect From London Fashion Week 2024?

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion aficionado or just a curious observer, London Fashion Week 2024 has something for everyone. Here’s what will happen in the entire fashion week filled with designers and entertainment! Embrace the creativity, soak up the atmosphere, and prepare to be inspired by the future of fashion!

Day 1

Start your fashion marathon with the otherworldly creations of Edward Crutchley. Then, dive into the bold prints of Sinéad O’Dwyer and the avant-garde tailoring of Chet Lo. Don’t miss the much-anticipated return of Dunhill, presenting their sleek menswear under the fresh direction of Simon Holloway. Wrap up the day with the edgy vibes of Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East and the post-apocalyptic drama of Natasha Zinko.

Day 2

Romance takes centre stage with 16Arlington’s playful femininity and Simone Rocha’s whimsical silhouettes. LABRUM and HARRI offer a co-ed twist on romanticism, while cultural influences and bold tailoring reign supreme at ROKSANDA and Robyn Lynch. Catch top-tier brands like Burberry and JW Anderson showcasing their signature styles, and discover new talents like Oslo’s Holzweiler and BFA winner Dilara Findikoglu.

Day 3

Get ready for edgy streetwear with KNWLS and the avant-garde elegance of SUSAN FANG. Don’t miss the rising stars of Fashion East and the established names like Erdem and David Koma pushing the boundaries of fashion. Keep an eye out for surprises – London is known for its unexpected moments of sartorial genius!

Day 4

Celebrate the diverse voices of London’s fashion scene, from up-and-coming labels to established houses. As the week wraps up, soak in the last runway shows, from the avant-garde vision of Richard Quinn to the refined tailoring of Emilia Wickstead. Remember, the streets are a runway too, so keep your eyes peeled for street-style stars rocking the latest trends.

6 Brands That You Must Look Out For In The London Fashion Week 2024

1. Burberry

Daniel Lee, the Creative Director of Burberry is aiming to bring out a fresh outlook to the century-old luxury brand Burberry. Lee’s debut collection at London Fashion Week earlier this year gave Burberry a modern twist while still respecting its history.

His Fall/Winter 2023 runway was bold, and the Spring 2024 collection played with psychedelic British checks as a nod to Savile Row craftsmanship. Burberry, set to return to London Fashion Week on September 18, is expected to showcase Lee’s most extensive collection yet, showcasing his efforts to update the brand’s design for today’s audience.

2. Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, is revealing his latest designs at London Fashion Week 2024. After making a debut in Milan Fashion Week in 2022, he’s back in London with a Fall/Winter 2023 collection inspired by artificial intelligence and sustainability.

The show is happening at the exclusive Langan’s Club in Mayfair, and Bovan aims to top his previous collections. It’s an exciting return for the designer, known for his unique knitwear, set to captivate audiences once again in September.

3. Harri

London-based designer HARRI, originally from Kerala, is getting ready for his first fashion show with the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN. His inflatable latex clothing has become famous worldwide for its funny designs, and even Sam Smith wore a custom HARRI outfit at the 2023 BRIT AWARDS. Following a successful London Fashion Week show, HARRI is now presenting his Spring/Summer 2024 collection at London’s Old Selfridges Hotel, featuring playful and billowing garments. His quirky balloon-inspired designs continue to make waves in the British fashion scene this September.

4. Aaron Esh

Aaron Esh, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, is gaining attention in the fashion world and is set to debut at London Fashion Week 2024 under BFC NEWGEN. He was also nominated for the LVMH Prize this year. Although he didn’t win, Aaron Esh is not slowing down and is about to showcase his romantic menswear collection.

His designs blend tailored styles with a touch of sensitivity, inspired by the feeling of falling in love in early adulthood. Using ideas from women’s fashion and high-end techniques, Esh adds a refined touch to basic men’s clothing.

5. MAINS London

Skepta, the British rapper, is launching his fashion brand, MAINS London! The brand gained popularity in 2018 when Skepta and Naomi Campbell wore matching MAINS London underwear and their photo went viral.

Skepta has been working on this passion project for years, giving sneak peeks of new streetwear designs at events like the 2023 Wimbledon finals and Formula 1’s Silverstone track. MAINS London’s debut runway show will feature a graphic-heavy collection of “staple, crazy, beautiful, wearable clothing” designed with Chief Designer Mikey Pearce.

6. Holzweiler

Holzweiler, a fashion label from Oslo, usually has a big show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Now, for Spring/Summer 2024, they’re trying something new and heading to London. The brand’s first-ever runway in the UK, led by Creative Director Maria Holzweiler, is expected to be a standout event.

Holzweiler often finds inspiration outdoors, as seen in their last collection that used recycled parachutes and had an aviation theme. Their approach involves taking everyday clothes and reconstructing them with eco-friendly materials.

Booking The Tickets For London Fashion Week 2024

Booking tickets for London Fashion Week 2024 might be a bit difficult as the event is mainly for industry professionals and the press. However, there might be some passes that people can snag away:

For Industry Professionals

  1. Register with the British Fashion Council (BFC): The BFC website allows designers, buyers, and press to register for access to shows, presentations, and events. Registration usually opens a few months before the event and requires proof of industry affiliation.
  2. Contact individual designers or brands directly: Some brands may offer limited slots for industry professionals to their presentations or showcases. Reach out to their PR teams or inquire through their websites.
  3. Purchase tickets through official partners: Certain LFW events, like Fashion East’s show, might offer a limited number of tickets available for purchase through platforms like Eventbrite. Keep an eye on your LFW updates and the BFC website for announcements.

For Public

  1. London Fashion Week 2024 Talks and Events: Some London Fashion Week 2024 talks and events might be open to the public either in person or online. Check the schedule and booking information on the LFW website or social media channels.
  2. Public Installations and Exhibitions: Certain brands or designers may present installations or exhibitions accessible to the public. Look for announcements on the LFW website, individual brand websites, or in the media.
  3. Live streams and Social Media: Many shows and presentations are live-streamed or captured on social media, offering a virtual taste of the LFW experience. Follow official LFW channels and your favourite brands for updates.

Fashion Trends That Will Take On The World After London Fashion Week 2024

1. Sartorial Sculpture

Some brands went all out with the idea of ‘wearable art,’ turning their runway looks into almost like sculptures. HARRI, the designer behind the inflatable jumpsuit Sam Smith wore at the Brit Awards, showcased balloon trousers, dresses, and jackets.

JW Anderson used clay to create a hoodie and shorts, experimenting with unconventional materials. KWK by Kwok revamped the hoop skirt by layering large discs, creating a look reminiscent of giant futuristic flowers.

2. Fancy Footwear

This season, shoes became a big deal in fashion. Simone Rocha surprised everyone by teaming up with Crocs, giving the rubber shoes a makeover with a fancy heel adorned with pearls and crystals.

Other designers like Sinéad O’Dwyer and HARRI also featured unique footwear, including sandals and Vibram’s hiking shoes. Molly Goddard added knee-high lace-up boots to the mix. So, what was happening with shoes was almost as important as everything else on the runway this season.

3. Yore Era’s Party Dresses

This fashion runway will take you on a trip through time. Richard Quinn designed a fancy ivory dress that looked like a 1700s ball gown, and Molly Goddard showcased outfits from different eras, like 1920s tea dresses and 1950s-style tulle frocks.

Goddard found inspiration in historical undergarments. Meanwhile, Matty Bovan’s collection had an ’80s American vibe with ruffles, big hair, and glitter leggings, described as “chopped up and reborn” for a unique and captivating look.

4. Sheer Fabrics

Simone Rocha’s fashion show in east London had a dark romantic vibe, featuring models on a black stage with a faux church, wearing flowy tulle filled with real pink roses. Susan Fang introduced a unique technique called “air-weave smocking” in her show.

Erdem showcased a sheer English country garden style, while David Koma and Daniel Lee’s Burberry went for whimsical lace and bold neon, making stylish statements. So, gather around all the fashion bloggers and influencers as sheer fabrics are making their play!

5. Beading Accessories

In the Spring-Summer 2024 fashion collections, beads were a big deal. Designers like Erdem added them to slip dresses, while Simone Rocha and Di Petsa featured fancy headpieces. Susan Fang went all out, using beads on handbags, hair accessories, and sunglasses.

The standout was a special piece made from 600 handcrafted bead trees, put together by moms from Chinese minority groups. It was meant to look like DNA and symbolize love and spirit, according to Fang.

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London Fashion Week 2024 is poised to paint the town red from February 16th to the 20th. Expect a whirlwind of creative explosions, from established icons like Burberry and ROXANDA pushing boundaries to fresh talents like Aaron Esh and DI PETSA rewriting the rulebook.

Sustainability and inclusivity will be woven into the very fabric of the week, while futuristic visions and playful reinventions of heritage promise to keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether you’re a street style maestro or a front-row fixture, be sure to pack your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and maybe even a pair of sturdy dancing shoes – London Fashion Week 2024 is ready to redefine the runway and make even the most jaded observer swoon. For more information, visit Oglooks.


Who can attend London Fashion Week 2024?
Access to the shows is limited to those with exclusive invitations or tickets. You can either be invited by the designer’s press team or apply for a ticket independently.
Do you need tickets for London Fashion Week 2024?
Yes, London Fashion Week’s a celeb-studded, invite-only scene for most shows.  But people can check out public talks, exhibitions, and live streams or you can try to snag limited-release tickets for select shows.
When will London Fashion Week 2024 take place?
The Council of Fashion Designers of America has announced the early schedule for New York Fashion Week’s fall 2024 season, set to take place from February 9 to 14.

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