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Discover Best Seaside Hotels In Mykonos At Affordable Prices

by Kristy

Mykonos, a captivating Greek island well known for its pristine beaches and colourful nightlife, boasts a choice of affordable lodges that epitomise Cycladic beauty. Nestled along the azure Aegean Sea, these resorts combine traditional allure with modern-day comforts. From the long-lasting whitewashed facades to panoramic sea views, each hotel offers a completely unique experience. 

The best part is that hotels in Mykonos are located near the beaches and chic boutique alternatives like Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge provide private settings, while the opulent Belvedere Hotel gives a sophisticated escape. The facilities in these hotels come with all the modern amenities. Whether seeking tranquillity or perfect escape, hotels in Mykonos promise an unforgettable stay. 

Four reasons that set hotels in Mykonos apart 

This is no exaggeration but here are four primary reasons why hotels in Mykonos are more than just hotels for visitors and travellers.  

  • Stunning Views and Scenery: Mykonos boasts breathtaking views of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, white-washed buildings, and captivating landscapes. Many hotels on the island are well-placed to provide panoramic views of the ocean. Waking as much as scenic beauty complements the overall holiday experience of staying in Mykonos.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: Mykonos is understood for its upscale tourism, and because of this, the island is home to several excessive-stop and boutique accommodations. These resorts regularly have all the modern facilities along with infinity pools, spa centres, non-public balconies or terraces, and personalised services. The hotels in Mykonos are designed to provide a comfortable and extravagant enjoyment for visitors in search of a hint of luxury during their time in the city.
  • Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment: Mykonos is famous for its endless vibrant and beautiful nightlife, with several bars, golf equipment, and beach events that entice site visitors from around the world. Many inns on the island are located close to famous nightlife bars and clubs. Allowing guests without difficulty to immerse themselves in the colourful surroundings. For those searching for an active and social experience, Mykonos has no shortage of social experience. 
  • Cultural and Historical Attractions: Mykonos isn’t just about beaches and parties; it also has a rich cultural and historical background. Hotels on the island regularly comprise traditional architecture and design factors, imparting visitors an actual experience. Additionally, Mykonos is home to landmarks such as the iconic windmills, Little Venice, and diverse museums. Staying in a well-placed motel can provide easy entry to these cultural attractions, permitting visitors to discover the island’s history and appeal.

Top 4 hotels in Mykonos for all types of Travellers  

1. Hotel Madalena 

Hotel Madalena 

Hotel Madalena | Oglooks

The Madalena Hotel is one of the most enticing hotels to stay in for visitors because of its outstanding architectural design and modern facilities. The nearest beach is just 400 metres from the property. Inside the hotel, there is a large outdoor swimming pool, a lovely terrace for an oceanic view, and 24/7 hotel services for the guests. The hotel rooms are fully furnished and all the essential amenities are included. 

Since there are many tourist attractions sites near the hotel it gives ample opportunity for the visitors to explore the place around. Make sure to visit Mykonos Windmills which is only 1.2 km away. The hotel is highly rated by couples.

2. Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas 

If you are looking for a getaway from bustling city life and take a moment at a place that is nothing short of a heavenly experience then, Mykonos Bay Resorts & Villas is one of the best hotels in Mykonos. The decoration and setting make it seem like a  paradise. Beautifully decorated lounges with a swimming pool with an open sky view, and an outdoor setting with a soothing beach view are nothing short of heaven on earth experience. Simply lovely and perfect for both families and couples. Make sure to spend quality time outside the pool with the view of the setting sunset, and Island’s trademark windmills. 

Plus the Mediterranean buffet breakfast is something worthwhile to consider with real authentic taste of the local cuisines served each morning. And the bar at the resort is also offering some world-class cocktails to try! The best part is that the airport is just 2 km away from the property.

3. Damianos Mykonos Hotel

Damianos Mykonos Hotel

Damianos Mykonos Hotel | Oglooks

If you are looking for a luxury stay in the city at an affordable booking price, Damianos Mykonos Hotel is perfect for you. The property offers luxurious accommodations and there are plenty of opportunities for tourist attraction sites near the hotel. The rooms are not only luxurious but super comfortable to stay in. While there is no shortage of modern amenities as well.

Make sure to try out clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, and taverns near the property if you are looking for more adventure during your holiday stay. Get ready to make the perfect holiday memory at the hotel.

4. Palladium hotel 

Palladium hotel 

Palladium hotel | Oglooks

The Palladium Hotel is also one of the most recommended and stay hotels in Mykonos. This property offers a luxurious stay with hotel rooms that enhance your holiday experience. The guests staying at the hotel can expect warm hospitality, smooth hotel services, and a lavish spa and bar experience. The outdoor swimming pool is heated and it has comfortable lounges for the guests. So, if you are preparing for a romantic couple vacation experience Palladium Hotel is what you are looking for.


This season your best experience of a lifetime is one step away. Whether you are travelling alone or you are travelling with friends, Mykonos is a perfect getaway place on Earth. The rich history, enticing traditional cuisines and lovely beaches will leave you amazed. If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels in Mykonos, is the perfect place. 

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Are hotels in Mykonos budget-friendly?
Yes, the hotels in Mykonos are cheap and affordable for those who are travelling cheaply. For more budget-friendly hotels check out
Do hotels in Mykonos offer seaside views?
Yes, many hotels in Mykonos offer amazing oceanic views and mesmerising sea views. If you are looking for hotels with seaside views check out
What facilities are provided in Mykonos hotels?
Swimming pool
Spa and wellness centre
Free Wifi
Airport Shuttle ( free)
Free parking space
Free breakfast 

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