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Trending Women’s Hair Accessories For Daily Use

by Kristy

Are you tired of messy hair and need hair accessories to keep them in place? There are several women’s hair accessories on FatFace that will lessen your daily hair hassle. 

Women’s hair accessories not only help in maintaining your hair, but they are a convenient way to try out different hairstyles according to your face shape. Some hair accessories can accentuate your look by simply adding them to your hairstyle; they can effortlessly add an interesting element to your overall look. Let’s check out the different types and varieties of women’s hair accessories on FatFace. 

1. Different types of women’s hair accessories

1. Women’s hair accessories are more than just the conventional way of tying your hair. Hair accessories, like hairbands, come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes to match your overall look. The following are the different types of hair bands available in the market.  

2. Knot hairband: This type of hairband is mostly used when you are dressing up for casual outings. It’s an effortless way to style your hair in multiple ways to match your outfits. The knot hairband is both versatile and fashionable to use. The common materials used in making knot hairbands are silk or velvet. 

3. Tiara-style hairband: This type of hairband is generally compatible with both casual and formal outfits. They look great with any type of outfit. The tiara-style hairband looks best when styled with wedding gowns. 

4. Bow hairbands: The bow hairbands could be used for daily hair styling. They are super effortless to style anytime, anywhere. The bow-type design of the hairband also gives an adorable look. Elevate your fashion while travelling, at parties, or on lunch dates. The bow hairband type comes in different varieties as well. 

5. Hair scrunchies: Hair scrunches are the most trending hairbands among girls and women. It’s also the most frequently used women’s hair accessories. Made with a smooth fabric that is pleasant to your hair, it is available in multiple colourful designs. 

6. Printed headwraps: The printed headwraps are a great type of women’s hair accessories for spring and summer! When it’s styled up with t-shirt dresses, long shrugs, or maxis it gives out a super sassy look, making you look chic. It can be a fun element to add to your look.  

2. Top collection of women’s hair accessories to shop this season 

The FatFace collection of hair accessories is some of the best to keep your hair looking stylish and comfortable. 

1. 5 Pack painted paisley scrunchies 

5 Pack painted paisley scrunchies | Oglooks

5 Pack painted paisley scrunchies | Oglooks

If you are looking for hair accessories to sway your hair with style and also prevent hair breakage then check out this 5 pack of painted paisley scrunchies. They are great for both styling and tying your hair without any hair strains. The scrunchies are made from sustainable material, which not only leaves a carbon footprint but are perfect for daily hair styling too. They come in different colourful designs which you can pair with different outfits. 

2. Evergreen floral headband 

Evergreen floral headband | Oglooks

Evergreen floral headband | Oglooks

Are you looking for a beautiful hairband for casual outings? The Evergreen floral headband is a fantastic choice. The hairband makes it easy to style your hair however you want. If you need a simple hairband to do a decent hairstyle then the evergreen floral is a must-buy. You can also try multiple hairstyles with the hairband for a new look. It is suitable for use by women with long and short hair. 

3. Twilight floral headband 

If you are looking for a colourful hairband for daily use the Twilight floral headband is a must-buy. It’s suitable for styling your hair in different casual outfits. What sets the hairband apart is the printed colourful flowers on it. It accentuates your overall look and is recommended to use during brunch dates, girls’ outings, shopping, or while going to college. Moreover, the hairband is easy to style on both short and long hair. 

4. 2 pack resin claw clips 

2 pack resin claw clips | Oglooks

2 pack resin claw clips | Oglooks

The 2 pack resin claw clips are excellent women’s hair accessories for everyday use. You could use the claw clips to experiment with different hairstyles. Since the two claws have interesting detailing on them, you can pair them with different outfits. If you simply need to add a new fresh look on different occasions then Resin claw clips are highly recommended. 


Needless to say, women’s hair accessories are some of the most important accessories to keep your hair up neatly. They can come in handy anytime, anywhere. Having one in your backpack or purse will save you from a messy hair look. Whether you are looking for hair scrunchies, claws, clips, etc. FatFace offers a variety of them at pocket-friendly prices. 

Need a new hairstyle within minutes? Look no further because the best collection of women’s hair accessories is available on FatFace. For more information, visit OGlooks.

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What are the different names of women's hair accessories?

There are multiple types of names for women’s hair accessories according to the design. Some commonly used terminologies are:

1. Hair scrunchies
2. Hair claws or clips
3. Hair rings
4. Tiara-style hairbands
5. Braided hairband
6. Bow hairbands
7. Knot hairbands

What are the new trending hair accessories?
There are some newly trending hair accessories that are widely worn such as jersey headbands, shell hair clips, scrunchies, scarf headbands, and hair bowls.
What material is good for hairbands?
There are multiple varieties of materials used for hairbands such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, or fabric, and more. If you need gentle care for your hair, then silk is the most appropriate material for preventing hair breakage. 

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