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What Are Artificial Eyelashes, and How Are They Different From Natural Lashes?

by Kristy

Artificial eyelashes, often referred to as false eyelashes or falsies, are cosmetic accessories made from either synthetic or natural hair-like materials. They’re designed to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes by adding length, volume, and thickness when applied to the upper eyelid. Natural lashes are the ones that naturally grow from your eyelids, whereas artificial lashes are manufactured for cosmetic enhancement.

In order to improve the appearance of eyelashes, artificial eyelashes are cosmetic accessories produced from synthetic or natural materials and applied to the upper eyelid. These items offer a quick method for creating captivating and dramatic eye effects. Flaconi is well known for providing a wide range of artificial eyelashes, including various lengths and qualities, in varied preferences and budgets, making them a reliable source for premium eyelashes. 

Where can I buy high-quality artificial eyelashes?

Flaconi is known for selling artificial eyelashes that are both good quality and reasonably priced.

1. Aylashes Classic collection Bambi

Aylashes Classic collection Bambi

Aylashes Classic collection Bambi | Oglooks

The round and voluminous shape of these eyelashes ensures the ideal level of fullness and density for a seductive appearance. They are extraordinarily delicate and feathery and made from high-quality faux mink material. Simply apply a light coating of glue to the eyelash band, allow it to dry for a moment, and then position the eyelash as near to your natural lashes as you can, gently pressing them in place. When it’s time to take them off, carefully peel it, and then use a finger or an applicator to scrape away the glue.

2. CATRICE Faked Big Volume

By simply adding these artificial eyelashes, CATRICE Faked Big Volume, to your natural lashes, you can effortlessly lengthen and thicken them to create a more expressive look. These adaptable lashes can be applied in a variety of ways, using tweezers or your fingertips. Additionally, CATRICE offers magnetic eyelashes that may be easily affixed to both sides of the eyelash line without the need for additional adhesive for those seeking an even more hassle-free experience. The procedure for applying classic false lashes is simple: wet the eyelash band with glue, wait 20 seconds for it to get sticky, then attach it to the eyelash line and gently press. After that, you’re good to go.

3. Eylure, Volume 109 

Eylure, Volume 109

Eylure, Volume 109 | Oglooks

The Eylure Volume 109 artificial eyelashes are designed to beautifully frame your eyes with their dark, segmented, and full appearance, giving your eyes extra momentum, length, and volume. They are handcrafted and can be used multiple times, up to five times per pack. These lashes are the perfect choice for effortlessly achieving a striking, long-lasting eye look with added volume and flair. What’s great is that each pack also includes latex-free eyelash glue that’s long-lasting.

4. Eylure Volume 109

One of the best artificial eyelashes is this Eylure Volume 109, a cruelty-free and vegan beauty product, making it a kind choice for both you and the environment. These lashes offer an impressive 3D wow effect for your eyes, due to their flexible eyelash band and included eyelash glue for secure attachment. Moreover, this product is free from harmful ingredients and is alcohol-free, perfume-free, oil-free, acetone-free, and paraben-free, prioritizing your health and the environment.

Can artificial eyelashes cause eye irritation or allergic reactions?

Artificial eyelashes can sometimes cause allergic responses or eye irritation in some people. The components of the eyelashes, the adhesive used to connect them, and improper application or removal can all be blamed for this. If the adhesive contains harsh chemicals or allergens, it may cause negative reactions.

Choose high-quality, hypoallergenic eyelashes and adhesives to reduce the possibility of eye irritation or allergies. To check for any negative responses, perform a patch test by wearing a single lash or applying a small amount of adhesive before a full application. Additionally, maintaining good hygiene will lessen eye irritation. It is advised to stop using and seek medical advice if you experience chronic discomfort or allergic reactions.


Artificial eyelashes are an excellent technique to give your eyes more length, volume, and flair. They offer flexibility and come in a variety of designs and substances to fit personal preferences, making it simple to achieve varied effects, from natural to dramatic. It may be a great complement, enabling you to produce attractive eyes for big events or everyday shine. And if you are asking, “Are there different styles and materials available for artificial eyelashes?” Yes, there are various styles and materials available for artificial eyelashes, including mink, synthetic, silk, and human hair options, which are available at Flaconi. For more information on artificial eyelashes, visit Oglooks.


How do I apply artificial eyelashes correctly?
Start by measuring and, if required, cutting the artificial eyelashes to fit the shape of your eyes before applying them. Apply a tiny layer of eyelash adhesive along the lash band and wait 20 to 30 seconds for it to become somewhat tacky. Then, push the eyelashes in place as closely as you can to your natural lash line using tweezers or your fingertips. 
Are artificial eyelashes safe for everyday use?
Artificial eyelashes can be worn every day, however, there are a number of variables that will determine how safe they are. To reduce the possibility of irritation or allergic reactions, it is essential to select premium lashes made from hypoallergenic materials. It’s advised to take a break from wearing fake lashes if you feel uncomfortable.
Can I wear artificial eyelashes with contact lenses?
You can use contact lenses and artificial eyelashes, but you need to be careful and adhere to several rules. To avoid unintentionally touching or harming the lenses with glue or lashes, always put in your contact lenses before applying any mascara. In order to prevent any adhesive residue from coming into contact with your lenses, pick hypoallergenic adhesives..









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