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Flüge in die Ukraine – Abenteuer und Magie liegen immer in der Luft

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Ukraine is one of the most exciting travel destinations around the world. Although for the past few years, it has gone through a lot of challenges because of Russia Ukraine war. Hence many of you may be wondering if taking flights to Ukraine will not be worthwhile under such circumstances or if will there be any places to explore. The answer is definitely yes. Ukraine despite going through so many conflicts and war in a few years still hold amazing fascinating places to explore and cherish. Moreover, there are endless flights that still give the best and most frequent services to Ukraine.

Exciting Top 5 Places to Visit in Ukraine to Make the travel itinerary Momentum 

Ukraine is one of the fast-growing developing countries in Europe and has endless things to offer. Without visiting Ukraine your travel to Europe lies mission incomplete. It’s a country with rigorous industrial growth, scientific advancement, educational centres, and a huge fascination when it comes to cultural experience in Europe. That being said, let’s dive into some obvious places or things you could do while dropping in the country.   

1. Visit Saint Sophia Cathedral 

Visit Saint Sophia Cathedral 

Visit Saint Sophia Cathedral | oglooks

If you are taking flights to Ukraine then surely your travel is incomplete without dropping by to visit Saint Sophia Cathedral. It’s one of the first heritage sites in Ukraine to be included in the world heritage. The place is a popular place in the city of Kyiv Ukraine. The ancient beautiful design of the cathedral stands purely stunning at first glance. There are museums and monuments which showcase the history of the Kievan Rus empire. In general, the cathedral has a long history which takes us back to different ages transformation it took place. The inside walls are filled with murals and inscriptions of ancient times.

2. Visit to be awe by Underwater Museum 

Der Underwater Museum is located at Cape Tarkhankut. This underwater museum is destined to leave each visitor amazed by it. Get ready to feel speechless with fifty different busts which are called an Alley of leaders, representing Soviet leaders. The water is as clear as the blue sky, with a visibility of 30 feet deep. The alley of leaders is also visible to be admired from the water’s surface.  The Cape Tarkhankt is located in the western Crimean peninsula, with pleasant weather throughout the seasons. If you are visiting during summertime, be ready to face the sunny and hot days during the daytime with warm and windy experiences and at night perfect with cool windy, and quiet experiences. It’s a lifetime experience to explore this museum which is rare of a thing to find.

3. Get your adrenaline high with parties in Odessa

Partying at Odessa is an extreme feeling of excitement that drives your adrenaline high with music and meeting new people at the party. The inside ambience has a luxurious and spacious atmosphere perfect to be carried away while partying in the evening. The building’s architecture is said to have been inspired by French Rococo. Considering the fact that it has been a been ruled by the Soviet Union is one of the most thrilling places for all weekends. Partying in a modern bar and partying with live music that has an ancient history with ancient architecture is epic and bliss. Moreover, encountering a blend of people from different cultures helps you to explore people who have common interests. 

4. Visit Kamianets-Podilsky Castle 

Visit Kamianets-Podilsky Castle 

Visit Kamianets-Podilsky Castle | oglooks

Add more adventures to your travel itinerary by visiting this magnificent Kaminaets-Podilsky castle that shines through its long history of Podelia built in the 14th century. Magnificent is the word probably an overrated word to describe a castle like this but indeed the castle is just brilliantly magnificent. The castle in the present time serves as an open museum to visitors and tourists. What makes the castle beautiful is the surrounding landscapes, stunning sceneries, and pleasant weather throughout the season to simply take a calm walk through the castle. If you think about the wonders of Ukraine, Kamianets-Podilsky Castle is one of the seven wonders in Ukraine that is worthwhile adding to your bucket list.   

5. Mesmerised by The Tunnel of Love

Apart from visiting ancient architecture, castles, and beaches around the world is ideal but your flights to Ukraine are surely worthwhile if you are visiting Tunnel of Love. But not necessary you have to be a couple to visit this place. If you are then it’s fantastic. It’s located in Kleven city, the design is an industrial railway with surroundings by trees that intertwine and a forest covering the area. The tunnel of love becomes more enchanting if you are there in the evening with the sunlight hitting the tunnel giving harmony to your soul. Hence it’s the perfect place to explore to make a memory of a lifetime with your perfect one.

Get the best and cheap booking flights to Ukraine at Lastminte

Get the best and cheap booking flights to Ukraine at Lastminte

Get the best and cheap booking flights to Ukraine at Lastminte | oglooks

Many a time travelling is only feasible when you have the needed information about flights and plus the cheap flights to make your travelling even more affordable, convenient, and thrilling. Here are the top airlines that have frequent flights to Ukraine on Lastmintue.com. 

  1. Air France: it’s one of the top airlines with France flag carrier, and has many flights available to major and popular cities in Ukraine. The airline has many ticket options, a fantastic accommodating experience onboard, hospitable service on the plane, and affordable ticket pricing. It’s also one of the largest airlines in France. If you are traveling to Europe Air France is a fantastic choice. 
  2. British Airways: British Airways is a 4-star rated airline, with excellent amenities, hospitable customer survival on board, and quality food & beverages. Get your traveling to most of the European countries and especially if you are taking flights to Ukraine then British Airways is a good choice, after all, it’s a 4 star rated. The airlines keep offering seasonal discounts, with rewards points throughout the year. Get your booking if you happen to be traveling during the sales season on the tickets. 
  3. Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines is one of the airlines with network connectivity to 120 countries. If you are planning trips to Ukraine then Turkish Airlines is an excellent choice. The onboard staff service is great, good quality, and the beverages are exceptional, overall experience the overwhelming hospitable service. Above all, it has frequent flights to Ukraine, ticket prices are affordable and the Turkish Airlines is safe to travel to Ukraine. 
  4. Luftheansa: has frequent flights that take you to major cities in Ukraine. If you are connecting to Kyiv and Lviv on vacation Lufthansa is a great airline to go. Moreover, if you are travelling from Germany, Frankfurt, or Munich get these connecting routes to these cities. The airline has great amenities and hospitable inboard. If you are a budget-friendly traveller get some huge discounts on flight bookings with seasonal offers and enjoy the reward points.  

Moreover, lastminute.com also has other airlines to Ukraine such as Australian Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Wizzair, Aeroflot, and KLM. 


Irrespective of whether you are travelling on vacation, business meetings, or travelling around Europe, lastmiute.com has flights not just to Ukraine but brings to you all the best and cheap flights there is to meet your travel expectation. Lastiminute.com is a great choice to get all the tickets booked especially if you are looking for cheap tickets to Ukraine you have all on the website.  For more information visit OG sieht aus.

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Are any airlines flying to Ukraine?
There are many top airlines that have frequent flights to Ukraine.  Turkish Airlines has the most constant flights to Ukraine. For more updates visit lastminute.com 
Are there cheap flights to Ukraine?
Yes, there are airlines that give exciting discounts and offers on air tickets to Ukraine. Visit lastmintute.com to get the most affordable flight bookings on the top airlines. 
Is Ukraine International still flying?
There are no constant flights with airlines for a year now. They have extended the suspension of airline services both regular and charter flights until April 10, 2023. However, there are other top airlines that operate in Ukraine.

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