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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Things To Do In Edinburgh

by Kristy

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural attractions. With so many best things to do in Edinburgh, it can be overwhelming to plan your itinerary. 

Some of the best things to do in Edinburgh: 

1. Explore Edinburgh’s Historic Landmarks 

Explore Edinburgh's Historic Landmarks 

Explore Edinburgh’s Historic Landmarks

Edinburgh is home to some of the most iconic historic landmarks in Scotland, including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace. Edinburgh Castle is perched on top of a hill overlooking the city, and visitors can explore its history as a royal residence, military fortress, and prison. Visiting castles is one of the best things to do in Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile is a historic street that connects Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the monarch in Scotland. Visitors can walk along the cobbled streets, admire the historic architecture, and stop at shops, cafes, and museums along the way.

2. Discover Edinburgh’s Cultural Attractions

Edinburgh is known for its vibrant cultural scene, with a wide range of museums, galleries, and theaters. The National Museum of Scotland is a must-visit attraction, showcasing the country’s history and culture through interactive exhibits and displays. 

The Scottish National Gallery is home to a vast collection of art, from Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary works. For theater lovers, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an annual event that attracts performers from around the world to showcase their talents in venues throughout the city.

3. Sample Edinburgh’s Food and Drink

Sample Edinburgh's Food and Drink

Sample Edinburgh’s Food and Drink

Edinburgh is also known for its culinary delights, with a range of traditional Scottish dishes, modern cuisine, and local craft beers and whisky. Some of the must-try foods include haggis, a savory pudding made from sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, and served with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes). 

For a sweet treat, try a traditional Scottish shortbread, or sample the city’s famous deep-fried Mars Bars. Edinburgh is also home to a thriving craft beer scene, with local breweries such as Innis & Gunn and Stewart Brewing offering tours and tastings. And of course, no trip to Scotland would be complete without sampling the country’s world-renowned whisky, with distilleries such as Glenfiddich and Talisker offering tours and tastings. This is one of the best things to do Edinburgh.

4. Experience Edinburgh’s Natural Beauty

Experience Edinburgh's Natural Beauty

Experience Edinburgh’s Natural Beauty

Edinburgh is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, from the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders to the rugged coastline of East Lothian. Visitors can take a scenic drive through the countryside, go hiking in the Pentland Hills, or explore the sandy beaches of the Firth of Forth. For a unique perspective on the city, take a walk up Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that offers panoramic views of Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside. It is one of the best things to do in Edinburgh.

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In conclusion, Edinburgh offers a wealth of experiences for visitors to enjoy, from exploring historic landmarks and cultural attractions to sampling traditional foods and drinks and experiencing the natural beauty of Scotland. With so many best things to do in Edinburgh, there’s something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for a memorable vacation.

Edinburgh is a beautiful and historic city that offers visitors a wealth of attractions and experiences. Klook’s Epic Deals provide visitors with the opportunity to save money on some of the city’s most popular attractions, including Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Yacht Britannia. The Lake District is a stunning region located in the North West of England and is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities in the region, including hiking, lake cruises, visiting castles, and cycling. For more information about fun things to do in Edinburgh or free things to do in Edinburgh visit Klook and the official website of Oglooks


What is special in Edinburgh?
Edinburgh is a city steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. It is known for its stunning architecture, festivals, and rich literary and intellectual heritage. The city is home to many world-class museums, galleries, and libraries, as well as some of the finest restaurants and bars in Scotland.
What are 3 things about Edinburgh?
1) Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and has a population of around 500,000 people.

2) The city is divided into two main areas: the Old Town, which is dominated by Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, and the New Town, which is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture. 3) Edinburgh is also famous for its festivals, including the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. 

Why is Edinburgh the best place to visit?
Edinburgh is the perfect destination for travelers who love history, culture, and natural beauty. The city is home to some of the finest museums, galleries, and libraries in the world, as well as stunning architecture and a vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can explore the historic Royal Mile, climb Arthur’s Seat for panoramic views of the city, or enjoy a pint in one of Edinburgh’s many traditional pubs. With its rich history, lively festivals, and welcoming locals, Edinburgh is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Scotland.

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