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6 Best European Winter Destinations To Visit

by Kristy

Europe has several characters in the winter. You’ll find the top winter places in Europe here, whether you’re searching for desolate crisp, and cold cities, breathtaking snowy landscapes, or classic Christmas markets and festivities. Millions of tourists turn to European winter destinations every year as a fresh and exciting location to travel to, appreciate, and discover.

You’re in the perfect location if you enjoy winter sports and adventure and love exploring cities with the prospect of hot cocoa. You may experience a roaring fire when you get back to your hotel and appreciate the settings from fairy tale Christmas stories. Let us assist you in locating the best European winter destinations. We recommend booking cheap flights to Europe from the official website of Brussels Airlines.


Top 6 European Winter Destinations

1.Sweden’s Abisko

Sweden's Abisko

Sweden’s Abisko | Oglooks

The Abisko National Park in Lapland, Sweden’s most northerly train station, is for serious winter enthusiasts and travelers having winter vacations in Europe at the adjacent renowned Icehotel in Kiruna. Abisko is one of the best European winter destinations.  Because of its low degrees of light pollution and proximity to the Arctic Circle, Abisko has one of Scandinavia’s best reviews for Northern Lights sightings. For a better opportunity to see the mesmerizing aurora borealis, visit during the few weeks in December and January when the sun remains underneath the horizon during the Polar night.

2. Andalucia

Andalucia, widely recognized as Spain’s most stunning province, is an adventure that will live on in your mind for a long time. Andalucia, one of the warmest regions in Europe in December, is a melting pot of Moorish, Western, and African traditions and may be one of the best European winter destinations.

Andalusia has a lot to offer tourists who are passionate about history and architecture, with famous cities like Seville, Granada, and Malaga. In the winter, Andalusia experiences weather that is significantly different from the rest of Europe. Even on the coldest days, the temperature maintains above 10 degrees, making it the optimal setting to go touring.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Europe

Amsterdam in Europe | Oglooks

Amsterdam sparkles in winter and transforms into a wonderful city in the run-up to Christmas, with festivities that last the entire month of December. Amsterdam is one of the best European winter destinations. Additionally, with all the parties and club nights, it’s a great venue to ring in the New Year. Wintertime offers you the chance to explore frozen canals, quiet cafes, empty museums, and hip bars without the summertime congestion and prices. Be assured to check out the Museumplein’s transformation into a winter paradise with a traditional Christmas market and the Amsterdam Light Festival, which takes place throughout December and January.

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4. Bregenzerwald

The Zermatt of snowmobiling and cross-country skiing is the Bregenz Forest and it is one of the best European winter destinations. You have a decent possibility of spending a lot of time alone enjoying this winter beauty because there are several kilometers of paths available. It is the ideal location for astronomy and night hikes due to its clean air and beautiful skies. The region is famous for its full-moon snowshoeing excursions in the forest, and its “cuddle trail,” a five-kilometer romantic route best experienced under the stars.

Even if the hut is closed during the winter, you can get a cup of hot chocolate at the neighboring country inn and restaurant on the way to your destination. The endless starry sky makes for an easy stroll on the powdered snow, making it one of the best European winter destinations.

5. Romania’s Transylvania

Romania's Transylvania

Romania’s Transylvania | Oglooks

Transylvania is one of the best European winter destinations. On a bright day with calves blathering in the fields, you can’t go to Dracula’s lair? Try naked trees, steel-gray skies, and a dusting of snow. Two hours apart by rail, Braşov and Sighişoara are stunning medieval villages with many associations with Vlad epeş, the historical Dracula, but it is unlikely that he ever set foot inside his alleged castle.

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6. Athens

Although it’s a real bummer to try to edit 500 people out of your prize-winning Parthenon picture, it’s not a problem in Athens in the winter. In the winter, Athens’ typical temperature is around 13C. The finest moment to learn about the nation’s ancient past and get a taste of local culture is now.

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The Bottom Line

Concluding the above article are some of the best European winter destinations. Many people might believe that going on vacation in the summer is the only sensible option, but there are benefits to being outside in the chilly weather as well. Christmas enchantment, the rush of ski runs down intimidating slopes, and the romanticism of carriage rides beneath the chilly, bright skies all come with winter. While hardly every European city can survive the winter, some thrive in the freezing weather. So, organize your trip to Europe using the information above, and create lifelong experiences. You can discover cheap flights to Europe using the information on the Oglooks website.


What is the best European country to visit in winter?
Europe is a beautiful country that has various beautiful destinations to visit in the winter season. You can explore the above article to discover the best European winter destinations. Apart from that, some other countries you can visit in the winter season are Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Rome, and Paris.
Where is the warmest place in Europe in winter?
One of the warmest places in Europe in winter is the Canary Islands. Their temperature ranges from 14 degrees Celsius to 23-degree celsius and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.
Where do Europeans go on vacation in winter?
Europeans go on vacations in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and Tenerife. These are the warmest places in Europe and are worth visiting.
Where is the best place in Europe for winter sun?
The best European winter destinations are mentioned in the above article. You can plan your trip to these locations to have the experience of a lifetime. Some of the other locations are Malta, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Madeira, and Spain.

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